Marvel at the Usuki Stone Buddhas

Wilderness of Nakatsu

Yufugawa Canyon Closed

ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa

ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa Beautiful View from Beppu’s Resort Restaurant and Bar Relaxing spa Opened in August of 2019, the ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa introduces a luxurious combination of Japan's famed hot springs and the InterContinental Hotels Group's worldly […]

Beppu Yukemuri-no-oka Youth Hostel

Yukemuri Youth Hostel Welcome The ornament by the entrance The room I stayed in was for three, very clean and bright The washroom attached to the room I stayed in Two of the rooms have bunk beds Yukemuri Youth Hostel A thirty-minute bus ride from Beppu Station, Kannawa is famous for the Jigoku Meguri, a […]

Guest House Cabosu Beppu Hamayu

A very wide and spacious room for 3 people The bunk bed in the room with plenty of space A little entrance space outside the room The very clean toilet The corridor outside with rubbish bins The entrance where you leave your shoes and change into slippers Located an extremely convenient 5 minutes walk from […]

Guest House Rojiura

The common area looks straight out of an Ikea showroom Guest house entrance An entire wall of comic books Guests can use the common kitchen to prepare their own meals Lounge and smoking area outside Bunk beds in the dormitory Tucked in a back alley near Beppu Station is one of the best accommodations we […]

Grand Plaza Nakatsu Hotel

Outside view Hotel lobby waiting area Grand Plaza Nakatsu Hotel Hotel passage way Breakfast buffet Karaage chicken Outside view Located in the heart of the city, the Grand Plaza Nakatsu Hotel is a great place to stay. Just a 4 minute walk from Nakatsu Station, it is just 8 minutes by bicycle to the famous […]

International Minshuku Kokage

The International Minshuku Kokage The goldfish at the entrance The inn brings about an antique atmosphere at night The lobby Put your shoes here, and wear the slippers in the minshuku The door to the hot spring indicates if anyone’s inside or not The International Minshuku Kokage Beppu City in Oita is famous for having […]

Minshuku Fuchinoue in Yabakei

Great thanks to the family of Minshuku Fuchinoue! The scenery around Minshuku Fuchinoue The room was neat, bright, and spacious The view from my room window – the construction vehicles are fixing the damage from the heavy flooding in summer 2012 The rock at the very left is called Saru-no-tobi-iwa (monkey jumping on the rocks) […]

Oita Oasis Tower Hotel

The Oasis Tower Hotel is the tallest building in the whole of Oita prefecture The splendid view from the restaurant on the top floor The beautiful sunset view from my window A magnificant ocean view Plan your wedding here at Oasis Tower Hotel Hotel entrance hall The Oasis Tower Hotel is the tallest building in […]

Stay at Shiosai No Yado Seikai

There are staff waiting for you from the moment you arrive (Photo: Kim B) Some of the delicious Oita Beef as part of the dinner (Photo: Kim B) The modern take on Western breakfast (Photo: Kim B) Some rooms include an open air balcony onsen with Beppu Bay views (Photo: Kim B) Comfortable, Western style […]

Spend a Night in Yufu City

The old farmhouse where the reception, the restaurant and the traditional fireplace are located. Some of the individual guest houses (cabins) Typical Japanese countryside style breakfast – very yummy! The old farmhouse where the reception, the restaurant and the traditional fireplace are located. If you are looking for an alternative to Beppu, I can only […]

Ajimu Rural Homestay

Amazing views in the mountain setting of Ajimu Beautiful views Higashi-shiya Waterfall A peaceful atmosphere Work station in a traditional Japanese farmhouse Planting tomatoes Located within the interior mountain ranges of Oita Prefecture is a small village called Ajimu. Known as the family travel village, visitors can book various types of accommodation from log cabins […]

Beppu Kamado Jigoku

Silky blue, Kamado Jigoku The south ticket office entrance-exit Bubbling hot mud Muddy bubble bursts The Japanese demon statue Vent under the statue blowing out steam at 100 degrees Celsius! A closer look at the oni (Japanese demon) statue Agave century plant, blooms only once in 60 years! 85 degrees Celsius pond Beautiful cobalt blue […]

Beppu Park Cherry Blossoms

After leaving this bamboo forest you will encounter many colorful cherry trees The first of Beppu Park’s many colorful flowers Boasting a bamboo forest, it’s hard believe that you are in a public park when walking around this section Some people enjoying lunch under the trees Some dark pink colors in amongst the cherry blossoms […]

Beppu Rakutenchi Amusement Park

A view of the water park activity on this hot day. Enjoy some treats cooked from this natural hot spring. A roller coaster in the mountains! A typical experience with riding cable-cars into mountains is usually associated with a trip to a temple complex or castle. However, this time around, the vehicle coming down the […]

Beppu Fireworks Festival

Looks like a bouquet of sparklers Ice cream cone in the sky Greasy, delicious festival food! Practicing my dance moves Turtle-bus dancers wish Tohoku well in their poster The Spa Beach promenade Late Jul Looks like a bouquet of sparklers (Photo: Deli) Venue: Beppu Spa Beach When: Late Jul 2021 Notice: The dates for this […]

Beppu Taikai Fireworks Festival

The Beppu Firework Festival is usually located at either Spa beach (Matogahama koen mae bus stop) or Kamegawa fishing port (Kamegawa eki mae) The food from food stalls from the festival is delicious. It will definitely be worth the wait ! Yakisoba or Japanese fried noodles is one of my favorite dishes from the food […]

Beppu Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) Night

Beautiful illumination in the pathway leading to the ‘Sea Hell’ Entry queue at the time of the opening, it grew steadily until the closing time! The first view after the entrance Spiders are caught in the illumination as well The ‘Sea Hell’ had speakers playing music, illumination and a hologram display on the fumes Lotus […]

The Kumano Reliefs of Kunizaki

The two Kumano reliefs The face of the Immoveable One, as seen from the viewing terrace The “Fudo” as seen from the steps leading up to the shrine I don’t recall when I first became enamored of the shape and beauty of stone, but it hasn’t been too many years since my love of things […]

Bungo Takada Showa Street

Catching a cicada with a net. Who can believe something so simple can be so much fun? Drop by the mum and dad shops Time stands still on Showa Street What are you waiting for? One of the museums near Showa Street Time stands still on Showa Street One, two, pow! The Tokyo Olympics in […]

Global Tower Beppu

Looking up at the contemporary Global Tower Stunning views of Beppu city Nice glass design of the observation deck The glass windows and ceiling give great views! The city of Beppu nestled in the mountains The awesome architecture of Global Tower Beppu has always been a city famous for onsen, but it actually also has […]

A Happy Stay In Hita

Hita town The road to Hita Mikuma River and mountains Hita’s mountain backdrop Sunshine on Hita’s mountains Mikuma River going through Hita Hita town I went by way of Hita in Oita, Kyushu, with a plan to hit Mt Hiko. That didn’t pan out, so off I trotted to the Tourist Office to look into […]

A Journey to Mameda Town

Mamedacho old town in the rain Tea fields in the countryside on the way to Mamedacho The countryside on the way to Mamedacho is a contrast between open fields and green mountains Mamedacho old town Mamedacho old town in the rain Mamedacho is famous for its pottery The countryside on the way to Mamedacho is […]

Kyushu Or Bust

On the road to Yufuin Oita Onsen Dont mess with his nose! On the road to Yufuin Oita (Photo: Lazy Friday 13th) Let me introduce the 3 Blind Mice motorcycle touring club founded in Osaka, Japan in 1993 by one Scot, one Aussie and an Englishman –none were blind nor mice, but read on. The […]

Kyushu’s Stone Buddhas

When looking closely at these statues it soon become apparent that the centuries of being exposed to the elements has taken its toll Located 40 kilometers south of Beppu City is the sleepy town of Utsuki Even before reaching the valley’s Stone Buddhas you are given a taste of things to come as you step […]

Lisa Larson: A Journey Through Time

Jan 8th Feb 21st An example of Larson’s work (Photo: ArigatoGiving/Creative Commons) Venue: Oita Art Museum When: Jan 8th – Feb 21st 2021, 10:00am – 6:00pm A special exhibition at the Oita Art Museum looks at the works of Swedish artist Lisa Larson, who is known for her warm and simple Scandinavian-inspired ceramic pieces. Around […]

Mamedacho Old Town

Newly renovated shopfronts vie with rustic warehouses for your attention at Mamedacho Mamedacho is famous for its wooden geta sandals Historic Buildings in Mamedacho Mamedacho or Mameda Town in Hita City is nestled in a valley behind some forested hills between Fukuoka and Oita. While technically in Oita Prefecture, it is close to Fukuoka and […]

The Motomachi Buddha of Oita

The central Yakushi of the Motomachi magaibutsu The Yakushi viewed from the right, with the Warrior King to her right The entrance to the shelter: the doors are not locked Oita prefecture is the unrivaled heartland of magaibutsu (Buddhist stone reliefs) in Japan. While the former province of Bungo is famous today for its plentiful […]

Nakatsu Castle

Many Japanese cities are symbolized by their castles. Whilst some are really popular, others are not very well known. Nakatsu castle might be less popular in comparison to the other big castles, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. The history of this castle dates back to 1587 when the […]

Ohara Residence

The Ohara Residence, main building The garden here is really spacious It’s late October; leaves are starting to change color It must be beautiful here during autumn The Ohara Residence garden is the only one I’ve seen in Kitsuki with a pond Little details From this angle you can catch the reflection of the building […]

Oita Fragrance Museum

A celebration of scent at the Oita Fragrance Museum One of the steam distillation machine examples The unassuming museum building A celebration of scent at the Oita Fragrance Museum (Photo: Fairy scrivener / Public Domain) Our sense of smell is incredibly important. In fact, our olfactory system sits in the same part of our brain […]

Oita Godo Shimbun Fireworks Display

Firework Performance on the last day of the Oita Tanabata Festival Oita Tanabata festival float Oita Station Early Aug Firework Performance on the last day of the Oita Tanabata Festival (Photo: Jun UZUKI /CC0) Venue: The Oita River bank near Benten-ohashi Bridge When: Early Aug 2021 Oita Godo Shimbun Fireworks display is Oita City’s most […]

Oita’s Samurai House, Ohara Tei

The house is often used as a set in period dramas The warped walls lining the streets in Kitsuki The main entrance The house is often used as a set in period dramas Nestled on the south-eastern tip of the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita prefecture lies the beautiful albeit small town of Kitsuki. Despite its […]

Rakanji Temple

View from the top of the main building The chair lift that takes you to the temple and back Buddha statues View from the top of the main building There is no doubt that Rakanji temple is one of the greatest temples in Oita prefecture. But what makes it so special? Built on the top […]

Spring Charms of Usa

The shrine attendants are ready to help you The grand walkways and halls attest to the importance of this Shrine in Japanese history The grand shrine of Usa is as beautiful as the ones in Kyoto A grand bridge which you can imagine the size of processions here during festivals and important events Exquisite architecture […]

The Stone Buddhas of Usuki

The large buddha here is regarded as one of the finest of its kind in Japan The large buddha’s head fell off centuries ago and was only reattached to its body in 1993 Some of the statues still bear traces of paint from a millenium ago The statues to the side of the center one […]

Tsurumidake Shinzen Garden

Sakura in winter!? Yes that is right! Beautiful moss covered rocks dotted the garden’s paths Gorgeous autumn scenes A special type of sakura that blooms in October in winter temperatures Just as beautiful as the sakura that bloom in spring Fewer blooms at the end of November but still beautiful At a lovely little garden […]

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