Kawai Tei: Traditional Fast Food

Kent: Cookies with a Japanese Twist

Kourakuen Ramen


An eat-in exclusive pizza, with 10 seasonal vegetables, capers and rich egg yolk Sfogliatella, a delicious, warm dessert made of layers of flaky pastry with a lemon filling. From the seating area, you can see the pizza oven in the kitchen Kumquat tart with camomile ice-cream A white sauce-based pizza with chives, shiitake mushrooms and […]

Marine Gate Shiogama and the Views of Matsushima

Marine Gate Shiogama facade Marine Gate Shiogama from the rear Souvenir shop Small cruise boats Cruise boat to Matsushima Watching the ships is fascinating There are two ways of accessing the beauty of the Matsushima Islands in Miyagi Prefecture. The first is by taking a cruise boat from Matsushima-Kaigan Station to Shiogama, and the second […]

Marine Gate Shiogama

A view from the observation deck is reason enough to visit the Marine Gate complex. The design of the complex is unique. While there are inside elevators from the the first to third floors (not to the observation deck however), stairs and decks are located on the outside.  The main entrance to the shopping zone.  […]

Matsushima Fish Market

Kaisendon (raw seafood rice bowl) Matsushima Fish Market Second floor eatery- self service Matsushima is famous for its seafood, especially oysters, anago (salt-water eels) and nori seaweed. Being on the Miyagi coast it also has access to excellent Sanriku seafood. Unlike the huge Shiogama Wholesale Seafood Market, Matsushima Fish Market (松島さかな市場) is not a working […]

Matsushima Kaigan Station

Shops near Matsushima Kaigan Station Kokeshi shop Kokeshi painted by famous people on display The master at work Zuiganji Zuigangi inner yard Right by the exit from Matsushima Kaigan Station in Miyagi Prefecture you’ll find a lively area of shops and interesting places to eat. If you like crab, then try kamaboko – a kind […]

Naohide Kokeshi in Matsushima

Some of the finished kokeshi dolls.  The master's workshop. The shop is your one stop shop for these traditional wooden dolls.  Some Japanese celebrities have also stopped here. You can see their autographs or pictures in a corner of the store.  These dolls are met to resemble Matsu Basho, the famous haiku poet that once […]

Matsushima Retro Museum

A toy corner contains items that still entertain children decades after being made.  A collection of tradable sumo menko cards.  A functioning pinball pachinko game that you are able to play. Some of the many movie posters that line the walls of the museum. More vintage toys.  Baseball and other sports memorabilia will excite sports fans.  Matsushima […]

Miyanobori Chanko Nabe Restaurant

Tons of sumo pics and info decorate the interior Smaller personal size nabe dish set meals can be purchased at a reasonable price Fresh crab salad next to one of the restaurant specially designed bowls Great atmosphere with sumo pictures and tatami mat seating Various kinds of nabe dishes available Fugu tempura was a first […]

Mizusawa Ramen

The walls are lined with manga and the counter surrounds the kitchen. The chuukan ramen with egg, bowl full to the brim. The sign is fairly unassuming, but the glass is covered in stickers. The walls are lined with manga and the counter surrounds the kitchen. Noodles are a wonderful food that can be enjoyed […]

Mondo Bongo, Sendai

Lively atmosphere fills the whole room, at the few tables along the wall … … as well as at the counter Fantastic looking food—and it tastes so good too! The master, Shū-san Musicians in action Every single centimeter of the room is made use of; that gives it its cozy and kind of private atmosphere […]

Monsieur Masuno Arpajon

Persimmon panier – a slice of cream-filled roll cake, topped with creamy custard, persimmon and raspberry sauce Arpajon's adorable sign overlooks a great photo opportunity. Have you decided what you want for Christmas? Green tea tiramisu – in a ceramic dish you can keep to re-use Aoba Castle Stone, a chocolate-y treat with layers of […]

Monzenmachi in Miyagi

Magical tea shop Tasting at Urakasumi Brewery Historical miso maker and nearby tea shop The term monzenmachi literally means “gate-front-town,” referring to settlements that sprung up around important shrines or temples. The Monzenmachi area of Shiogama sits at the foot of Shiogama Jinja Shrine and Shiwahiko Jinja Shrine, and still retains many reminders of its […]

Mori no Ichiba Market in Sendai

29 shops are open from 9:00 to 19:00 every day Scallops from Ishinomaki Oysters from Kitsunezaki, a fishing village in Ojika Peninsula Hoya, delicacy from our sea A fresh oyster plate is ready for you! Pour a little soy sauce on the scallops for flavor 29 shops are open from 9:00 to 19:00 every day Mori […]

Ochiai: Suburb or Ramen Oasis?

Your ramen adventure begins upon arrival at Ochiai-Rikuzen Station.  The mountains are much closer on this part of town.  The local fire station.  Ochiai is a fairly small, but growing, area of Sendai. It's about 20 minutes away from Sendai by train, heading towards the mountains of Yamagata – it doesn't really feel like part of […]

Oden Restaurant Sankichi

Next to the mini octopus is a fish cake with "Ganbaro Tohoku" written on it to encourage citizens to keep fighting for a better life since the tsunami and earthquake that hit in 2011.  The entrance to the most famous oden in Sendai. The open kitchen behind the counter. And there on the left is […]

Odorii Chicken Bento

The chicken nanban bento – karaage chicken covered in sweet vinegar and tartare sauce. The bento options are shown in photos outside the shop. Inside the shop is very small, with just two stools. They claim to be able to make most bento within a minute, so you shouldn't be waiting long. The chicken nanban […]

Ohisamaya in Sendai

Special plate Organic veg for sale Shop front More organic veg for sale Shop window Special plate served with soup and rice Special plate Only minutes from Sendai Station, on a street lined with 30 story office buildings and apartment complexes, sits Ohisamaya. This macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant and shop offers farm fresh organic offerings, giving […]

Ohisamaya Vegetarian Cafe

A vegetarian katsu that dreams are made of. Fresh bread, strawberry jam, salad and soup! It's a very simple cafe, but with a nice atmosphere. A vegetarian katsu that dreams are made of. Japan is renowned for its food: the weird, the wonderful, and the expensive. High-quality fruit, sometimes in novel shapes, has even been […]

Oil Shock Izakaya, Sendai

The entrance to the store is easily seen from Jozenji Avenue The beef stew is full of flavor and melts in your mouth The English menu is easy to understand. Almost all menu items are less than 600 yen. More items on the reverse side Double dipping food into the communal sauce is taken is […]

Ojou Japanese Home Cooking

Order a rice-based meal and you get soup, pickles and a small vegetable side.   From the street, this is what you'll see – the entrance is around the back. There are two entrances and two rooms – only the right-hand one seems to be in use in the evening Order a rice-based meal and […]

Oretachi no Sushi Dining: Senpachi

The shop is small, but can still fit in quite a few customers at lunchtime. The all-you-can-eat is a range of fish and salads, and a choice of rice or sushi rice (which is vinegared). Other customers were creating works of art with it, but I could only manage this! The restaurant isn't obvious, but […]

Oretachi no Tabehoudai Shabusen

Fill your bubbling brew with all kinds of meats and veggies The entrance to the restaurant Help yourself at the buffet counter. Tell the chef which meat you would like and he will prepare you a plate Sake bottles used as decoration  There are two ends of the restaurant. This one is a large tatami […]

Orikyuu Ramen

The red miso is the most famous ramen here; this is its non-spicy white counterpart The restaurant is rather small, but bright and welcoming Salt-based, soy milk ramen – a more unusual addition to the menu The red miso is the most famous ramen here; this is its non-spicy white counterpart If you go to […]

Oshu Fish Market Izakaya Robata

Yes, it did taste as good as it looks. Portions here are large, so you could easily split an entree with another person. But why would you want to share such tasty food? The restaurant serves grilled seafood as well as some meat ka-bobs. Itadakimasu (let’s eat!). Chefs take pride using fresh ingredients and working […]

Pagu Pagu, Sendai

The master at work Entrance Pug, the Pagu Pagu logo Counter One of the two tables in the back Food at the counter The other table in the back Table close to the bar The master at work Counter When I first came here I immediately felt comfortable. Pagu actually means pug (see logo). For […]

Polly Put the Kettle On

There's no doubt that it's a British cafe Ham and cheese sandwiches, with apple cider Beef bagel Inside, it's more understated You'd be hard-pressed to miss the building! An Easter treat There's no doubt that it's a British cafe I love visiting independent cafes in Sendai. There are so many to choose from, all with […]

Real Pizza at Kitchen Jagaimo

Owner and restaurant Inside the restaurant Pasta is also popular Have you ever been in Japan a long time and miss something that feels like home? Or maybe you remember going to your grandmother's house and having a dish especially made for you. This place gives you that kind of atmosphere. Mieko Obara is wonderful […]

S-PAL Mall

You will be spoiled for choice in S-PAL Mall Inside the glossy interior of S-PAL Mall Inside the famous Kanto store, Tokyu Hands At Tokyu Hands you can find special miso and other regional delicacies The wonderful treats at Maison de Gateau Tanabata Delicious, vegetable based cakes at Maison de Gateau Tanabata Attention all shopaholics: […]

Curry Shop Sakaiya, Sendai

A nice view of the pedestrian mall from the window seats Bacon and chicken curry is the best Go up these stairs in the alleyway to reach the curry shop. It is easy to see with all the posted pictures While things like sushi, tempura, and even ramen may be seen as the more commonly […]

Sampling Croquette at Asaichi

A korokke travels in City of Trees The Asaichi Market is very close to JR Sendai Station. It is located near E-beans. The show case of korokke's shop A fruit shop in the Asaichi Market A edamame korokke A squash korokke What is one of the favorite dishes among all generations of Japanese, which originally […]

Sapporo Beer En in Natori

The interior is supposed to look like an European style restaurant. The sign to Sendai Beer En! The whole building is done in a way that is reminiscent of Europe. The entrance to the Beer En with festive Sendai Tanabata decorations! The cheaper lunch options are advertised here! You can save quite a bit if you're […]

The Sendai Anpanman Children’s Museum and Mall

The entrance The Children’s Hair Salon You’ll find Anpanman everywhere! Plenty of goodies at the toy shop Adorable! Inner square Colorful balloons Anpanman themed toys Kids can play with toys in the shop Soft toys Anpanman – literally a bread bun! Uncle Jam’s Bakery Tasty bakery goods When you watch TV in Japan, you're almost […]

Sendai Area Pass

The Sendai Area Pass is useful if you are taking the public transport to visit Sendai‘s attractions. The pass may be used on the Loople Sendai, a loop bus that stops along tourists attractions. You can purchase the pass at the JR East Travel Service Center on the JR Sendai Station’s second floor. If you […]

Sendai Asakusa at Night

Some restaurants, like this Korean restaurant, use mass signage to draw in customers. A local parks his bike in front of his favorite bar. The ride here was easy, but he will be walking his bike home because of the zero tolerance on alcohol law when operating a vehicle in Japan. This izakaya looks like […]

Sendai Coffee Stand

Drip coffee poured by friendly and knowledgeable staff Today’s bean selection The store is also known for their homemade scones Menu is written in English on the front door A coffee grinder occupies the corner next to the entrance The Coffee Stand bike parked in front of the store I first learned about the Sendai […]

Sendai hand-roasted Senbei Crackers

The storefront viewed from the narrow street A corner of the store is full of goodies for sale The inside display counter In any big city, no matter how long you have lived there, every once in awhile you'll come across something new. That experience happened to me recently when I discovered Sendai Kouren Honpo. […]

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