Osadaen Honten

Atari Cafe in Shizuoka

Bistro Combine, Shizuoka City

Chao Dining, Shizuoka

My very late lunch, or very early dinner The decor is easy on the eye Ornaments decorate the partitions between tables More like a museum than a restaurant Tables are screened off from each other Box sets to order and take home with you Late one afternoon I was browsing the shops in Cenova shopping […]

Restaurant Rochester

Sunlight streams into the huge spacious atrium welcoming you to the 12th floor. Across the hallway, and into restaurant Rochester for a wonderful dinner ahead. Enjoy magnificent views of Hamamatsu city as you consume your meal. Over at the rear of the restaurant, a cozier lounge setting is available if you so prefer. The entrée […]

Shimizu Fish Market

Tuna is indeed the main specialty here Fishing boat and parking right next to the main market building Local vendor by the wholesale market Tuna is indeed the main specialty here Nestled in a spectacular coastal area, Shimizu offers breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay, while being located only 30 minutes by train […]

Shirasu no Yahata

Rice bowl with 3 toppings: Sakura shrimp, boiled shirasu and raw shirasu Rice bowl with 3 toppings: Sakura shrimp, boiled shirasu and raw shirasu Spectacular view of Mount Fuji from the restaurant View of Mount Fuji from second floor Facade of Shirasu no Yahata View of Mount Fuji from Tagonoura Port Tagonoura Port is well-known […]

Shizuoka Airport

Takeoff with a view The exterior of the airport Fuji Dream Airlines in front of Fuji-san Shizuoka Airport is a relatively new addition to Japan's aviation scene, having only opened in 2009. The airport provides domestic services to Sapporo, Izumo, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kagoshima, and Okinawa, and international services to Korea, Taiwan, and various destinations in […]

Shizuoka Chagori 2020

Climb the matcha mountain! Aoi no Kyo(あおいの郷) Venue: Shizuoka When: Early Jul – Late Sep 2021 The rainy season has been an (un)seasonably wet one, but are you prepared for the blazing heat that is to come in August? Shizuoka Prefecture has got you covered with Chagori, a portmanteau of ocha (tea) and kakigori (shaved […]

Shizuoka City Quality Green Tea Cafes

Cha-machi Kinzaburo gift selection Green tea infused food Inside Gasho-an Store Gasho-an green tea food menu Gasho-an green tea sweets menu Green tea infused omelet over green tea infused rice! Dotted around Shizuoka City, you can find a host of various green tea cafes, shops and restaurants. There are some, though, that stand above the […]

Shopping at the Gotemba Outlets

In clear weather, Mt. Fuji can be easily viewed from the outlets There are many outdoor areas for those in need of a rest All areas are well marked and easy for any English speaker to navigate Steak at the food court Major western brands are easily found A scenic bridge connects the east and […]

Mark-Is Shopping Centre in Shizuoka

It’s sale time Dress up and have your picture taken here It’s not difficult to find Dotted around there are couches to rest on In the food court Family fashion and ‘ethnic’ goods It’s sale time If you're heading to the eastern part of Shizuoka city to visit impressive Gokoku-jinja shrine, then a good place […]

South Cafe

The front of the cafe My favorite smoothie is the açaí berry! If you’re visiting Shimoda, stop by! There's something about a trip to the beach that works up an appetite, and thankfully if you're in Shimoda there's a wonderful spot to grab a bite to eat nearby. South Cafe is around fifteen minutes drive […]

Spoon Cafe, Aino

My dessert It's pretty easy to find Omelet nasi goreng Lunch included a drink Cakes on display, possibly plastic models Inside the cafe My dessert On my way to get some fresh air at the nature walks around Ecopa Stadium near Kakegawa, I arrived at Aino station just before lunchtime, and set about finding somewhere […]

Strolling at Nakamise

Nakamise: We’ve got it all for you! (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Let’s step out from Numazu Station’s Minami exit (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Passing by a mall by the station as we continued our way to Nakamise… (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) I’m walking in the rain… (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Finally, […]

Sushiro Restaurant in Shizuoka City

Our first dish… crab sushi! Let's start digging in! You just couldn't stare at it longer without your stomach grumbling with hunger As soon as you take your seats, dishes of sushi pass by your table on the rolling conveyor belt, inviting you to take them… If you want freshly cooked and prepared sushi dishes, […]

Grinpia in Makinohara

So rich! A welcoming entrance Yummy green tea ice cream The spectrum of green tea chocolate Just some beautiful tea pots Fun flavors! Are you looking for an all-in-one tea experience? Well, look no further: come to Grinpia Makinohara in Shizuoka Prefecture! Upon arriving at Grinpia Makinohara, it's obvious to see why it is one […]

Sabaai Dheel Restaurant in Shizuoka

Half of my lunch! Red curry Spices and condiments The cosy interior Look for the Thai flags Half of my lunch! Green curry Here it is! Looking for dinner one night in Shizuoka City during a visit for the annual Street Performance World Cup, I really wanted something with a bit of spice, so I […]

Tokarin, Act City Hotel

Okura Act City lobby Act City, Hamamatsu JR Hamamatsu Station Hmm! Another bright sparkle for the vegan tourist, especially one with some money to spend. Tokarin, nestled in the harmonica-shaped landmark Okura Act City Towers, just outside of Hamamatsu Station offers not only excellent vegan cuisine but also bird’s eye views of the city and […]

Utsunoya Roadside Station

My tendon (tempura rice bowl) lunch In the restaurant Very Japanese food: wasabi (horseradish), umeboshi (sour plums) and miso Farm fresh produce Locally produced food and gifts Tea, tea and tea The roadside station Local vegetables More local produce on the racks outside It’s surrounded by hills If you're exploring the countryside in Utsunoya, close […]

Yabusaki-en Premium Tea Experience

The finest of Gyokuro green teas! Each bottle is ~US$200!!! COMO tea shop at the Yabusaki-en tea farm Studying the differences between the various premium teas! No tea session is complete without some delicious treats! The shop is full of different tea blends and other related products! A dangerous spot for any tea lover! Even […]

Yamacho Meicha

The exterior of the store (Photo: Kim B) Samples of green tea and warabi mochi dusted in matcha powder (Photo: Kim B) Sample some of Shizuoka’s best tea (Photo: Kim B) A chance to try before you buy (Photo: Kim B) Some of the tea wares available for purchase (Photo: Kim B) The staff are […]

Zaza City

Zaza City Inside the east mall Taito game station Zaza City (Photo: N.Skoulding) Zaza City is a small shopping mall within walking distance of JR Hamamatsu station on Kajimachi street, open 7 days a week, 10 am to 8 pm. The mall is separated into two distinct malls with a bridge linking the two. The […]

Kawata Chaen

Kawata-san and his wife Kawata Chaen, Zoshiki Arcade Kukicha tea Kawata-san (right) and his wife at their Shizuoka farm Impressive selection of tea Kawata-san pouring me yet another cup of tea Kawata-san and his wife Kawata Chaen is a charming little Japanese tea shop located in the Zoshiki Arcade, a 1 minute walk from Oakhouse […]

A country walk in Kannami

This method of drying the rice crop is hundreds of years old, and is quite a sight in Kannami the heart of Shizuoka Prefecture The river winds it way through the town and the mountains it originated from stand tall in the background Yet to be picked; there still many Japanese vegetables I not able […]

A Day at Makaino Farm in Fujinomiya

Makaino had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow. (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) The Asagiri Plateau, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, is one of Japan's top “dairylands.” (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) Makaino Farm has rarely — if ever — been covered in waist-deep snow. So most visitors […]

A New Plan for Fuji-san

Climbing Fuji-san The steep and stony Fujinomiya Trail Torii gate after the 8th station of Fujinomiya Trail Notice All trails to the summit and public facilities are closed in winter from September 11th. For the latest, check here. Latest on Mount Fuji From my experience, I've come to realise just how important good planning is […]

Ascending Mt. Kanuki in Numazu City

The noctornal bird’s eyeview from the mountain’s stop-over (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) Now, of the nocturnal people’s perspectives from the top of the mountain… (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) Ascending Mt Kanuki’s pavement that welcomed us with a magnificent view (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) A sculpture of Mt. Kanuki’s architectural layout (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) For […]

Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden

The man holds the baby alligator. The view from the train, Sagami-nada Sea. Ticket to enter. An amazing red panda. One of the many flowers! A couple explore the garden. The train journey towards the Atagawa Tropical Garden was beautiful with mountains on the left and the Sagami-nada sea on the right. The entrance fee […]

Atami Plum Garden Plum Festival

Venue: Atami Plum Garden, Shizuoka When: Early Jan – Early Mar 2022 The Atami Plum Garden in Shizuoka is home to some of Japan's earliest blooming plum tree varieties. The annual plum festival held here showcases close to 500 plum trees in 59 different varieties, and along with the early blooming trees there are mid-blooming […]


The beach! Halekai Pizza! The breakfast! The beach! I shall begin this entry, not as a joyous account of our time spent in the onsen (hot spring) town of Atami, but more so, pointing out what I thought to be a fair few faults, none of which lessened the enjoyment of our time there it […]

Awashima Marine Park

Awa Island (Awashima), Numazu, as seen from Mt Katsuragi Awa Island (Awashima) as we were approaching by boat. A dolphin show at Awashima Marine Park. The dolphins keep is in the sea. Once connected to the mainland by a cable car, nowadays the only way to get to Awa Island is by boat. It is […]

Ayumi Bridge in Numazu City

A magnificent night view from Ayumi Bridge in Numazu City (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) The symmetrical view of the bridge (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) A closer peek at a part of the bridge’s architectural design (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. Pille) Overlooking the blue-lighted arched bridge and the buildings behind (Photo: Tyra ‘nell E. […]

Chuo Koen in Susono City

Several families enjoy having picnics in the area (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) The red bridge over the shallow rushing waters gives a perfect contrast to the green surroundings (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) One of the entrances to the Central Park is across this red bridge (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) The stepping stones of the suspension […]

Climbing Fuji: Yoshida Trail

My Beautiful Hiking Partner. At 5th Base We reached 3300m. This was the view above the clouds. Ecstatic before the 3 hour descent in the dark. My Beautiful Hiking Partner. At 5th Base Notice All trails to the summit and public facilities are closed in winter from September 11th. For the latest, check here. Latest […]

Cool Off at Izu Tatadohama Beach

When you think of Japan, do you think about the beach? You should. Japan is nothing but a collection islands. Get outside of the big cities and Japan’s long stretches of incredible coastline are yours for the finding and enjoying. To date, my favorite beach is Izu Tatadohama in Shimoda City at the bottom of […]

Day Trip to Mt. Kintoki

Breath with the trees as you go up View from Kintoki The hike is made of wooden steps, roots and terrain From the top you can even see Owakudani hot springs! Plenty of wildlife for nature lovers The trail is not always even… but still a lot of fun! Living in a big city can […]

Enjoying Numazu’s Cherry Blossoms

Up close and personal with one of the symbols of Japan (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) Around the soccer field, several Cherry Blossom trees stand, creating a relaxing panoramic view. (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) One of the entrances/exits to the huge soccer field (Photo: Tyra ‘nell Pille) This cherry blossom tree adds drama to the entrance […]

Escape to Hamamatsu

I longed to see that! (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Muscial instruments made of flowers (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Sunrise in Bentenjima… (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Asahi desu (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Bentenjima is the fisher’s place (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Fishing boats in the Pacific Ocean (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Inclined pines by the coast (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi) Finally, I see […]

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