An Adventure to Udo’s Cave Shrine

Byakushi Pond

Explore Miyazaki City

Heiwa-dai Park

haniwa Have a snack (ice cream, organic coffee, more) Peace monument A carpet of green Nature all around Emerald forest haniwa (Photo: Yuko T) Although nature is everywhere around Miyazaki city, you can even find it within the city limits. Heiwadai is a park located on a hill in the northern part of Miyazaki-shi In […]

Night Dances at Takachiho Shrine

The try to force the boulder open. The stage is set. A beautiful goddess dances. The try to force the boulder open. It’s a fresh, clean coldness as you approach. Step beneath the towering gate; you see a light, and people. Climb the stairs, enter the shrine proper between the night gaze of its guardian […]

Super Crafts of the Reiwa Era

Venue: Miyazaki Art Center When: Mar 20th – May 9th 2021, 10:00am – 6:00pm There's no doubting that Japan has a wealth of long-standing artistic traditions that have stood the test of time. They're often seen as an integral part of the country's culture, and are revered not just on a domestic level but internationally. […]

Trip to Takachiho

Takachiho Gorge Above the clouds Above the clouds Takachiho Gorge Takachiho Gorge View from the campsite mountain Takachiho Gorge It's an old saying, but you know they say sometimes travel is not about the destination but the journey? My Takachiho experience was a bit like that. Takachiho is in the middle of Kyushu and, as […]

Takachiho Yokagura

The first dance, the Dance of Tajikarao Dancers perform on a dimly lit stage, wearing beautiful masks The second dance, the Dance of Uzume All performers here are male Movements are simple and ritualistic; it’s all about the masks and the atmosphere Third dance, the Dance of Removing the Door Although it’s the same character […]

The Miyazaki Shrine Forest – Part 1

Main entrance of the Miyazaki Shrine The second gateway of the Miyazaki Shrine The entrance for the main building of the shrine A place for prayers At the center “Miyazaki Shrine” and at the right “Emperor Jimmu” A view towards the entrance The Miyazaki Shrine is the most important shrine of Miyazaki Prefecture and it […]

Traditional Japan with a Tropical Touch

The red torii on the beach leading to the shrine The shrine is well looked after Inside Aoshima Shrine Walking towards Aoshima Island felt a little surreal. On the day I visited, the sky was bright blue, the sun shining, and in the distance, I could see the familiar shape of the island's traditional Japanese […]

Udo Jingu: a Rather Unusual Shrine

The shrine is a fifteen minute walk from the carpark. Along the way, there are some lovely views of the coastline. Many couples and newlyweds visit Udo Shrine as it is believed to bring good fortune and successful childbirth for women. The shrine overlooks some dramatic rocks, constantly buffetted by the waves. Make your way […]

Discovering Obi Castle in Miyazaki

The Obi Castle Ruins sit at the northern edge of the quaint, rural town of Obi in Nichinan, Miyazaki. A designated important historical site, Obi Town is an idyllic setting dominated by traditional streets lined with traditional shops, former samurai residences, quaint roadside Carp-laden streams and the former castle grounds themselves. Often described as the […]

Takamatsu to Kobe Ferry

Waiting for the ferry Sail past olive groves and fishing villages from Kobe to the Naoshima Islands and Takamatsu. Sunrise over Kobe as the overnight ferry arrives from Takamatsu Morning skies over Kobe Jumbo Ferry has lie flat seating over several levels for the Takamatsu to Kobe service. This ferry is an important part of […]

Aoshima’s Hidden Japanese Garden

The beautiful waterfalls in their morning glow This garden offers the perfect time to reflect The fall leaves surround the quaint bridge The beautiful waterfalls in their morning glow If you ask Miyazaki tour operators which attractions are the most famous in this southeastern Kyushu prefecture, you can guarantee that Aoshima will be one of […]

Hiking in Beautiful Kaeda Valley

The cobalt blue water that greets you near the entrance  One of the many waterfalls The giant rocks are an  attraction themselves Miyazaki, in the southeast of Kyushu, is a lush, fertile place that gets one of the highest amounts of rainfall per year in Japan. If you’re a person who loves the coast like […]

Kodomo no Kuni and Aoshima

Pathway to Aoshima Making a wish (Aoshima Shrine) Aoshima Shrine history, nature, festival Aoshima Shrine gate (Torii) Aoshima rock formations (devil’s washboard) How the rocks came to be formed Pathway to Aoshima (Photo: Paul Kawano Arenson) Just 30 minutes from the center of Miyazaki, you will find the Aoshima resort area, where you can get […]

Live Like a Modern Samurai

Ohya’s grand hardwood floors and sunken hearth Flush with the street, the home was originally a gate-house The sofa and lounge area faces the large garden windows The fine woodwork and fabric of the beds The Japanese room has beautiful dark tatami mats There’s a compact, but full, kitchen here Ohya’s grand hardwood floors and […]

Nishimera Village

Never boaring at this restuarant! Cottages and bungalows can be rented Crystal clear water, good fishing You can even buy onsen water to take home with you from a roadside vending machine, and there is a sign telling you what minerals are inside Sign showing local inns and their capacity, with phone numbers More hotels […]

Staying in a Luxurious Samurai Home

The Zen garden and home of the Katsume estate The tatami room looks through the engawa to the garden The engawa has lounge chairs facing a wall of windows bringing in the colors of the 300-year-old garden Sit on zabuton in the tatami room Looking into the dining room from the kitchen Katsume has a […]