Dainichiji – Ichinomiya

Dainichiji – Itano

Deutschland: German Art in the 20th Century


Purification fountain Main Hall Carved wood detail Carved figure on roof to protect against fire. Kobo Daishi statue Main Hall interior Start of the trail through mountains to next temple Temple eleven in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Wisteria Temple. This is because of the large amount of wisteria (fujii) found […]

Garden of Bart, Naruto, Tokushima

Entrance gate of Bando POW Camp Liquor shop. In the movie, POWs brewed German beer and enjoyed drinking here Administration office Inside the director's office. This is where Ken Matsudaira, the famous Japanese actor who played the role of the camp director, Matsue Toyohisa, sat in the movie Director's military cap and report about Japan-Germany […]


Main Gate Detail of stone carving Statues to pray to for an easy childbirth Stairs to the main hall Tribute Kobo Daishi statue Getting my second stamp in my Nokyocho (stamp book) Located about 1.3 km to the east of Ryozenji (temple #1), this is the second of the 88 temple Ohenro pilgrimage. Founded by […]

Grilled Rice Cakes at Kasuga Shrine

Gorgeous cherry blossoms lining the path to the shrine (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Yakimochi is sold on the lefthand side of the shrine grounds (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) A place to cleanse your hands before entering the inner sanctuary (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Cherry blossoms highlight the inner sanctuary (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) The path leading to the shrine […]


Looking back at the Main Gate Purification fountain Main Hall Kobo Daishi Statue This temple is a popular place to wish for the curing of illnesses of the feet and the waist, so you will often see sandals and crutches left behind by worshipers. Mark of former pilgrims A pilgrim worshiping at the Main Hall […]


Looking through the Main Gate Carving detail Yakushi statue Inside the Main Hall Pilgrimage and worship supplies for sale inside the Main Hall Omokage no Ido (the well of the image) It is said that if you can see your face in the water you will have a good future. If you can't, you will […]

Immortal Shikoku Henro

Beautiful Shikoku Henro temple Enter – into immortality? Love of Japan Lone ancient pilgrim Reverence The immense popularity of the Shikoku Henro (pilgrimage) shows no signs of abating. People are leaping on the bandwagon of spiritual renewal, enlightenment, and a repositioning of life philosophy. Or as some naysayers suggest, a great way to see Shikoku. […]

The True Wild Country of Iya Valley

Kazura Vine Bridge The river bed Fish Manikin Pis Boy Kazurabashi Bridge Kazura Vine Bridge Iya Valley is true wild country in the west of Tokushima used in ancient times for defeated samurai to hide out from their enemies. These days it’s still very rugged, but quite accessible. Car is by far the best way […]


Approaching the main gate Purification fountain Statue detail Chain to slow falling water drops from main temple roof Main temple carving detail Bato Kannon Bosatsu statue Main temple wood carving detail The fifth temple of the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage, is also know as the Earthbearer's Temple. Kōbō Daishi founded the temple on the order of […]


Main Hall Purification fountain The temple’s rocky uneven grounds are unique to the pilgrimage. It is said that if a diabetic prays and drinks the boiled leaves of the yew tree beside the Main Hall, they will be cured. Kannon figure Detail of Fudo Myoo figure Bell rope in front of Main Hall with bibs […]


Main Gate Statue paying tribute to Kobo Daishi Front of the Main Hall Some of the 70 Jizo Bosatsu figures, in memory of aborted children, located to the left of the Main Hall. Raindrop catcher detail Amida Nyorai statue inside the main hall Jizo Bosatsu statues, believed to be the guardian deity of Children, pregnant […]

Jōroku-ji Temple

Main hall (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Approach (Outer) (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Approach (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Old fence (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Green tea prepared to welcome you (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Lanterns of the tea room (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Temple grounds in the fall (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Camillia flowers on the temple grounds (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Fresh green […]


Crane figure in front of the Main Hall Main Gate Purification fountain Fudo Myoo statue Miroku Bosatsu statue Roof tile detail Stamp #20 Temple twenty in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Crane Forest Temple. The crane is considered a symbol of longevity and good fortune and its appearance is considered an […]


Main Hall Two story Sanmon (Main Gate) Purification fountain Blue skies Bussokuseki (Stone with the footprint of Buddha engraved within) Carving detail Small figure on roof to protect from fire Temple sixteen in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Avalokitesvara Temple. On the temple grounds there is a picture of a 19th […]

Kazurabashi – Rope Bridge of Iya

People were holding on very tight and walking very slowly! The Iya Valley is a remote part of Japan that is full of breath-taking natural landscapes and rustic charm A cafe located just a 30-second walk from the bridge Autumn is the most popular time of year and the lines grow long The elegant simplicity […]


Main Gate Some of the 330 stone steps leading to the Main Hall This purification fountain features a simple auto fill mechanism made out of bamboo Prayer slips Bibs tied around temple posts to pray for the safety of a child Fish figure on roof top to ward against fire Stamp #10 Temple ten in […]

Kokubunji – Tokushima City

Bell tower Main Hall Statue detail Main Hall detail Bibs praying for children Marks of past pilgrims Temple fifteen in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Official State Temple. For each of the four prefectures of Shikoku island there is one official state sponsored temple; Kukubunji is Tokushima’s. The entire grounds have […]


The Main Gate Detail of Main Gate's Nio statue Statue of Kobo Daishi in front of a pagoda Fountain for washing hands and mouth before praying Small statues close up Markings of past pilgrims Pilgrims bowing before entering Stamp number three Kosenji is the third temple in the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage around Shikoku. It […]


The Temple's Main Gate is actually 200 meters away, on the road leading to the next temple in the pilgrimage Approaching the stairs leading to Sanmon (a type of two story gate) and then the Main Temple Kobo Daishi statue Looking down into the valley It is customary to see water flowing from heads at […]

Luck of The Ages Yakuouji Temple 23

Yakuouji Temple 23 Temple grounds Pagoda Landmark With my birthday cakes these days, there are just too many candles to put on them, and similarly at Yakuouji Temple 23 in Hiwasa, I was unable to put a coin on every step for my age. This is the custom, to put as many coins as one’s […]

Naruto Park, Tokushima

Great Naruto Bridge, which connects Tokushima with Awaji Island Tidal currents clash just under the Great Naruto Bridge. This is where Naruto Whirlpools can be seen in the early afternoon during spring tide Although it was in the late afternoon I found a small whirlpool! Sign explaining why and how whirlpools occur in Naruto Strait. […]

Oasahiko Jinja

Main Gate Stone monuments line the kilometer long path from the Maine Gate to the temple Huge wooden blocks hanging on the bell ropes in front of the Main Temple Paper lantern painted with the Temple's mark A monk tidying the grounds before the morning visitors arrive Prayer slips Main Temple Huge 400 year old […]


Jizo Bosastu statues for protection of children Purification fountain Main Hall Kobo Daishi statue Bell Tower Stone carving detail Looking down over the temple grounds Main Gate, about 300 meters away from the temple grounds Temple eighteen in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Temple of Gratitude Mountain. It is said that […]

Ooasahiko Shrine

It is not uncommon to see people visit this shrine in kimono, especially young children The great entrance gate about 1 km from the shrine marks the beginning of the long approach Heavy hempen rope around the sacred camphor tree A fiery maple with bark covered in ferny leaves The wood of the shrine and […]

Otsuka Museum of Art, Tokushima

Self-portrait with a Straw Hat by Vincent van Gogh. The Original is in the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Vault Painting of Sistine Chapel (Cappella Sistina) by Michelangelo. You can see it without visiting the Vatican! The Scrovegni Chapel fresco by Giotto. You don't have to go all the way to Italy to see this […]

Replicas in Otsuka Museum of Art

Vairumati by Paul Gauguin. The original is in the Musée d'Orsay, France Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer. The original is in the Mauritshuis, Netherlands The Church at Auver-sur-Oise by Vincent van Gogh. The original is in the Musée d'Orsay, France Grande Odalisque by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. The original is exhibited in The Louvre […]


Overhead inside the main hall A small plant clings to some roofing tiles. Inside one of the smaller shrines Blue skies above Two story Pagoda Coy koi Incense Donations at the main gate Paying respect before entering the main gate My experience at Ryozenji temple was over-whelmingIy under-whelming. I arrived on a cold mid-November afternoon […]

Shikoku Pilgrimage: Temple No. 20

Kakurin-ji Temple mountain gate (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Ikuhina is village famous for cherry blossoms and Hina dolls (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Kakurin-ji Temple grounds (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Temple garden (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Fudō Myō-ō wet from the rain (Kakurin-ji Temple) (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Path to the temple (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara) Buddist statue of the ancient road […]

Shikoku Travel Guide

The sprawling landscape of Iya Valley Dekowamashi in Tokushima Iya soba at Experience Atelier Tsuzuki Amego – a sweet river fish, grilled whole Handmade udon at Nakano Udon School Konpira Grand Theater As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Japan welcomes over 25 million visitors annually; a total that is expected to […]

Shosan-ji Summer Festival

Fireworks exploding in the sky above the roof of the Daishido, which houses the statue of Kobo Daishi Flickering lanterns lining the path to the temple A snail on a lampshade Lanterns in front of and past the temple gate glowing Families dressed in yukata slowly gathering on the temple grounds Buddhist lantern festival Late […]

The Burning Mountain Temple

Sunrise view from the temple entrance Main Gate One of the many trees on the temple grounds older than 300 years This purification fountain is quite unique within the pilgrimage Finely groomed tree in front of the Main Hall Reflecting pool Bell tower Temple twelve in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the […]


Sho Kannon Bosatsu figure Ropeway Bell Tower Purification fountain Fall colors soak into the enormous trees around the temple grounds Stairs to the Main Hall Carving detail Main Hall Stamp #21 Temple twenty one in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Great Dragon Temple. It is said that this temple’s name comes […]


The paintings on the ceiling of the Main Hall were done by students at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. Main Gate Purification fountain Main Hall Statue detail Wood carving detail Bell tower Temple nineteen in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Temple of Arising Bay. Legend has it that, in […]

The Naruto German House, Tokushima

Naruto German House Billowing flags of Germany, Japan and Naruto city Statue of Beethoven conducting a baton with his eyes closed. The classical music band formed by some POWs played Beethoven's Ninth Symphony here for the first time in Japan's history. That was the beginning of the annual performance of the Ninth Symphony at the […]

The Scarecrow Village

All kinds of dolls Small details Each one looks different They even celebrate weddings Small kids Or even babies The village has many scarecrows Everyone is having a party They all have their own story In a small village in Iya valley on Shikoku island you can find more scarecrows than humans. This place is […]

Tokushima Awakening

Henro at Ryozenji Kannon at Ryonzenji Just another day at Ryozenji Shikoku’s four regions (Shikoku means four provinces) represent the four stages of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Tokushima, the first stage, is Awakening, Kochi, the second stage, is the place for Ascetic Training, and Ehime, the third, of Enlightenment. Kagawa, the fourth stage, is, of course, […]

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