Akasaka Sacas

Akasaka Station


Akomeya at Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

Three cups of rice beautifully packaged. Try Akomeya’s rice, freshly cooked at their restaurant. Cookware that is functional and beautiful Three cups of rice beautifully packaged. Happiness can take many forms. For Mma Ramotswe, detective of the well-known No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (by Alexander McCall Smith), happiness is looking up at Botswana's blue skies, […]

Alice on Wednesday Shop

Alice on Wednesday merchandise Near the stairs- Art on the wall Photo popup book The sign above the doorway Entrance to Alice on Wednesday Display of popup books Bags of Alice First floor layout Eat me biscuits Sign of the store Jewelry display Seat for a queen Merchandise for Alice Key Chains The slogan for […]

Alice on Wednesday

Store entrance Name plaque on 3F 2F Close up on accessories 3rd Floor: Mad Hatter’s Room 2nd Floor: Queen of Hearts Store entrance There are many things to do in Harajuku: a visit to the Meiji Shrine, a walk down the popular fashion street Takashita, and window shopping around the larger streets, where popular brands […]

Allpress Espresso: Tokyo Roastery & Cafe

Seasonal selection of roasted beans Seasonal selection of roasted beans Wide space to enjoy your drink right next to the roasting machines roasting machines make sure to bring some of the goods home! 30 years worth celebrating Allpress is a New Zealand-born brand that found its place in Tokyo’s neighborhood of Kiyosumi Shirakawa around 2013, […]

Aloha Table

A bowl of pho (noodles) with shrimp dumplings Pork and pineapple summer rolls A curry kids' set A bowl of pho (noodles) with shrimp dumplings Tokyo has a plethora of pancake joints and eateries offering healthy plates, but if you want to combine those two options to please your palate, it's worth stopping in at […]

Ameyoko Market

Bullet key chains. One of the entrance gates to Ameyoko market. Emblems of Japanese flags. Cheap clothes bazaar. Ameyoko Market is unfailingly busy and crowded. Lines of banners are found everywhere. Stalls and shops lining the tiny alley. Various kinds of peanuts. Come and get your full 50% discount! Delicious food stalls on a street […]

ANA Double Daily From Sydney

All Nippon Airways (ANA) just made it so much easier to fly from Sydney to Tokyo, with double daily flights between the largest cities in Australia and Japan commencing from 29 March 2020. Compared with Qantas and Japan Airlines (JAL), ANA is a relatively new entrant to the Australia- Japan market, even though it had […]

Anago at Sakana Gensai

The chef working in front of counter customers Anago sashimi, or usuzukuri anago. Anago at Sakana Gensai Anago at Sakana Gensai Anago at Sakana Gensai Anago chigyo – young eel Gensai is a cluster of authentic, traditional Japanese restaurants located in west Shinjuku. The Sakana Gensai branch specialises in fresh anago served in a more […]

Animate in Shibuya

Read a manga about a rabbit in front of a display about murderous fish Large display hanging from the ceiling Signed artwork Signed cutouts Video games with fun advertising Hero Academy merchandise Carefully set up display Large posters advertising new anime DVD and music section Music and Soundtrack section Display by the manga Manga carefully […]

Any-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi Rental

Reserve your device and start using it as soon as you arrive in Japan Any-Fi rental is fast, simple and affordable Any-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi lets you travel Japan with peace of mind One of the Any-Fi stores You can order your device online or stop in to one of the shops The process of reserving […]

Aoyama Square

Aoyama Square Nice product presentation Great selection of traditional crafts Aoyama Square outside Aoyama Square entrance It’s such a pleasure strolling through this shop! Aoyama Square You're looking for some special souvenir for a special friend, a traditional one of good quality rather than a maybe somewhat tacky souvenir you find in the usual shops […]

Aqua City Odaiba

Aqua City Shrine with Fuji TV building in the background Aqua City by night Aqua City by day Crying bears at Aqua City encourage us to save the environment Ema boards hanging in the Aqua City Odaiba Shrine Mediage Display at Aqua City Aqua City Shrine with Fuji TV building in the background Even in […]

Ariso Sushi

Exterior of Ariso Sushi Tuna belly, mackerel, and horse mackerel sushi Kohada, horse mackerel, and Echizen snow crab sushi Chefs preparing the sushi behind the counter Intricate sushi preparation Standing counter of Ariso Sushi Ariso Sushi is not the average sushi parlour you see on every corner in Japan. Located at Haneda Airport's International Terminal, […]

Aritayaki Yakimono Ichiba

Chopsticks rests in all kinds of colors and designs (Photo: Kim B) Sweet little vases (Photo: Kim B) Animal ornaments (Photo: Kim B) These tea cups are designed so that when you fill them the tea takes on a sakura shape (Photo: Kim B) Beautiful vases and plates (Photo: Kim B) There are no shortage […]

Arms Burger Restaurant

Mmmm… delicious burgers with a strawberry milkshake. Arms is located near Yoyogi Park. This sweet dog is enjoying her time at Arms. Watch the burgers sizzle inside the open kitchen area. Have a rice krispie treat for dessert! Wooden tables and old-school American design elements serve as décor. Mmmm… delicious burgers with a strawberry milkshake. […]

Arms Burger

The Popeye Burger, complete with lots of spinach! Feels like a slice of America in Japan! Pups are 100% welcome! The Popeye Burger, complete with lots of spinach! (Photo: Kim B) Finding a good burger place can be tough. Finding a good burger place that allows you to bring your canine companions along is even […]


Experience a scent. Press a button and the corresponding aroma descends from the above fixture. @aroma’s store at the Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Lift the glass to allow the scent to transport you somewhere else. Experience a scent. Press a button and the corresponding aroma descends from the above fixture. When we think of designing our […]

Fireking Café in Yoyogi Uehara

The bar – a retro 50s feel to it Art exhibited on the walls View into the restaurant The bar – a retro 50s feel to it (Photo: Sue Ann Kunath) Yoyogi Uehara is a neighborhood rather known for its residential and upscale surroundings than for its culinary scene. Apart from the usual izakayas (bars) and […]

Asagaya’s Hawaiian Treat

Garlic Shrimp Small kitchen in the back Daily specials written on chalkboard Minced ginger and garlic with soy sauce Rice in oxtail soup Outside sign Amidst all the wonderful restaurants that Japan has to offer, there is a hidden treasure tucked away in the back alleys of Asagaya. YOHO Cafe Lanai is run by just […]

Asakusa Farm Bar

How about going for a nice energy boost during your visit through Asakusa Kaminari-mon or around the Tokyo area? Asakusa Farm Bar, in collaboration with Hurom and their Slow Juicer, is offering fresh, delicious juices using unique Japanese ingredients that you would not find anywhere else – in Japan or overseas. They're offering a variety […]

Asakusabashi Station

Wide platforms make getting on and off a breeze The main east exit and connecting TOEI Asakusa line Wholesale goods often at cheaper prices than elsewhere Lots of turnstile gates Clear signage Wide stairwells make it a breeze Asakusabashi Station, servicing the JR East Chuo-Sobu Line, is located in an interesting wholesale business district of […]


Cozy atmosphere of seated restaurant space Delicious fried shrimp dish Famous Okinawan dish goya champuru Cozy atmosphere of seated restaurant space When the strain of day-to-day life in any of the sprawling metropolises that make up Japan gets too much, many are the city-dwellers that take advantage of vacation time to jet off for a […]

ASTERISQUE Cake Shop, Yoyogi-Uehara

A variety of flavors and textures of cakes “Hanabi” cake Gorgeous display case and friendly staff My favorite part of living in Tokyo is definitely the gorgeous cakes. I had some time to spare before my dentist appointment and wandered into a patisserie by the name of ASTERISQUE. This elegant cake shop is a short […]

Awesome Birthday at Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant features their “lady knights in shining armor” who are literally riding on shining horses. Cute bikini “anime” performers are actually the stars of the night. Everyone wants to take pictures with them. Just pick your favorite dancer! Colorful lights are everywhere that make this show a total hypnotic experience. These real-life looking robots […]

Azabu-juban Station, Tokyo

A train passing by on the Namboku line Information and magazine stalls A tunnel connects the Namboku and the Toei Oedo Lines Kiosk located between the two lines Entering Azabu-Juban Station Escalators from the tracks to the exit on the Namboku line If you need to get fit but can't afford a gym subscription, don't […]


Patio Juban, an open air space for sitting and relaxing Pedestrian friendly streets in Azabu Juban Age Okaki, a delicious snack store selling flavored rice crackers Azabu Juban is a station on the Namboku and Oedo Lines Mont Thabor, an award winning bakery known for its Hokkaido Milk Bread Mamegen, a famous snack shop specializing […]

Baby-friendly Restaurant Chano-ma

Modern and contemporary interior White sofa beds, couches and tables Baby-friendly environment Modern and contemporary interior (Photo: Sue Ann Kunath) The area of Daikanyama is well-known for its well-designed public space: modern architecture filled with high end boutiques and a wide variety of restaurants and coffee places, all within walking distance from one another and […]

Back in Time on the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Arakawa Line)

Toden Arakawa Cigarette kiosk Toden Arakawa Station signboard Station signboard Cafe owners The Toden Arakawa Line is one of the only remaining streetcars in Tokyo (the other being the Setagaya Line) and the last remaining vestige of the streetcar system that sprawled over Tokyo for the first half of the 1900s. The current line runs […]

Boulangerie Trois Bakery

The entrance up close Menu on display Recommendations for the day The entrance up close Visiting the Mukojima Hyakka-en Garden in Sumida-ku in Tokyo, you can't help but notice the little red store opposite. And notice I did. I spied quickly enough that it was a bakery and well, being a bit pressed for time, […]

Jiyugaoka Bakeshop

Bakeshop is on the 4th floor of the Idee Shop in Jiyugaoka The decor is full of kitschy objects and comic art The bakery options are terrific A sample of the menu includes breakfast options and sandwiches for lunch Huevos Rancheros is a hearty choice The banana pancakes are terrific. Bakeshop is one of the […]

Bar Tram and Bar Trench

Water distiller for absinthe Whiskey choices Manhattan Sazerac, A New Orleans original View from outside Sign of Bar Tram There's no denying the wonderful taste of Japanese alcohol. Nihonshu, Shochu, and even Japanese whiskey are winning awards seemingly everywhere these days. But tucked into a small back alley of Ebisu ward in Tokyo lies a […]

Bar Zingaro

Recently released, sake lovers can now sample Murakami’s own make Murakami’s world known flower pattern has made its way onto museum walls, shoes, and even as food Open from lunch to midnight, Bar Zingaro functions as both a cafe and bar One of the many flower keepsakes sold in both Bar Zingaro and Zingaro Space […]

Basashiya Masashi in Asakusa

The basashi sample plate Senba Hide steak–better than beef! Horse sukiyaki, prepared and served by the restaurant staff at your table More of the sukiyaki Amakusa Daiyo–specially raised chicken from Kumamoto Basashi – raw horse sashimi The basashi sample plate (Photo: Basashiya Masashi) If you are a fan of Japan's unique regional cuisines, you will […]

Bassanova Ramen Shindaita

The restauarnt has a really warn out and rustic design. I was told the Japanese word to describe it is ajiga aru, “to have flavour” The Thai green curry ramen was incredible at Bassanova Ramen Shindaita in Setagaya-ku Tokyo My friend had the niku (meat) ramen so I’ll have to return and try it too […]

Bauhaus Roppongi Live House

From seven at night the live performances starts. There are four stages performances. Here is the second show of the night. Voice over singing by Hiroe.  If you like rock music, this sign is bound to get your attention The energy level inside the live house builds more and more as one famous song after […]

Belgian Beer at Antwerp Port

Belgian Brasserie Court adds a 7th location to their expanding chain across Tokyo and Osaka, with Antwerp Port becoming the latest opening in Japan’s capital – over at the newly renovated Akasaka Intercity Air. Antwerp Port recreates that retro-modern feel of a Belgian 'grand café' beer pub in the heart of Tokyo – complete with […]

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