Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Sake in Yamaguchi

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi


Food, Sake in Yamaguchi


Food, Sake in Yamaguchi


Food, Sake in Yamaguchi


Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Sake in Yamaguchi

Did you know that Dassai, a sake brand famous all over the world, is actually from Yamaguchi prefecture? In fact, Yamaguchi is home to not only the famed Dassai, but an impressive variety of sake. Let us introduce a variety of Yamaguchi’s regional sake and the best foods to pair with them!

Iwakuni City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Gokyo (SakaiShuzo K.K., Iwakuni City)

This brand is much loved by locals and is crafted using an original strain of sake rice called “Seibu No Shizuku”.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Dassai (Asahi Shuzo K.K., Iwakuni City)

The word Dassai was originally used as a nickname for the region, and literally translates to ‘otter festival’. While otters were common in Yamaguchi, they were known for laying out bountiful catches of fish on the shore as though celebrating their catch, now, like the happy local otters, you can delight in the rich flavor of a local sake.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Gangi (Yaoshin shuzo K.K., Iwakuni City)

For those who love the unique flavor of a dry Japanese sake, this brand can’t be beat and will have you reaching for one more cup.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Kinkan Kuromatsu (Murashige Shuzo K.K., Iwakuni City)

This Junmai-shu (sake made only with rice, koji, and water) brand won the best sake award at the 2016 National Sake Competition and is a popular brand found at many local izakaya.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Kinsuzume (LLC Horie Sakaba, Iwakuni City)

For those who clamor over the delicious flavor of Yamaguchi sake, this is known for its premium flavor which embodies the green valleys and clear water of the region.

Kudamatsu City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Jizaké Ikusanga (Kinbundo Shuzo K.K., Shimoyama City)

An all-rounder, this delicious sake pairs well with all dishes and cuisine.

Shunan City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Moriko (Yamagata Honten K.K., Shunan City)

A regal sake named after the King of Choshu, this sake boasts a fruity bouquet and delicate flavor.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Kanenaka (Nakashimaya Shuzojo K.K., Shunan City)

A traditional Kimoto-style sake of the region which has a full-bodied flavor profile.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Harada (Hatsumomiji K.K., Shunan City)

A pure Junmai sake made with local rice.

Yamaguchi City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Sugihime (Yamashiroya Shuzo K.K., Yamaguchi City)

This premium Yamaguchi brand has a history dating back over 400 years.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Wakamusume (Shintani shuzo K.K., Yamaguchi City)

Excellent quality sake with a freshly made taste.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Santoka (Kanemitsu shuzo K.K., Yamaguchi City)

Fruity Ginjo sake. Only the best part of the rice is used to make this premium sake (the outer layers have been removed).

Ube City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Taka (Nagayama Honke Shuzojo K.K., Ube City)

This company is a leader in capturing international sake fans and is famous beyond Yamaguchi.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Naminohana (Mii Shuzojo K.K., Ube city)

The word Naminohana is used to describe waves breaking against cliffs, a well-loved local vista.

Sanyou-Onoda City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Yamazaru (LLC Nagayama Shuzo, Sanyou-Onoda City)

A sake brand which uses a medium hard water, the same type of water used by local farmers in the prefecture.

Hagi City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Toyo Bijin (Sumikawa Shuzojo K.K., Hagi City)

Abe Shinzo, the current prime minister of Japan gave this sake to Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, when he visited Nagato. It has a very fruity and delicate taste.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Takarabune (Nakamura Shuzo K.K., Hagi City)

A rich, fruity sake.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Chomonkyo (LLC Okazaki shuzojo, Hagi City)

A sake with an elaborated, rich umami flavor profile.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Choyofuku Musume (Iwasaki Shuzo K.K., Hagi City)

A sake with a strong connection to the local history of the city where the Meiji Restoration took hold.

Abu City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Abu no Tsuru (LLC Abu No Tsuru Shuzo, Abu City)

A clear tasting sake that cherishes the umami flavor of Japanese rice.

Mine City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Ohmine (Omine Shuzo K.K., Mine City)

A premium, exclusive sake only available in eight countries across the world.

Nagato City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Omishima (Kozakishudo K.K., Nagato City)

This sake pairs well with freshly caught fish from the Sea of Japan.

Shimonoseki City

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Seki Musume (Shiminoseki Shuzo K.K., Shimonoseki)

A sake with a sweet refined peachy smell and a crisp taste.

Food, Sake in Yamaguchi

Nagato Kikukawa (Choshu shuzo K.K., Shimonoseki City)

A richly flavored sake made by expert brewers.


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