Hiking in Yaita

Ichigo No Sato Farm in Oyama

Igashira Park, Moka

JRA June Festival, Utsunomiya

A horsy welcome at the gate as we entered the festival. Race horse tread mill as seen on JRA facilities tour. Parade to start the horse show. Yabusume is a traditional Japanese event where a man in full regalia gallops on horseback, while shooting an arrow at a target. Not only race horses. In the […]

Kegon-no-taki Falls in Autumn

Kegon-no-taki Falls in autumn Rainbow appearing over the falls Numerous small falls near the main falls Blue sky and colorful leaves surround the falls Free observatory deck The lighting is at its best in the morning Food stands The way to the free observatory deck Restaurant near the parking lot Kegon-no-taki Falls in Nikko is […]

Kinugawa River Boat Cruise, Nikko

Kinugawa river rafts await the embarkation of passengers Kinugawa River Boat souvenir ticket. Adults=2,500 yen (Group rate for 30 passengers or more is 2,300yen). Children=1,100 yen. Advance bookings required. Tel 0288-77-0531. River boat guide covers important topics in Japanese before departure. Pay close attention. Remember to secure the leash of the flotation device to your […]

Kinugawa Ryuokyo Valley Hiking

River bank The water in this part of the river is blue Lots of small falls along the river Refreshing mountain air Full of fresh green Mamushi-gusa (Arisaema serratum in Latin) Beautiful ravine Salmon pink azalea Falls flowing into the river Nijimi Bridge, near the starting point Go-ryuo-jinja Shrine near the start (enshrines the dragon) […]

Kinugawa Tateiwa Otsuribashi Bridge

The sideview of the bridge– notice the cables connecting the structure to the mountain face The guide to the surrounding area The raging river below The sideview of the bridge– notice the cables connecting the structure to the mountain face The first thing one will notice getting off the train in the onsen town of […]

Kirifuri Falls of Nikko

This is the short trail leading to the observation deck, it begins as a stone path but quickly becomes an uneven trail. Takes about five minutes to make your way to the deck. From the observation deck overlooking Kirifuri Falls. From the observation deck overlooking Kirifuri Falls. From the observation deck overlooking Kirifuri Falls. From […]

Ko-Maruyama Hiking Course in Nikko

Beautiful mountain range surrounded by fog The blue sky suddenly appears The rich green is refreshing Moss coated stones are really slippery Low striped bamboo grows near the top Lunchtime at the top of the mountain Even if it’s clear now, it will be filled with fog the very next minute Soggy, muddy path The […]

Mt. Maruyama Hiking Course in Nikko

A wonderful view! Mountain silhouette (Photo: Larry Knipfing) Looking down on a road far below Reaching the top of Mt. Maruyama Forest and field meet The view from Mt. Maruyama Mt. Maruyama Silver birch forest Field of striped bamboo leaves Shell of a cicada A natural piece of art Tree trunk resembling marbled paper Mt. […]

Mibu Toy Museum

Here’s a small section of King’s and Queen’s room on the first floor In July and August, little kids can splash and play with water toysin a paddling pool in the courtyard of the museum Trains may be the most popular toys amongst Japanese boys so it is no surprise that Mibu Toy Museum dedicates […]

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm

Spend a day on the farm Feeding time They make their own wine, too Checking in with the sheep Meandering around the farm A horse cow? Or a cow horse? Spend a day on the farm Saddle up and head to Minamigaoka Dairy Farm (Minamigaoka bokujo), a fun destination that gives visitors a hands-on look […]

Motegi Michi no Eki

Mom and I and May flowers at Motegi Michi no Eki SL as seen from Motegi Michi no Eki Playground paradise Old Gadou Kodato’s House For fairer weather, outdoor seating Pedestrian path leading towards Motegi Station Mom and I and May flowers at Motegi Michi no Eki (Photo: M. Kurokawa) The ladies behind the counter […]

Nakagawa Aquatic Park

Aqua corridor to view Amazon fish Children of preschool age and younger are free. Adults are ¥600 each. Purchase tickets from a vending machine at the front door. The buttons are also in English and the reception staff can assist you. I got an aquarium guide in English from reception Entrance. The glass roof of […]

Nasu Mt. Chausu-dake Climb

Shinto gate at the top of the mountain The weather changes easily on this mountain. This was the most beautiful moment of the day Autumn colors of Mt. Chausu-dake Red, green, white and blue… Dark heavy clouds over the mountain We couldn’t see more than 5 meters away Giving thanks to God When people reach […]

Nasu, Northern Tochigi Prefecture

Fall Colors Hiking Mt Chausudake View on the way up Mt Chausudake rock climbing The summit Top of Mt Chausudake Shrine When Miwa was a child her father had a home in Nasu and every summer her mom and sisters would enjoy a month in the mountains. The home included a private onsen, which are […]

Nasu Rindo Lake View

Tucked in the outskirts of Tochigi Prefecture near the Nasu Highlands is Nasu Rindo Lake View, a quaint theme park that offers a fun weekend trip for the family. The biggest draw at Nasu Rindo Lake View is its 20m-high “Pinky Duck” that looms over the lake like a comical guardian deity. Weighing two tons, […]

Nikko: A Winter Wonderland

Snowy walk-up to the Hot Spring Temple Nikko in winter: a real beauty A view of Lake Chuzen-ji from the Chuzen-ji Temple Enjoying the snow at Tosho-gu, part of Nikko's UNESCO World Heritage complex of shrines and temples Wild monkeys can be seen all around Nikko   Yunodaira Marsh – fountainhead of the Yumoto Onsen […]

Nikko Botanical Gardens

The beauty of nature Get away from the crowds of tourists visiting Nikko A lonely path Plenty of places to stop and enjoy the scenery Beautiful simplicity Autumn is a beautiful time to visit The beauty of nature Japanese and foreign tourists alike flock to Nikko for its unique collection of historic World Heritage shrines […]

Nikko Chuzen-ji Lake in Autumn

Stunning view! Natural beauty Brilliantly colored with red, orange, and yellow From the roadside, driving back down to the lake Once the sun comes out, the surface of the mountain turns gorgeous! Mt. Nantai-san has just appeared from behind the clouds View changing minute by minute Mt. Nantai-san over the lake Thin peninsula projecting out […]

Nikko Kirifuri-no-taki Falls

Upper falls Observatory deck Lower falls Freshly fallen leaf Kirifuri-no-taki Falls drop in two stages Kirifuri-no-taki Falls in autumn Colorful leaves on the road The falls are over this way! Can you hear them roar? Woods hide the falls Restaurant near the falls Food stand near the parking lot Kirifuri-no-taki Falls are elegant falls that […]

Nikko National Park

Thanks to its proximity to Tokyo, Nikko already enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a tourist destination although it may be fair to say that most don’t stray much further within the national park than the shrines of Nikko Futarasan and Nikko Tōshō-gū, and Rinnō-ji temple. However, it is worth remembering that it is due to […]

Nikko’s Akechi-daira Ropeway

The ropeway Magnificent view of the falls and the lake You can also enjoy the view of many mountains overlapping one another in the far distance From the ropeway, you can see the road you came up on–Iroha-zaka Pass (with its 48 hair-pin curves going up and down the mountain) to your right Akechi-daira (明智平) […]

Nikko’s Autumn Colors

Just some of the many bright colors Starting off from the highest point first, the area around Yumoto Onsen boasts many interesting colors From Yumoto Onsen, the vibrant colors continue all the way up to Lake Yunoko Lake Yunoko Visitor Center These rich colors added great vibrancy to the front of many buildings including the […]

Nikko’s Beautiful Fields

The mist adds an element of beauty not found on sunny days The fields are vast and green There are some places to stop and rest and enjoy the view I was pleased to find plenty of my favorite tree, the white birch These fields have been enjoyed by the locals and visitors for hundreds […]

Nikko’s Kegon-no-taki Falls

Kegon-no-taki Falls (華厳の滝) are spectacular falls that flow and drop from Chuzen-ji Lake to the Daiya River. The falls have never dried up and continue to show us their mystic beauty throughout the year. But if you would like to feel the splash of the falls in your face and feel the power of the […]

Kisuge-daira: Day Lilies in Nikko

A day lily and a dragonfly Just after the fog cleared Wooden steps lead up to the field of these day lilies These yellow flowers bloom in early summer The mountain beyond the fields is Mt. Maruyama Take a deep breath! A day lily and a dragonfly Day lilies cover the grass halfway up the […]

Nikko’s Lovely White Birch

Birch lying on the forest floor The whiteness of the birch contrasts nicely with the lush, green of the forest A crop of young birch There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to where the birch grow here Birch and ferns along the hiking path Beautiful white birch abounds in Nikko Most of us […]

Nikko’s Narabi Jizo Statues

These Jizo are old There are a few statues here that have heads that have come off The Jizo stretch out a very long way The red bibs and cap combined with green moss is very pretty Lovely cedar provide shade Although quite old, they seem to be well cared for Statues as old as […]

Nikko’s Nishi-Rokuban Park

Good for taking a break or having a picnic lunch T. B. Glover and the son of talented fisherman-friend Ohshima Only the chimney knows the days of Nishi-rokuban Clubhouse I forgot the time, sitting here at the lakeside The old pier Nikko’s Nishi-Rokuban Park Good for taking a break or having a picnic lunch “A […]

Nikko’s Ryuzu-no-taki Falls

The dragon’s head: Whiskers on the left and right, the head in the middle. From the head of the falls, looking down to Chuzen-ji Lake. The head of the upper falls. Deep in the forest, the Yuno-kawa River. It slowly moves downstream towards the falls. Halfway down the falls. Trekking trail along the river above […]

Nikko’s Senjo-ga-hara Marsh

The start of this 6 kilometer hike when heading down from Yudaki Falls in the north You will soon notice that most of the trail runs parallel to the Yu-River At some points the forest opens out into a flat plateau After about half an hour you will reach Senjo-ga-hara marsh Just one of the […]

Nikko’s Senjō-ga-hara Plateau

An early autumn hike through the highlands of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture. Amazing nature just north of Lake Chuzenji. A stunning transition from lakes, waterfalls, marshlands, and mountain vistas await you. A hike from lake Yunoko to Ryūzu Falls will take about 2 and half hours. The hike is perfect both in spring and in […]

Nikko’s Senjogahara

Yumotoko Lake is my starting point. It’s still dark, so I have to watch my steps. Yumotoko Lake flows into a nice waterfall called Yutake. You can get very near to this waterfall. On the way to the open marshland. Passing mysterious looking grass and wood formations. Light hits the mountaintop. Finally the open marshland! […]

Nikko’s Yudaki Falls

The crest of Yutaki falls; the first view for anyone approaching this waterfall from Lake Yunoko Located directly next to these falls is a footpath which will take you down to an observation deck Don`t forget to stop along the way for a closer look! The sounds and sights of gushing water A view from […]

Nikko’s Yuno-ko in Summer

Angler throwing his fishing rod at Yuno-ko (Lake Yuno) in Oku-Nikko Lakeside view in Yumoto Onsen Stunning Mount Nantei in the background Angler enjoying the peaceful atmosphere The walk around the lake offers great shade and makes you stay cool Lots of fish in the crystal clear water Autumn colors already? Great reflections It's also […]

Nikko’s Yuno-ko Lake in the Rain

The beauty of the lake in the mist Sillouhette Hiking the perimeter of the lake in the rain was a beautiful experience The mist on the lake was tranquil and calming A few boats were out on the lake, rented by people fishing The green of the trees on the lake reflected beautifully off the […]

Nikko’s Yunoko Lake in Autumn

Mountain dressed up with autumn leaves White birch and red leaves of Japanese maple under the blue sky This water is crystal clear Wooden path to the lake Usagi Jima Island, on the lake (Photo: Larry Knipfing) Calm and quiet lakeside Nice colorful leaves in autumn Lakeside near rest house A pleasant walk along the […]

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