Maeda Craft Factory Shop

Magatama Cafe and Bar Tamatsukuri

Marufuji Sweets and Cafe

Maruzen and Junkudo Bookstore Osaka

Art section Maruzen-Junkudo is located in the Andō Tadao–designed Chaska Chayamachi building Lines of shelves A couple browsing through Japanese books Outlets of high-end writing and art materials located on the 3rd floor They sell tarot cards in many designs too! Small gallery in a corner of the 7th floor Children’s section Man choosing a […]

Mayur Indian Restaurant

Entrance to Mayur Delicious tandoori chicken Nan and butter chicken curry Curry with salad and rice Kitchen from the glass window View of the kitchen from the glass window Entrance to Mayur I was walking around the streets of Hirano-Machi on a weekday afternoon when I stumbled upon Mayur, an Indian restaurant. There was a […]

Menya Teru Ramen

Would you like extra meat?  Chashu ramen at Menya Teru Eating ramen can be a ritual. This customer seems to be enjoying her food Ramen: One of Japan’s most popular noodle soup dishes that almost every region in Japan has a different variation of. However there has been a debate whether ramen is healthy or […]

Miffy X Shogo Sekine Collaboration Cafe: Osaka

The event banner Keychains and other merchandise will be available There are a variety of cute dishes on offer Nov 28th Dec 30th The event banner (Photo: Miffy Cafe) Venue: Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka When: Nov 28th – Dec 30th 2020, 11:00am – 9:00pm The Miffy X Shogo Sekine Collaboration Cafe event at Osaka's Abeno […]

Moomin Stand in Tennoji, Osaka

A hattifattener invites customers in The Moomin Stand in Tennoji is located in Mio Mall Hattifatteners remind customers to sort their trash properly The stand is designed to look like Moomin House Here you can buy "The Delightful Moomin Family" DVDs, stuffed animals and magazines  If you're sitting alone, Mymble will join you A hattifattener invites customers in Japan […]

Morinoya: Sendai Gyutan & Sake

Morinoya is set in a modern kitchen. The curved lines of Namba Parks glow with various hues of pink as the sun moves across the sky. Entrance to Morinoya in the Namba Parks restaurant floor. Beef Tongue Lunch set Bright red and yellow peppers Grilled beef at Morinoya I first stumbled across an izakaya just […]

MOS Burger Osaka

Mos Burger Osaka, Japan You can find the green MOS Burger sign almost anywhere in Japan MOS Burgers often have a warm, light wood interior A MOS Cheeseburger The tobikiri hamburg sandwich  The onion potato set comes with a side of onion rings and fries MOS Burger originated in Japan and is the second biggest fast […]

Namba City Nankai

Exterior of Namba City at night. At the bottom of the escalators leading down from Nankai Namba Station. Namba City Nankai Entrance to the Fashion Plaza. The tourist information center. Cante Ethnic Cafe. Airplane, train, shopping mall. That is the easy route one can follow to the Namba City Nankai Shopping Complex. Namba City is […]

Niku Fes Osaka

The event showcases a range of meat dishes from around the world The official event banner Both Japanese and international tastes will be available to enjoy Late Apr Mid May The event showcases a range of meat dishes from around the world (Photo: Creative Commons) Venue: Nagai Park When: Late Apr – Mid May 2022 […]

A Pizza House in Nipponbashi

The pedestrian friendly side streets of Nipponbashi Entrance to A Pizza house The pedestrian friendly side streets of Nipponbashi Tomato based pizza Anchovy olive’s basil Potatoes and Mayonnaise be warned, you will be on the chopping block at A Pizza Kuromon markets. Giant rainbow hued fluorescent tubes that look like a Nissan Cedric in Sennichimae. […]

Oh Dotonbori!

Bustling nightlife Lanterns and more lanterns Giant sushi? Happy dragon You will find loads of seafood along the streets of Dotonbori It’s okay, I can’t read Japanese but I think the facades are pretty too Super 3D octopus Moving crab on the wall Happy faces just like yours after eating at this shop Sunset at […]

Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine

These heart-shaped 'ema' (wooden boards where wishes are written), depict Ohatsu and Tokubei and hang in memory of their story The main building of the shrine You can purchase a variety of souvenirs, charms, and ema from the shrine office  This cow (kamigyusha) is one of the enshrined deities at Ohatsu Tenjin. It is an […]

On the Slow Boat to China

In this world of smartphones, 24 hour news channels and the expectation of instantaneous gratification, sometimes you really have to force yourself to step back and take things a little more slowly. Usually, when I travel I like to arrive as quickly as possible to maximise the time I have for exploring and sightseeing. However, […]

Vegetarian Restaurants in Osaka

Set Meal at Asushoku Set Meal at Natural Bar Paprika Vegan Dining  Soy Milk Soft Cream at Natural Bar Paprika Vegan Dining  “Japanese food is healthy.” This may be the first comment about Japanese food we hear from nutritionists. Recently “new Japanese style” set meals have become popular among health-conscious Japanese people. What are new […]

Osaka Tourism via the Nankai Line

The Nankai Ltd. Express Rapit: Namba to Kansai Airport in 35 minutes! Namba City shopping complex The main tank at the Kaiyukan Aquarium 2 planes preparing for take off at Kansai International Airport. Kansai International Airport A bookstore at Namba City A beauty supply store at Namba City Namba City Uniqlo Namba City sign Ltd. […]

Panasonic Center, Osaka

Guests are welcome to try the interactive display inside the Simulation Studio The B1 floor of Panasonic Center is often visited by new couples Simulation Studio Home 02 design Home 03 design Home 04 design Home 01 design A hall dedicated to home lighting equipment Outdoor textiles and lighting Swatches for kitchen textiles A sample […]

Pompompurin Pop-up Cafe in Osaka

Venue: Season&Co, Osaka When: Jan 27th – Apr 12th 2021, 9:30am – 10:00pm For fans of the much-loved Sanrio character Pompompurin, a pop-up cafe is running in Osaka from January 27th through until April 12th. The cafe has a variety of Pompompurin themed eats and drinks to enjoy, and unlike many other pop-up cafes, reservations […]

Ramen Expo

When: Dec 9th – Dec 25th 2016, 11:00am – 9:00pm Ramen EXPO 2016 in Osaka is the biggest ramen festival in Japan. Ramen is known as one of the national food of Japan, favoured by people from all over the world. The first Ramen expo started in 2013, and each time was a success. It […]

Restaurant Vodacoa

Special Lunch- Fish Poêlé Soup and Salad Focaccia with olive oil Special Lunch- Fish Poêlé Vodacoa is a small and cozy restaurant in the streets of Awajimachi in center Osaka. I’ve passed through this shop several times and never fail to see full patronage during lunch time. It was about 11:30am when I came here […]

Rive Gauche: Vietnamese Restaurant

Now Entering Rive Gauche Fresh prawn rolls with plum dipping sauce (バイン・クォン) Stylish decor, stylish people. Zingy Seafood Salad (ゴイ ハーイ サーン) Vietnamese okonomiyaki (バイン カオ) Rare beef pho (フォボー) Growing up in England with Vietnamese parents meant, inevitably, I’d be exposed to a plethora of culinary eastern delights. Here in Japan, my time has been filled with sushi […]

Sangmi, Organic Food in Osaka

Curry set Sangmi café Lotus root fried rice set Set of the day Soy milk pudding The sugar syrup makes the dessert Nearby street art in Chayamachi Sangmi Café is a gem of a find in hectic Osaka. Here you dine on incredibly attractive trays with little dishes of deliciousness to accompany your main plate. […]

Sennichimae Arcade

A Maneki Neko beckoning cat of such a size can only bring good fortune at Sennichimae arcade When coming from Kuromon Ichiba, look out for this sign I was tempted to buy an immortal replica of my favourite meal though I though not being able to eat it would drive me insane Japanese knives truly […]

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shops

stalls stall selling home utensils stalls stalls stall selling cooking utensils stalls selling cooking utensils stall stall selling cooking utensils stall selling cooking utensils the arcade Sennnichimae Doguyasuji is a 150 meter long shopping arcade located not far from Namba Station, in Osaka. The arcade has many stores specializing in cooking utensils and tableclothes, as […]

Seventeen Cafe: Osaka

Nov 27th Dec 20th This limited-time event is dedicated to K-Pop band Seventeen (Photo: Seventeen Cafe) Venue: Kawara Cafe & Dining, Tennoji MIO When: Nov 27th – Dec 20th 2020, 11:00am – 9:00pm Apop-up cafe event dedicated to the K-Pop band Seventeen is taking place in Osaka, as well as several other locations across Japan. […]

Shabu Kichi

Entrance of Shabu-Kichi The very delicious crab and sea urchin chawan mushi Vegetables to go into the soup! Thinly sliced Saga beef ready for shabu-shabu Ponzu sauce dip! A table seat in the restaurant Entrance of Shabu-Kichi If you want to try good quality meat savored the Japanese way, then Shabu Kichi is the place […]

Shinsekai Osaka

Japanese restaurant ‘Sinsekai’ meaning ‘New World’ Capsule vending machines Locals and tourists alike visit Shinsekai despite its dangerous reputation The district was developed before the war and then neglected in the decades that followed Cheap clothing shops surround Shinsekai too Affordable yakitori restaurant Cheap clothing shop run by a local Puffer fish restaurant Restaurants are […]


Shinsekai Tsutenkaku Tower Biliken " Things-As-They?!!" Kushi katsu- Fried skewers Takoyaki shop with open air seats Tako-Sen~ Takoyaki sandwiched in Senbei(crackers) Shinsekai (新世界) means New (新) World (世界) in Japanese. This ‘New World’ has been around for quite some time; in fact Shinsekai celebrated her 100th birthday in 2012. Shinsekai gives you a unique, cross […]

Shizen-men Oitate

Fried rice with chili prawns. Takekomi gohan Oitate Ramen Fried rice with chili prawns. Oitate(追立) is quite different from any other Chinese restaurants you find in Japan. Oitate boasts of using safe and natural ingredients in its menu, based on the Yakuzen concept. Yakuzen (Yaku: Medicine/ Therapy; Zen- Food), also known as Chinese food therapy […]

Shop, Save and Travel Easy in Osaka

The Tempozan Marketplace is home to a number shops and indoor theme parks and to the former largest Ferris wheel in the world. Coupon app and one of the participating shops. Chef making takoyaki at Aizuya at Tempozan Marketplace. The Palm-Auth-Pay app works here. A number of restaurants at Tempozan Marketplace accept Palm-Auth-Pay app payments. […]

Fly from Sydney direct to Osaka

Qantas has launched direct services from Sydney to Osaka. Normally full service flights between Australia and Japan in the peak holiday season would cost $1400 or more on JAL, Qantas or ANA, the three direct service carriers. Until 4 August, Qantas is offering special launch fares, with all-inclusive Sydney to Osaka return Economy tickets starting […]

Tables Cafe in Osaka

Apple and cinnamon pancakes served with maple syrup and whipped cream You may have trouble making your choice… Behind this bay window, you can see your crepe or your pancake being made  Beautifully decorated lamps You can see the kitchen from the main room Enjoy your meal while sitting in a comfortable seat Apple and […]

Takimi Koji street in Umeda, Osaka

Wishes for Tanabata A blackboard menu hung outside an eatery Retro toys More retro toys The display window of a French restaurant A menu written on the glass windows Wishes for Tanabata (Photo: Hailey Jing) What comes to mind when speaking of Umeda, Osaka? Most tourists immediately recall the giant Daimaru department store, the Floating […]

Takojizo Railway Station

Relive the roaring twenties at Takojizo Station, a tribute to Taisho chic Takojizo is 30 minutes from Kansai Airport on an all stops train, while Kishiwada is 15 minutes by limited express, making it an easy side trip if you are having a layover at the International Airport. The stained glassed windows of Kishiwada Castle […]

Takonotetsu Pizza Ball House Umeda

Takonotetsu means grilled octopus in Japanese Kiss like an octopus The mascot of Takanotetsu Pizza Ball House in Umeda, Osaka You can pick different ingredients for each set of takoyaki.  From Octopus and parsley, to corn and cheese, the choice is yours. They use a special server to ensure every ball has an equal amount […]


Takoyaki getting ready for action Takoyaki with green onion and ponzu sauce Tray of lovely balls of takoyaki Takoyaki is everywhere. From department stores to hidden away retailers under the rail tracks, wherever you go in Japan you will find somebody serving up little battered balls of diced octopus. And for good reason too. Cooked […]

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

The delicious vegetable pakora Kingfisher Small place (Sanjay just visible) Nothing fancy Poppadum Cheese naan Tandoor is a small and unassuming Indian restaurant in a residential area of Osaka’s Miyakojima ward. Sanjay has owned the place for 3 years, and despite the quiet neighbourhood he tells me he makes okay business, since many people who […]

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