‘Mr.Waffle’ in Yokohama

My Trip to Yokohama Chinatown

Original Tempura Soba "Kadohei"

Pie Holic

Cheese Pot Pie Pie Holic ‘Baked in Bag’ Apple Pie Pie Holic Pie Holic Pie Holic Originally opening in spring 2016, Pie Holic serves up 'California style' pies at this bayside location in Yokohama's Marine & Walk mall. Pie is by no means an established mass-market trend in Japan, which has helped make this niche […]

Kawamura-ya 111-year-old Soba Shop

A cheap, yummy, healthy, quick bowl of soba! This is what Yokohama was like in 1904 The estimated stay at this shop is less than 10 minutes. So you can save money and time. How efficient! The Sakuragicho Station area, 1904.You can see this photo and others like it on the walls inside Sakuragi-cho station […]

Ramen-flavoured Ice Cream

The ramen ice cream came with the ingredients you would usually find in a packet of cup noodles. The ice cream came in the appropriate packaging. After buying the ticket from the vending machine, you can choose which flavour you want at the counter. Japan is known for its unusual edible creations. Ramen as an […]

Ramen Garaku

Kiage Shoyu Ramen Kiage Shoyu Ramen noodles Miso Ramen Counter dining (tables available too) Welcome mat Outside Garaku Ramen Garaku (らーめん 雅楽) is a solid little ramen shop in Azamino, just outside Tokyo. Opened in July 2014, the bright and breezy, contemporary cafe interior sets a departure from the traditional ramen-ya experience. The ramen, too, […]

Record Shopping in Yokohama

Disk Union Yokohama Nishiguchi Store Hot Vinyl Disk Union Yokohama Nishiguchi Store Disk Union Yokohama Nishiguchi Store Call me anachronistic, impractical, or obsessed, but when I travel there are three things I must do when I’m in a new country: eat street food, get my head shaved, and shop for records. Carrying around a stack […]

Seventeen Cafe: Yokohama

For fans of K-Pop band Seventeen, there are several pop-up cafes scheduled across Japan Special merchandise will be available to purchase Dec 4th Jan 11th For fans of K-Pop band Seventeen, there are several pop-up cafes scheduled across Japan (Photo: Seventeen Cafe) Venue: Lumine Yokohama When: Dec 4th – Jan 11th 2021, 11:00am – 10:30pm […]

Shoufukumon – Chinese Buffet

An animatronic panda greets you with steamed dumplings A huge variety of steamed dumplings to choose from The shark fin soup is another favorite Be sure to try one of everthing Your baskets will surely pile up at Shoufukumon Leave room for dessert An animatronic panda greets you with steamed dumplings The streets of Yokohama […]

Ofuna’s Tsukiji Sen Sushi

When you get a place at the counter, please make eye contact with the sushi chef closest to you. The timing is really important. If you know what you want, just tell him the names of a few neta (fish names) at the same time A shop full of happy customers. This sushi is good! […]

Tama Plaza Terrace

The central entrance into the station The terrace One of the malls on the South side A map of one section's stores The horseshoe walkthrough More horseshoe The central entrance into the station Tama Plaza is a neighborhood built around a shopping center, and that shopping center is the expansive Tama Plaza Terrace. Built by […]

Yokohama Motomachi’s Issa-an Soba

Issa-an’s beautiful interior The entrance to Issa-an in Motomachi Private tatami dining space in the back Watch them make soba! A typical Issan-san dish Ask to see their photo album menu Issa-an’s beautiful interior (Photo: Larry Knipfing) Have you ever had real soba (buckwheat noodles) in your life? If not, you should! Saint Soba One […]

The Many Faces of Yokohama Station

Yokohama Station is wrapped. Buildings are rising vertically as the city prepares for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics The newly-renovated underground passage to the labyrinth of shops and eating places Yokohama Station is a huge complex of concrete, metal, stones, glasses, and wood Kanagawa Prefecture will be hosting three 2020 Olympic events: Sailing, Baseball/Softball, and Football […]

The Roots of Yokohama Chinatown

The Kanteibyo Temple in the Heart of the Chinatown This Way to the Yokohama Chinatown Lo and Behold… Shark Fins for Soup on Display Hang on there, I Smell Something Fishy in Here! Charms are What Charmed the Charming Chinese. Red Masks to Cover your Red and Sunburned Faces… The Kanteibyo Temple in the Heart […]

Tokyu Hands – Yokohama

In front of the store. Lunch box goodies. Birthday items. What is your blood type?! The travel corner. Pasta – Very Strawberry Cafe In front of the store. (Photo: Carrie Jacobs ) “Tokyu Hands is like some giant mutant wedding cake wherein each tier is an entire story of things that you HAVE TO HAVE […]

Traveling the Enoden Line

Enoden train Enoden trains meet at Enoshima Station The Enoden Line as a tramway Train passing by right in front of a small temple Near Koshigoe Station: A fresh catch of shirasu getting prepared for local consumption Enoden tunnel near Gokurakuji Station Enoden train Overview Enoden History Traveling the Line Near Koshigoe Station Near Gokurakuji […]

Trick Ramen

Ramen Trick (鶏喰) first came to my attention when it made the shortlist for Tabelog's Japan Ramen Award 2016. Ranking highest for Kanagawa and only a direct train ride away, Trick instantly stood out from the crowd and it didn't take me long to justify a quick visit. Their signature dish is the Tori no […]

Chinese Noodles at Yokohama’s Xi’an

Entrance to Xi’an The Xi’an menu. Just point to what you want! Xi’an has a very nice Chinese interior Entrance to Xi’an (Photo: Larry Knipfing) Here, I will introduce to you the best bowl of Chinese noodles I have ever had… right here in Yokohama! The Japanese are famous noodle lovers, and I am definitely […]

Yamate Juban-kan French Restaurant

Yamate Juban-kan Beef steak View from the window seat of the Foreign Cemetary, and beyond Grilled fish A nice French restaurant with a cozy ambience Apple pie at the tearoom Yamate Juban-kan There are quite a few historical places to see in Yokohama’s Yamate district. If you would like to take a rest or have […]

YoiTei Ramen Restaurant, Yokohama

YoiTei´s entrance YoiTei´s counter Peeking at the cooking Cleaning tables The best nattou miso ramen Everything is Ok YoiTei´s entrance Winter bliss Ramen could be a plain form of survival food when you are in a hurry, or it could become a taste of pure and absolute bliss in the cold long winter days. This […]

Yokohama Blue Bottle Cafe Stand

Founded in 2002 in San Francisco, Blue Bottle is not new to the Japanese coffee landscape. With several shops around Tokyo, it became a widely popular chain for any coffee lover looking for a great caffeine experience. (Photo: Blue Bottle) The group has now opened a new branch in Yokohama, right next to the station’s […]

Yokohama Handmade Marche

Venue: Pacifico Yokohama B / C / D Hall When: Early May 2022 The Yokohama Handmade Marche is Kanagawa's largest handmade event, with approximately 2,500 different vendors showcasing a variety of handmade products and foods. The vendors come from all across the country, and they will be selling everything from accessories and home decor through […]

Yokohama’s Tasty Aoba-Honkan

Aoba is a casual and friendly restaurant situated on a convenient side street in Yokohama Chinatown. The dishes they serve are really delicious and healthy. The appearance of Aoba is quite simple, and the inside is cozy. You can completely relax and enjoy the meal itself! A very relaxed atmosphere. I usually prefer fried dumplings, […]

Yokohama’s Brasserie Artisan

Brasserie Artisan has its wines in a room near the entrance behind a glass door. The dessert was outstanding! The chicken was tender and melted in the mouth. The quiche was a bit light for me, but tasty. The restaurant is in the basement. Inside the restaurant, there are several tables in the middle of […]

Yokohama’s Chinatown

Red lanterns zigzag overhead from building to buidling Beautiful red lanterns spiral up the staircase I found this next to a food display. I’m guessing this is where one goes to get shark fin soup. The gate marking the entrance to Chinatown is beautifully decorated Beautiful Chinese calligraphy that you can have painted for you […]

Yokohama’s Tasty Ginza Isomura

Sauces in the back, spices in the front. “Dassai” sake. Highly recommended! Put your used skewers in the ceramic fish’s mouth Ginza Isomura’s head “kushiage” chef. A peak over the chef’s shoulder. “Ginza Isomura”: Go into the ACTI OLE building in the middle, and take the elevator to the 9F. Sauces in the back, spices […]

Yokohama’s Marine and Walk

One of the main front entrances A shop index located nearby to the main entrance The wide open spaces provide a more relaxed atmosphere Within this shopping complex you can find many unique cafes and shops A view from the deck of the second floor with Yokohama‘s Intercontinental Hotel in the background Wide open spaces […]

Yokohama’s Yurindo Books

Yurindo has a beautiful collection of traditional washi paper on the 4F. Yurindo’s entrance Entrance to the Isezaki-cho Shopping mall, coming from JR Kannai Station A view of the book store from above A perfect gift collection can be found on the 3rd floor Notebooks and other fun stuff! Yurindo has a beautiful collection of […]

Bayside Outlet Park, Yokohama

Bright colours and greenery give the place a cheerful atmosphere Shoppers taking their booty back to their cars There's a little kids' playground and a climbing wall for a break from the shops A Nantucket-Island style lighthouse looks out onto the marina There's a bounty of parking in front of the main entrance Open-air shopping […]

Shopping for Yokohama “Tenugui”

Greetings from Edonoren. The Edonoren shop in the Landmark Tower Plaza. Edonoren has a fine selection of seasonal tenugui. Koiki, located in Queen’s East. Their gift sets make perfect souvenirs. Another great gift idea from Koiki! Greetings from Edonoren. Now that you’ve finished the many enjoyable things you planned to do in Japan, you probably […]

Getting Around Yokohama

Lanterns at a temple in Chinatown Minato Mirai A JR Negishi line train at Yokohama Station Getting around in Yokohama Shin-Yokohama Chinatown Minato Mirai (MM21) Sankei-En Garden Other Areas The Sea Bass Water Bus The Aka Kutsu Sightseeing Bus Getting around in Yokohama Yokohama is Japan’s second biggest city, so has plenty to see and […]

Yokohama World Porters

Outside view of Yokohama‘s World Porters Cinema located within the shopping mall Hawaiian themed shops and restaurant area Delicious pancake house in the food court BBQ Terrace on the rooftop balcony Mini golf area also on the roof Outside view of Yokohama’s World Porters Yokohama's World Porters is a shopping mall blended with the taste […]

Zauo – Yokohama Fishing Izakaya

Shell Appetizer The Boat Flappy Sashimi Stalls The Appetizer Grilled Fish Shell Appetizer Want to eat fresh fish? The chain restaurant Zauo will really serve the freshest to your table. The challenge is, you have to catch it yourself first! That’s not all: you can actually catch a shark or an eel if you’re lucky. […]

Vegan in Japan? A Resident’s Recommendations

Splendid vegan dish at Bon Strawberry picking near Mount Fuji Spring illuminations at Kanga-an Japanese cuisine is delicious and healthy but many vegans in Japan end up simply buying vegetables & fruits at supermarkets and rice balls or French fries elsewhere. Based on 14 years in Japan (notably as tour guide), my recommendations below should […]

A Short Walk in Yokohama

The walk begins from this landmark, located just right outside the north exit of JR Ishikawa Station A view under the rail tracks; the road leads to Matsukage-cho The Enpei Mon (West Gate) is sandwiched by the Minato Sougou High School on the left and by Minato Junior High School on the right The first […]

A Walk around Sakuragicho Station

Yokohama‘s Great Wheel and Towers (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Yippie! On the JR-train on our way to Yokohama City! (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Is that a lamp post or a scarecrow? (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Looking down at Yokohama City from a few meters above sea level (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) […]

An Evening in Yokohama

Cosmo Clock 21 along the water Cosmo Clock 21 Rainbow Cosmo Clock 21 Yokohama is a great tourist destination during the day due to its variety in museums, shops, and restaurants. The city itself is very organized and its aesthetically pleasing architecture is also a great sight in itself. If you have an extra day […]

Art Rink – Ice Skating in Yokohama

Ready and waiting for you Set up in front of the historic Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama Wintry fun for everyone Waiting for the horn to let us back onto the ice Doesn't it just look fun? Preparing for my triple lutz Clean, smooth ice waiting for someone to come carve it up Lights coming […]

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