Fuji-Q Highland Ice Skating

Fuji-Q Highland, Fun Night and Day!

Fun with a View at Fuji-Q Highland

Ultimate Fort 2 & Scary Haunted Lab

With its nice and hot weather, summer is an ideal time to visit Japan. And one of the best places to go in Japan to enjoy your holidays, with friends or family, is definitely Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park. With its pristine location at the base of Mount Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland is one of the most […]

Fuji-San in the Fall

Mt. Fuji from Mt. Kachi trail Autumn leaves with Mt. Fuji in background Mt. Fuji from Lake Saiko Lake Kawaguchiko from trail Trail up Mt. Kachi. Looks like the burning bush Fuji-Q Highland Park off in the distance Mt Fuji hiking is closed for the season. However, there are many things you can do near […]

Good Ol’ Cycle around Kawaguchiko

Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko Station Stopping to admire the rows of cherry blossoms Having a beer right in front of Mount Fuji…killer! Rest stop at this cosy cafe before the next half of my cycling journey continues Holiday makers camping at Lake Saiko Arrival of sunset Having had every intention to head to the Fuji […]

Haunted House at Fuji-Q Highland

On your way to the haunted house, the atmoshpere gets tense! Advertising about the haunted house is viewable only in the vicinity of the haunted house. Probably so as not to scare too many people. The way to go there is full of tests for your bravery! The hospital, lost in the middle of nowhere […]

Hike at Nishizawa Gorge

Roughly 90 minutes from the trailhead (closer to two hours from the parking lot) you’ll come to Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki, a beautiful five-tiered waterfall. There are a few bridges along the trail where you can stop for clear shots of the river for your own photo album. It’s a good idea to wear sturdy hiking shoes as […]

Hiking the Nishizawa Gorge

Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki Bridge along the trail The Trail Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki When most people think of Yamanashi the places that come to mind are the Southern Alps, the Fuji Five-Lakes area, Mt. Fuji, fruit farms, and wineries. However, one of the most popular day-hike trails within a couple of hours commute time from Tokyo is also located in […]

Hiking Yamanashi’s Mount Takagawa

The summit of Mount Takagawa The rural Hatsuraki station; one stop away from Otsuki Station marks the start of this interesting hike A ‘people-less Vegetable Stand’. Because of its rural location any customer can buy something by simply leaving their money in a box. This trust based payment system is common in many rural parts […]

Horseback in the Foothills of Fuji

Mt Fuji from Kawaguchi-ko Kiso Horse Ranch Forest surrounding the ranch. Mt Fuji from Kawaguchi-ko I clasp onto my hot can of green tea from a vending machine on the empty train platform, huddling on the bench to stay warm, and looking out at the entrance to the station. ‘Lauren-san … Lauren-san?’ a man calls […]

Katsunuma Marquis Winery

Sample some wine First floor of the winery Outside of Maruki (Marquis) Winery Vineyards behind the winery Area where sheep are kept Front entrance Second floor area Looking down to the main floor of the winery The original signs of the winery Marquis (Maruki) Winery, is the oldest existing winery in Japan. In 1877, Ryunori […]

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

Beautifully done with bridges lakes and lawns The main hall The French Fairground Organ Beautifully done with bridges lakes and lawns Wandering around the Kawaguchiko shoreline, sometime in the afternoon, we hopped over the touristy Retro bus for the Kawaguchiko Music Forest. It’s a small theme park and museum devoted to automatic musical instruments. After […]


Mt.Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko Mt.Fuji and Cherry blossoms Museum of Art The walking trail lined with beauties ! The outstanding entrance of the Kubota Itchiku Museum They speak of Okinawan corals and silken Art.. Mt.Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko The Fuji Five Lake (Fujigoko) region lies at the northern base of Mount Fuji about 1000 meters […]

La Terra SPA

The exterior of the spa that provides privacy to the luxurious therapy sessions behind the door. The rooms are named after wines. Before the therapy, the therapist will ask about the types of oil preferred and explain the benefits of the therapy. For my therapy, the therapist used rose and chamomile oils. The luxurious beds […]

Lake Yamanaka Diamond Fuji Weeks

Double Diamond Fuji Clear winter view of Mount Fuji Just imagine 3,000 ice candles in one place! Early – Late Feb Double Diamond Fuji (Photo: Alpsdake [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons) Venue: Lake Yamanaka When: Early – Late Feb 2022 From the shores of Lake Yamanaka, the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes, […]

Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi

On a clear day, the lake is placid. Lake Yamanaka has a view of Mt. Fuji. Rent a swan boat! Clear water. Go in December to see “Diamond Fuji.” Mountains in the background. Views of fuji from all over. Lake Yamanaka is a gorgeous and tranquil spot to view Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. I […]

Maples Corridor at Kawaguchi-ko

Entrance to Maples Corridor at Lake Kawaguchi There are some yellow gingko leaves too. But not all were yellow or red. There was a hut nearby with water that seems to flow out from the bottom. Some roadside path was also very scenic. Leaves near the lake fell off early due to 3 days of […]

Minami Kiyosato Michi-no-eki

There is quite a lot of Tudor-style architecture in Kiyosato Minami Kiyosato map This restaurant deck overlooks the pond Boutique beer Reflections in the still pond Stepping stones lead to a small waterwheel house A waterwheel Raspberries ready to pick! Stone edged terraces Segway riding lesson in progress I’ve always wanted to try a segway! […]

Cherry Blossoms around Mount Fuji

The classic view: Mount Fuji through the cherry blossoms Cherry blossom in full bloom The pink blossoms offer a very nice contrast to the snow covered mountain top As if the snow had just fallen over night—it looks so fresh and clean Fuji-san framed by cherry blosooms It’s a popular spot; however, there’s enough space […]

Mount Mitsu-toge, a Fabulous Hike

Lunch break with a view—Fuji-san at its best This is what it started with: splendid views right from the beginning Travel companion on the forest trail 88 Buddha statues along the way Being in the mountains must lead to deep relaxation Amazing rock-climbing spot I wonder how it feels like climbing up there? Mount Fuji […]

Mount Takagawa’s Azalea

It wasn’t until after reaching the summit of Mount Takagawa that I first caught sight of these colorful flowers Located on a connecting ridgeline, I didn’t actually know what these flowers were called having rarely seen them in real life! Upon closer inspection and later research, I finally realized what they were Perhaps it’s because […]

Mountain Hiking Trails in Yamanashi

Airing blankets A couple of small tents I love signposts Forest understory of moss, rocks, ferns, young trees and low shrubs Just a short climb to this fantastic view The carpark seen from Yume-no-Teien Summer can be grueling in Japan. Day after day of temperatures in the mid to upper thirties can really sap your […]

Mt. Fuji from Lake Saiko

A man throws his fishing rod into Lake Saiko on a calm sunny day Clouds clear off Mt. Fuji and light winds means the surface of the lake is relatively still Flowers planted on the northwestern shore of Lake Saiko The last remnants of snow cover Mt. Fuji’s peak as the last days of spring […]

Mt. Fuji & Yamanakako before Dawn

The mass of the mountain seems impossibly huge against the dim sky It is still calm across the lake surface, perfect conditions for reflecting Mt. Fuji (known as “Sakasa Fuji” or Upside-down Fuji) A swan mills around the lakeshore as Mt. Fuji covers itself modestly with a few clouds Darkest before dawn, a blanket of […]

Nanatsu-gama-goden Waterfall

After about 90 minutes walk from the bus stop, you will reach the entrance to these famous falls Even upon first sight from a distance it is hard not to be impressed The impressive sights continue as you get closer When ascending up the valley walking trail, it is possible to see these falls from […]

Oboshi Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Venue: Oboshi Park, Yamanashi When: Late Mar – Mid Apr 2022 Yamanashi's Oboshi Park is a delight during spring for cherry blossom fans – the grounds here are home to an impressive 2000 cherry trees. On clear days there's even the chance to score a view of Mount Fuji, so it may not come as […]

Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai is a landscape of thatched farm houses, water and trees I think this view would have included Mount Fuji if only the weather had been clear The mill house is also thatched Magnificently mossy water wheel The water is icy cold even in summer. When I was there in November, it would have […]

Rustic Spring Beauty in Enzan

Kanzo Yashiki House opposite Enzan Station Windows with wooden shutters The garden of Kanzo Yashiki House Thatched roof on a firewood shelter Gable with a spring view The grapevines are still completely bare A graceful arched branch on a peach tree This is also peach blossom Peach blossom and onions Big old country houses with […]

Sakura at Iyashi no Sato Nenba

A weeping sakura next to the village water mill Cherry blossoms against a thatched roof The village also boasts views of Mt Fuji on a clear day The weeping cherries bloom around mid-April The small village is located on the shores of Lake Sai (Saiko) At least two dozen cherry trees line the village paths […]

Sakura on Mt. Minobu, Yamanashi

Sakura at the temple's entrance (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) Sakura at the red tori gate outside the temple entrance (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) On the way to the temple entrance (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) Shidarejakura (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) Shidarejakura (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) Outside the temple (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) Outside the temple (Photo: JaeHyun Choi) The courtyard of the […]

Shosenkyo Gorge Chichibu Tama Kai National Park

Fall colors along Arakawa River Inari Tower, Kofu Castle ruins View of Mt Fuji from Kofu Castle ruins Donjon Base Kofu Castle ruins wall Yamanote Gate, Kofu Castle Yamanote Gate, Museum Exhibit Just one and half hours from Shinjuku via the Asusa Limited Express you will find the ultimate outdoor experience. Kofu is home to […]

Shosenkyo Gorge

Fall is the best time of year to visit Breathing the clean mountain air Like something out of a painting Glorious colors Enjoy the beauty of Yamanashi Prefecture Beautiful rock formations Shosenkyo Gorge is a strip of Japan's natural beauty at its finest. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, it is a wonderful place to hike and […]

Shosenkyo Ropeway

Mount Fuji in the distance Ropeway station Up we go! Mountain views Steps to the viewing platform What a place to meditate! Shosenkyo is a wonderful place to visit, particularly when autumn illuminates the trees along the Arakawa River. One of the activity options available is taking the rope-way to the top of Yasaburo-dake, also […]

Splendid Day around Lake Kawaguchi

Splendid Lake Kawaguchiko with Fuji-san in the background Lake Kawaguchiko seen from Mount Shimo Magic Mount Fuji on a clear day Lake Saiko, just west of Lake Kawaguchiko Mori Park Ice sculptures at Lake Saiko Bird Sanctuary Iyashi no Sato, a traditional village on the western shores of Lake Saiko Traditional mill in the village […]

Strawberry Picking in Nakajima Park

Strawberries as far as the eye can see Strawberries and milk are the best combo! The reception area. To the left is the parking space Strawberries as far as the eye can see Yamanashi is known by locals as the kingdom of fruits. And for good reason! From sweet grapes in the summer, to juicy […]

Swan Boat Rental, Lake Kawaguchiko

Swan Boat Rental from Tozawa Center was the best decision ever! Mt. Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko in Autumn We envisioned ourselves on the television show, Amazing Race, as we pedaled fast towards Mt. Fuji!  Mt. Fuji as seen from Tozawa Center located at the the northern coast of Lake Kawaguchiko My guests, Danny, John and Michael […]

The Momijis of Shosenkyo

Momijis illuminate the quiet Kannon-sama, the Goddess of Mercy Backlit momijis are always a challenge to photograph, but lighting conditions like these offer an opportunity to reveal subtleties Front lit momijis burn with passion in the morning sun Yellow momijis over Arakawa River Even after the sun had left the valley, the momijis still dazzle […]

Mountainboarding at Fujiten

Dirtsurfer at Fujiten Grass skiers too 4-wheeled mountainboarder Dirtsurfer at Fujiten In May I went to Fujiten (Fuji Tenjindaira) in Yamanashi Prefecture to ride my Dirtsurfer and check out the mountainboarding scene in Japan at first hand. Although I was very close to Fuji all day, I didn’t catch a single glimpse of it as […]

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