Kasukabe Lala Garden

Kato Dairy Farm


Kawagoe Art Cafe Cafe Elevato

Kawagoe Art Cafe Cafe Elevato When the street is pedestrianized for a festival, Elevato set up some tables outside the cafe Cafe Elevato Kawagoe Art Cafe Cafe Elevato is one of the first buildings you come across on Ichibangai. Ichibangai is the main thoroughfare of the Edo period tourist district of Kawagoe. However, Cafe Elevato […]

Kawagoe’s Old Town: Warehouse Zone

Walking through Kawagoe's Old Town A view of old Japan Well-preserved architecture from the past Intricate detail on every building People walking through the Warehouse District Picturesque Walking through Kawagoe's Old Town Kawagoe is a historic city well-known throughout the Tokyo area as a great tourist destination and day-trip from the country's capital. Kawagoe's most […]

A Two-day Trip to Kawagoe, Saitama

Fish your candy from the tanks Candy mobiles decorate many shops Festival float Fish your candy from the tanks Where can we go on a short 2-day trip away from Tokyo? Gunma? Too far. Kamakura? Checked. Atami? Checked. Kawagoe? Sounds good! And look! It’s only half an hour away! Half an hour? Ha! I kept […]

Kocha Romankan Shimano

Kocha Romansho Shimano Tea timer and strainer for the perfect cup of tea at Kocha Romansho Shimano Light lunch at Kocha Romansho Shimano Kocha Romankan Shimano Tea room, Shimano for short, is a traditional tea room in Kawagoe. It is similar to a kissaten, the traditional tea shops of Japan, but with more of a […]

Korekaki Shaved Ice Specialty Cafe

Strawberry cream flavor snow cone KoreKaki branding Korekaki Menu Korekaki Kore ga Kakigori, hereafter called Korekaki, is a shaved ice and snow cone specialty cafe in the tourist and historic town of Kawagoe. Shaved ice is very popular in Japan, commonly served from a food van between the months of April and September. You could […]

Koshigaya Laketown

How Koshigaya has changed immeasurably in recent years! Once a stopover town on the Tokyo-Nikko high road, it became a city in 1958. In November 2008, to mark the 50th anniversary of its founding, the city opened the largest eco-friendly shopping complex in the whole of Japan namely the Koshigaya Laketown. Built around a man-made […]

Kumagaya – Local Foods and Cuisine

Grilling up some tasty meaty morsels Kumagaya‘s famous udon noodles, made with locally grown wheat. Grilled tripe, or horumon in Japanese, is tried and tested evening staple of Kumagaya Head one hour north from Tokyo and you'll come across the gateway to Saitama Prefecture, Kumagaya. A former trading stop on the old Nakasendo Highway, Kumagaya […]

Kura-Zushi, Koshigaya-Laketown

Kura-Zushi in Koshigaya The easy interior of a modern sushi-train restaurant It was dark by the time we left…. Kura-Zushi in Koshigaya The balance between price and quality is usually pretty straightforward. And in the world of sushi, the proliferation of cheap one hundred yen sushi chain restaurants tends to support the old adage of […]

Kushi Katsu Tanaka in Soka

A selection of yum yum ready for dipping and eating Restaurant interior, suburban, basic and light Fried chicken on the side Deep-fried skewered meats and vegetables are a snack delight in Japan. Originating in the early 20th century in Osaka, the nation's street food capital, kushi katsu as they are known in Japan have spread […]

LaLaport Shin Misato, Saitama

Open desing of LaLaport Shin Misato An almost seaside ambience Only two floors but its seems larger Even the elevators are open Kids will love this sweets store An outlet store for the famous Mother Bokujo farm in Chiba Open desing of LaLaport Shin Misato With an open-spaced design and an almost leisurely coastal ambience, […]


Yuzu tsukune (ground chicken balls with yuzu) Mahatoma’s small yakitori stand The menu. Yuzu tsukune (ground chicken balls with yuzu) There is nothing like the smell of chicken skewers grilled over charcoal to make my mouth water. I have all reason to believe yakitori is just waiting to be discovered by global foodies. My kids […]


The finished product may be too cute to eat Gobo and spinach make up the vegetables for this makizushi Laying the foundation for the maki’s tulip design Pink rice will represent the petals of the flower A sense of accomplishment after making two types of rolls Closely following instructions to make the rolls Makizushi, also […]

Metsa Coffee Festival

Official event poster Alishan’s coffee machine. Alishan will be serving organic coffee at the event. Coffee Addict will be a part of the event. Sat Mar 30th Official event poster Venue: Miyazawa Lake, Miyazawa, Hanno, Saitama 357-0001, Japan When: Saturday – Mar 30th 2019, 10:00am – 5:00pm In the Moomin Valley series, the Moomin family […]

Mini Recycle Shop

One of the Mini pictures decorating the shop. Something you don’t see everday: a wooden tea chest Mini Recycle Shop Vintage photos and paintings Pre-loved clothes and shoes For the love of Mini One of the Mini pictures decorating the shop. Mini Recycle Shop is named after the icon of 1960s British popular culture, the […]

Mitsui Outlet Park – Iruma

Discount prices of many brands Import goods Flashy eyewear Bring the whole family Tidy, modern design For all your sportswear needs Discount prices of many brands The Mitsui Outlet Park is a huge outlet mall in Iruma, Saitama. It features a large number of shops – mostly clothing – that typically have much lower prices […]

Nagamine-en, Fuda-no-tsuji Branch

Nagamine-en green tea shop and cafe in Kawagoe Green tea produce at Nagamine-en Green tea sweets at Nagamine-en Kawagoe is famed for sweet potatoes. But did you know its also the home of Sayama Tea? This is why there are so many shops in the tourist district of Kawagoe that sell green tea flavored goodies. […]

Panda Candy Store

Entrance to the store Shelves of cheap sweets for the kids and nostalgic adults Toys are also available Entrance to the store Japan's love for the retro isn't limited to the nation's main urban centres. Out in the suburbs, nostalgia also exists and in often the most surprising of places. Head off to any local […]


Artisan bread crafted with carefully selected ingredients. Delicious array of savory breads and pastries. Charming entrance to Panja Cafe+ Lots of seating at Panja Cafe+ Panja from the outside. Crème brûlée pastry. Artisan bread crafted with carefully selected ingredients. Our neighbor, an American and long time resident in Japan, told us of a bread shop […]

Buy Sweets in Penny Candy Alley

Looking down Penny Candy Alley. It is even more crowded and lively on holidays. The entrance to Edo Shop at the entrance of Penny Candy Alley. Inside you will find rows of candy to be measured out to your liking. This is Ikeda Shop's main store, selling dango (small pounded rice balls on a stick, […]

Restaurant & Bar Salvage in Saitama

Seasonal vegetables are blended together to make this exquisite bagna cauda (dip made from garlic, anchovies and oil). Seasonal vegetables grown without chemicals The restaurant is within a five-minute walk from Chichibu Station. The first floor is the bar. The chef, cook, pastry chef, baker and bartender all work together to make one great dish. […]

Saiboku Ham Headquarters Hidaka

Seating outside the cafe in Saiboku Green tea shop with spare ribs eatery behind Saiboku restaurant One of the three resident pigs at Saiboku! Saiboku Bakery “Saiboku no Mori” playground Saiboku Ham Headquarters is more than just a ham processing plant with a restaurant. It is more of a food theme park or a leisure […]

Saitama Cafe Offers Drowning Drinks

Laughably large drinks at Cafe OB Rustic interior of Cafe OB in Shin-Yurigaoka Hot Sandwich and jug of Melon Soda at Cafe OB Laughably large drinks at Cafe OB (Photo: Kristen F.) The Café OB experience begins like any other. Guests are seated in the wood-webbed café chain and choose their drinks to order. After […]

Saitama Soy Sauce Kingdom

Soy sauce soft cream Soy beans fermenting in large wood vats. Wood vat booths. Soy sauce soft cream I read this article about the Saitama Soy Sauce Kingdom three years ago (I know it was three years ago because of a comment I made on the article) and said, “Hey, that's just in my neighborhood. […]

Sawawa, Kawagoe Branch

Sawawa matcha and green tea shop in Kawagoe Matcha pudding Matcha at Sawawa Sawawa is a Kawagoe matcha green tea store and cafe. It is set up mostly for take away, but there are a few seats at the back of the store. It is easily identifiable by the green tea grinding mill outside the […]

Seiryu Open Air Market

Beautifully handcrafted tea cups and bowls.  Members of the community entertain the Sunday crowd with a song or two.  Yarn made from natural fibers and dyes make a colorful spread.  Many of the vendors carry all-natural toxic-free organic products.  Sometimes, there are children's clothes given for free. In the background is a slide made from […]

Dango Kazoku in Koshigaya

An dango, dango coated with red bean paste. Goma dango, with its richly rustic sesame flavour Store entrance. On the left is a list of some of what the Dango Kazoku serves… and it’s yum. Made from sticky rice flour, dango is an iconic Japanese sweet that gets the thumbs up from me. Available in […]

Tantan Udon

Marugame’s tantanmen looks as good as the promotional photos. Leave it to the Japanese to adopt a foreign dish and make it their own. In China, I have had Szechuan style dandanmen (担担面). Noodles were topped with preserved mustard stems, minced pork, chili oil, scallions and Szechuan peppers. The dish is usually dry and the […]

Nabe Matsuri Hanno & Hidaka

Banner advertising the Koma nabe, which has won the Grand Prix at the local B-gourmet competition. Koma Nabe includes kimchee, fresh vegetables and Korean ginseng. In previous years, there are stage events such as this dance with huge flags. Official poster. Mid Feb Banner advertising the Koma nabe, which has won the Grand Prix at […]

Tofu Wonderland

These tofu donuts are probably the world's healthiest donuts – chewy but not oily, and with just the perfect level of sweetness.  If you get tired of plain tofu, there's tomato tofu, yuzu tofu, edamame tofu, and black sesame tofu. Beginning April 2015, the shop will sell tofu frozen yogurt in six different flavors. Tofubou's […]

Tokujuan Restaurant

This set samples various dishes, and even comes with dessert Tokujuan open until midnight Served with udon or soba noodles, the mini sashimi bowl is a refreshing dish Ice parfait to finish off a great meal Each room provides privacy for your party Ice cream, fruit, and mochi served on top of jelly Popular with […]


The lobby has a car-themed cafe feel to it. Complimentary drinks and snacks. Sand table to keep little hands busy. The lobby has a car-themed cafe feel to it. If you have a car, chances are, you will need to have it serviced at some time, or at the very least, you will need to […]

Tsubaki No Kura

Foot spa cafe Several torii make up a stunning red roof “Please order before taking a seat” Tsubaki No Kura is a one stop shop to pick up some quintessential souvenirs from Japan. More than that though, it is a really pleasant shop to visit. It is as sensory as it is practical and perfectly […]


Entrance to a joyful retreat. Exquisite pottery, limited print children’s books. Things beautiful and good. Ureshiimonoya’s open kitchen. Soothing green vines outside the window. Inside, toxic-free nail polish in all colors. Organic produce by local farmers. Organic fabric and behind, a nook with a view of the garden. Ureshii means 'joyful', and Ureshiimonoya or 'the […]

Vanitoy Bagel

As good as it looks – even better, if that's possible A perfect atmosphere for any time of day Located in the Old Town section of Kawagoe, Saitama Chai latte done to perfection Grab a bagel to go Offbeat furniture adds to the atmosphere As good as it looks – even better, if that's possible […]

World Kitchen Samurai Restaurant

Product made in Tokorozawa Creative curry with subtle flavors A chic, modern spin on an Indian restaurant Free appetizer, complements of the kitchen Dinner set with curry and naan No-frills naan done right Product made in Tokorozawa As a lover of all things spicy, I have a particular fondness for Indian food and have found […]

Yashio City’s Kagetsu Arashi

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Yashio, in all its glory Curiously in your face signage A punch worthy bowl of salt ramen Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Yashio, in all its glory You won't have any difficulty finding a ramen bar in Japan. So popular is Japan's ubiquitous character-building noodle dish that chain stores go head-to-head with private mom […]

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