APA Hotel Nagasaki Ekimae

S Peria Hotel Nagasaki (Formerly: Chisun Grand Nagasaki)

Guest House Nagasaki Burabura

Hotel Nisshokan, Nagasaki

The guestrooms feature tatami flooring with western bedding. Very nice view from the room: Nagasaki and the port The view get even better on the balcony. The lobby Delicious food can be chosen from a tempting buffet. Dinner buffet The guestrooms feature tatami flooring with western bedding. Its history of contact and interaction with Europe, […]

Hotel Amsterdam at Huis Ten Bosch

Outside view of Hotel Amsterdam Brilliant lights are coming through the glass ceiling into the hotel lobby Inside the hotel lobby Hotel courtyard during daytime Hotel courtyard looks romantic at night Hotel lounge at night Hotel lobby at night The hotel lounge has a European feel to it New Year Celebration sake barrel in the […]

Hotel Cuore Nagasaki-Ekimae

The front of Hotel Cuore Nagasaki-Ekimae Main entrance General view of one my room The comfy bed Workstation “My” office, an elegant and cosy lounge The front of Hotel Cuore Nagasaki-Ekimae My plan was to spend some time in the amazing and fascinating city of Nagasaki. I wanted to explore each inch of the city, […]

Kamigoto 6: Hotel Margherita

Hotel Margherita viewed from its grounds at dawn The speed boat bound for Kami-Goto island leaves the port of Nagasaki The 'Big Earth', the speed boat bound for Kami-Goto Island It takes about 100 min. to arrive at the port of Taino-Ura from the port of Nagasaki In the lobby of Hotel Margherita. It has […]

Nagasaki International Hotel

The free shuttle bus that makes stops at Nagasaki Airport 8 minutes away, or Omura Station 5 minutes away. The Southern European style resort hotel reaching toward the sky. The peaceful atmosphere of the front entrance. The interior of the lobby. The interior of the lobby. A single room, which is spacious at 25 square […]

Ojika Island Homestay Program

A smile of Ojika people is worth a thousand words. Traveling to Ojika Island is like traveling back in time to good old Japan. People exude warmth and kindness, greeting each other on the streets, faces up from their phone screens. Islanders don’t hold back once they spot a traveler, who gets showered with attention […]

Ojika Island’s "Kominka Stay"

There are 6 different ‘kominka’ to choose from with each having its own unique features The “Kominka Project” took place 10 years ago. This was organized by a well-known ‘Japanologist’, Alex Kerr, who helped local authorities realize the cultural and historical value that these island’s ‘kominka’ have Mr Kerr suggested removing some of the walls, […]

Watermark Hotel Nagasaki

Front view of the Watermark Hotel at night Waterfront entrance at night The luxurious lobby Resting area in the elegant lobby A standard guestroom The seating area with an elegant wooden desk Front view of the Watermark Hotel at night The Watermark Hotel Nagasaki is situated on the grounds of Huis Ten Bosch, a theme […]

The Influence of Chinese Culture

Lighted figures for the festival in Nagasaki are similar to Chinese ones A fragment of the decoration Chinese architecture differs from Japanese in shape Colors and decor of Chinese buildings are different Chinese ‘Fu’ dogs are similar to japanese ‘Komainu’ Chinatown in Yokohama Japan has a unique culture, however it’s impossible to deny the influence […]

Ofuna Kannon Temple in Kamakura

The striking face of Ōfuna Kannon Outside Jikodo Hall The magical thousand Buddha carvings Inside the Kannon museum Ume being dried out in the sun Red shiso being dried in the sun to make the marinade for umeboshi The Giant White Kannon Statue Ofuna Kannon sits a 5-minute walk to the west of Ofuna Station […]

Dejima Island’s Legacy

The Dutch dined well on Dejima Island. Dutch-style house on Dejima Located by the ocean, Nagasaki is perfect for trading like the Dutch did. The Dutch dined well on Dejima Island. Dejima, once a small man-made island off the shores of Nagasaki, is now enclosed within modern Nagasaki City's hustle and bustle. Dejima was Japan's […]

Dejima in Nagasaki

One of the many spacious Japanese-styled rooms laced with European touches. Another room in the Chief Factor’s residence building. An interesting, if only practical, blend of Japanese and European. A Christmas banquet laid out in the Chief Factor’s residence A display of billiards, introduced into Japan via the Dutch in 1794 Once the Former Stone […]

Dejima, Nagasaki

The Captain’s Quarters The nice scenery of Dejima The scenery of Dejima A mini-scaled version of Dejima A part of the old Dejima bridge A European plate Beautiful hydrangeas During the Sakoku Period (1639-1854) of Japan's isolation from the world, the country kept open a single official trading post with the Netherlands in Europe. This […]


A scale model of Dejima A close up look at model Dejima’s streets A building in the older section of Dejima A view of Dejima’s sole street Dejima’s old Protestant seminary The Nagasaki International Club on Dejima A scale model of Dejima For over two centuries of Tokugawa rule, Japan was essentially cut off from […]

Dutch Slope

A view from the top The beginning signpost From the entrance to Higashi Yamate 12 Strangely enough, I had never entertained the idea of visiting Nagasaki's famous Dutch Slope. I'm not really sure why but Oranda Zaka, as the slope is known in Japanese, never had my attention. But given a bit of free time […]

Fireworks Display at Huis Ten Bosch

People looking at a couple of four-color shells exploding in the air Palm burst effect 1 Fireworks and laser light show work well together. Laser light show Palm burst effect 2 Red huge chrysanthemums A golden crossette A tiny yellow chrysanthemum between three red big ones Two impressive yellow palms; they have a thick white […]

Fukusai-ji Temple

The turtle that represents the Buddha The Goddess of Kannon towering over the area Inside the temple. Notice the pendulum string hanging from the hole in the roof. Remants from the old temple The Foucault Pendulum Old uniforms and artillery shells Hidden behind high rise buildings and 9 minutes walk from Nagasaki Station is one […]

Glover Garden in Nagasaki

Possibly the first Western-style houses in Japan were built in Nagasaki The building by the entrance is the former Mitsubishi second dock house In front of Alt House there is a spacious terrace that invites to a rest Would you like a bar in your house? View over Nagasaki habor from one of the houses […]

Glover Garden, Nagasaki

Some of the garden’s beautiful flowers The old Mitsubishi Second Dock House A scale-model of the ship, Esmeralda Glover Garden entrance signage The scenery of Nagasaki Port A monument to the appearance of western food The scenery of the old Glover residence Some more of the old Glover residence scenery Within the Nagasaki City's Glover […]

Gunkanjima, or Battleship Island

Silhouette of Gunkanjima—it really does look like a battleship. View of the island and its sea wall A fishing boat in front of Gunkanjima Bye bye Gunkanjima The impressive Megami Ohashi Bridge we passed on our way to the island JR Nagasaki station, the starting point of all my adventures in Nagasaki During my stay […]


View near the pier Hashima Island from cruise boat Digital Museum Video Presentation of life on the island Entrance to Gunkanjima Museum Apartment on island seen from our boat On a recent trip to Nagasaki we booked a tour to Hashima Island. Prior to the cruise the tour included a 50% off visit to Gunkanjima […]

Hirado Castle

Hirado Castle on the hill above the port of Hirado The keep of Hirado castle A view of Hirado port from the castle keep Numerous Japanese castles can lay claim to a great view from their towers. Not all castles, however, can claim to have looked down on the making of history. The current keep […]

Hollander Slope in Nagasaki

Western-style houses in Higashiyamate district of Nagasaki City There are still seven Western-style houses on Hollander Slope in Nagasaki Higashiyamate was one of Nagasaki’s former foreign settlements All houses on Hollander Slope are well-maintained and they are now used as exhibition space Close-up view of Western-style house at Nagasaki’s Hollander Slope Two story Western-style houses […]

Kamigoto 2: Aosagaura Church

Front view of Aosagaura Church Inside Aosagaura Church, seen from the entrance Entrance to Aosagaura Church Sign explaining the history of Aosagaura Church Interior of Aosagaura Church Inside Aosagaura Church, viewed from the alter Aosagaura Church Bell Aosagaura Church is one of 29 churches on Kamigoto Islands. It was originally built in 1878, and was […]

Kamigoto 3: Kashiragashima Church

Kashiragashima Church The alter of Kashiragashima Church Interior of Kashiragashima Church Sign explaining the history of Kashiragashima Church Paintings on the wall of Kashiragashima Church-1 Paintings on the wall of Kashiragashima Church-2 Paintings on the wall of Kashiragashima Church-3 Inscription explaining how 'Hidden Christians' who escaped from the government's oppression to Goto Islands were found, […]

Kamigoto 4: Ryoma Memorial Park

Close-up of Ryoma's statue The statue of Sakamoto Ryoma I love! He joins his hands together in prayer for the lost friends he worked with at Kameyama-Shachu, the first company in Japan he founded in 1865 Stone monument in Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Park The statue of Sakamoto Ryoma is on the hilltop overlooking the sea […]

Kamigoto 1: Ebukuro Church

The statue of Jesus on the Ebukuro Church grounds The alter viewed from the entrance of Ebukuro Church The sign explaining the history of Ebukuro Church Alter close-up The sign says Ebukuro Church is a designated cultural property of Nagasaki prefecture Stained-glass windows of Ekukuro Church Another alter on the left, inside the church In […]

Kengo Kuma Exhibition – Nagasaki

Venue: Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum When: Jan 22nd – Mar 28th 2021, 10:00am – 6:00pm Kengo Kuma is a renowned Japanese architect who has a broad portfolio of impressive designs, including the likes of Tokyo's Nezu Museum, Sunny Hills Aoyama, and the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center to name just a few. A special exhibition […]

The Kujuku Islands of Nagasaki

Kujuku Islands scenery Another great view of the Kujuku Islands The Kujuku Islands scenery Yokoshima Island A view of the Kujuku Islands The Kujuku Islands offer incredible views The stunning scenery of the Kujuku Islands The great view of the Kujuku Islands The Kujuku Islands (99 Islands), located in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, is a […]

Toronagashi in Sasebo

Lanterns float down the river in Sasebo to mark the end of Obon Lanterns along the riverbank Lanterns are said to ferry the souls of the dead back to the afterlife once Obon is over A solitary lantern on the river Lanterns are passed hand over hand to be put into the river Lanterns are […]

Matsumori Tenmangu Shrine

A charming little bridge Steps at the entrance of the shrine compound Under the eaves you’ll notice some incredible woodworking A sacred camphor tree Detailed scene of bow and arrow crafting Temizuya water ablution basin I love this place. I really do. I accidentally came across it on the way to Suwa Shrine. A road […]

Megane-bashi Bridge

Full of charm, Megane-bashi View from the lower walkway A view from the other side Surely one of the quirkiest and downright most delightful of surprises that Nagasaki offers up is the famous Megane-bashi, or Spectacle Bridge. One of numerous bridges spanning the Nakashima river running through Nagasaki, Megane-bashi is a character-filled architectural anomaly. The […]

Megane-bashi, Nagasaki

It’s true, I can finally see a pair of spectacles. Megane-bashi from the left side of the river Megane-bashi from the right side of the river Crossing Nakashima River nearby Megane-bashi Japanese koi carps in Nakashima River close to Megane-bashi Megane-bashi illuminated in green Megane-bashi or “Spectacles Bridge”, over the Nakashima River, was built in […]

Minami-Shimabara, Nagasaki

The sign marking the remains of Hara Castle Arima Christian Heritage Museum The Vistor Center of Hara Castle A VR tablet available at Honmaru The leader of the rebellion, Amakusa Shiro A free electric bike for rent If you are interested in the Christian history of Japan, then you should probably visit Nagasaki. In Minami-Shimabara […]

Moomin Comic Strips Exhibition: Nagasaki

Jan 21st Mar 27th The event banner Venue: Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum When: Jan 21st – Mar 27th 2022, 10:00am – 6:00pm The Moomins are characters in a cartoon series developed by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson, and their popularity has continued to grow in recent years across Japan. The Moomin Comic Strips Exhibition makes its […]

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum modern dome Museum main entrance We can clearly appreciate the modern design of the museum. Outdoor terrace at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum A resting place for visitors Museum tearoom where an assortment of drinks and snacks are available The tearoom seen from another perspective We can also see the tearoom […]

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