It’s All about Tofu at Tousuiro

Iyemon Cafe Karasuma Sanjo

Iyemon Salon Cafe Karasuma Sanjo

Izakaya Shiko: Kyoto Karasuma Oike

Owner couple thanking us and seeing us off at the entrance. Japanese hospitality found in Kyoto! Entrance of Izakaya 'Shiko' in Karasuma Oike, the secret place! 'Shiko' means something like purple water spreading wide and deep…beautiful name Menu board in front of the entrance. According to it, lunch time is 11:30 – 14:00 (12:00 – […]

Japan Rail Tokai Flex Pass

Take the frequent and silky smooth service between Tokyo and Osaka, via Shin Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto The bullet train’s nose is hand polished for maximum speed and a smooth ride through the many tunnels between Tokyo and Osaka Mount Fuji may be Japan’s tallest mountain, but a few blinks and you could miss Japan’s […]

Jiki Miyazawa: Tea and Kaiseki

The utensils radiate beauty Counter seating inside the tea room Jiki Miyazawa's famous cuisine: baked sesame tofu The utensils radiate beauty (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Sado or cha-no-yu are words that mean tea ceremony. The practice originated from the Heian period (794-1185) when it was came from China as herbal medicine. The tea looked like modern day […]

Kamogawa Café

The cafe has enough room space for a few tables and an events area The window pane gives off a natural lighting into the cafe Staircase of the cafe Record album collection Posters about music and Kyoto‘s art scene are posted on the wall Piles of music, and book collections on shelves Over the last […]

Katsukura in the Temple District

The entrance is hidden in a walkway however it is signposted on the shopping walkway Super fine crumbed Prawn Tempura and Tofu Croquette Gracious Interior in this hidden restaurant in Teramachi in downtown Kyoto Lunch in a space that feels like an art gallery Look for the Japanese sign outside in the walkway as the […]

Keburikawa Hot Springs Restaurant

Soba with soy dipping sauce and shredded ginger Cold tomato soup with onion and capicsum are natures harvest from own farm Black Edamame Bean Ice cream with unique texture Soba with soy dipping sauce and shredded ginger In recent years the farm to table or paddock to plate movement has taken root in many countries, […]

Kitchen Kanra at Gojo Kyoto

The Kitchen Kanra is ever so chic and whispers elegance to the genteel crowd in Gojo Kyoto Kitchen Kanra in Gojo Kyoto Beautiful courtyard garden at Kitchen Kanra after seeing hyper reality pictures at imura gallery it is hard to believe the glistening water drops on the salad is more than just a work of […]

Kiyamachi Shijo Ryoriya Otaya

Private Room with a view of the canal during the day Cross the narrow bridge to get to Otaya Restaurant with wood decor and view of the Takasegawa canal in Kiyomachi south of Shijo Kyoto Otaya Restaurant Entrance by day on the side street with wood decor and view of the Takasegawa canal in Kiyomachi […]

Kumbaya at Kokoraya

This restaurant is like your grandmas country kitchen The restaurant is set in an old townhouse (machiya) the restaurant waiting area.. not that you will need to wait too long upstairs tatami room All this for 980 yen Saba or Mackeral with japanese vegetables This restaurant is like your grandmas country kitchen Have you wondered […]

Kokusei Satei Cafe

Blueberry and Cream Cheese or Coconut and Mango?  Satie Souffle Cafe and Tea House near the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Take a break at this cafe after a day's sightseeing. Blueberry and Cream Cheese or Coconut and Mango? It can be tricky making your own soufflé. First you have to make custard from scratch, […]

Kyoto Arashiyama’s Kohaku-do

Sign of the Kohaku-do restaurant Its interior is elegant Grilled whitefish Hors d’oeuvre, soup, bread and beverage Hamburg steak Persimmon desert Second floor and a gorgeous chandelier Very crowded during lunchtime Kohaku-do from the street Kohaku-do is a casual French restaurant in Kyoto, Arashiyama. It is situated just a few minutes from Tenryu-ji Temple. And […]

Kyoto by Subway

The Kyoto subway can be less crowded than the buses from Kyoto station to places like Nijo and Gion Ticket Machine has an English Button to toggle between English and Japanese Morning light in Kyoto Whether you are on JR or the Subway, there is a help button for most ticket machines. Press the button […]

Kyoto’s Dorama Vintage Boutique

Highly wearable shirts and accessories at Dorama Vintage Boutique near the Kyoto City Hall Various brand products at Dorama Vintage Boutique in Kyoto Dorama Vintage Boutique in Kyoto is full of one of a kind designs Store entrance to Dorama Vintage Boutique in Kyoto Building entrance of Dorama Vintage Boutique near Kyoto City Hall Please […]

Kyoto Gion: Western Cuisine MIKAKU

MIKAKU, seen from a sidewalk of Shirakawa Street. This view induced me to go there! Lit-up sidewalk of Shirakawa street. Nice atmosphere, isn't it? I walked around the corner and found the place. Here it is! Menu displayed at the restaurant. Well, it's affordable…right? Menu of the restaurant MIKAKU. I ordered Fried shrimp but five […]

Kozai Yuzen-en and Kimono Design Gallery

kimono painting kimono yuzen artisan at work Visit by Imperial Family Workshop screen painting My dragonfly screen print in the making Large dining room in museum kimono painting Would you like to own a tailor made kimono with your own personalized design? Of enjoy the fun of making your own kimono print in a 30 […]

Kyoto Knife Market Aritsugu

Inside the famous Japanese knife shop Aritsugu Keep a lookout for this sign marking the store entrance With sashimi, pointed carvers, and all-purpose knives, you are sure to find a favorite with so much diversity Inside the famous Japanese knife shop Aritsugu (Photo: Shozo Fujii) A chef is inseparable from his or her knife. In […]

Uchida’s Pickles Shop at Nishiki

It is easy to carry the subdivided vacuum pack, so you have only one flavorful package. Uchidas Kyoto style pickle shop: The display in wooden barrels inspires you to buy something. The varieties are separated one by one and there is a sample of each one. It is easy to carry the subdivided vacuum pack, […]

Kyoto Oikedori Suishin Restaurant

Delightful Appetisers Suishin is located on Basement 1 level Tofu and Green Salad with Japanese soy and ponzu dressing Delightful skewers More skewers Kettle of conger eel Delightful Appetisers (Photo: Tatsuo Yamashita) It is Friday night after a long week. So where do the worker bees of Japan Inc. go to eat and relax after […]

Kyoto Pontocho Mimasuya Restaurant

Outdoor Terrace at Mimasuya Restaurant at Pontocho by the Kamogawa The friendly staff are a whirl of activity at Mimasuya Chefs at work in the open kitchen at Mimasuya Restaurant at Pontocho by the Kamogawa Mimasuya Restaurant at Pontocho by the Kamogawa Waygu Beef Fillets with Japanese Vegetables like renkon lotus root at Mimasuya Restaurant […]

Kyoto Ramen Koji

Grilled pork ramen Local and foreign customers all enjoying some hot ramen at Kyoto Ramen Koji on the 10th Floor above Kyoto Station Every restaurant has its own local design You can order ramen by buying a ticket frrom the vending machine of Kyoto Ramen Koji on the 10th Floor above Kyoto Station Main entrance […]

Kyoto’s Grand Nishiki Market

Tsukemono pickles, a Kyoto specialty Fresh ground sesame seeds, Gomafukudo Inside Nishiki Market Yamadashiya tea shop Roasted chestnuts, Kyotanba Massive daikon radish is a much-loved vegetable but “daikon-ashi” (legs of a daikon) is a terrible insult to women! Want an eye-popping and mouth-watering Japanese food experience? I recommend braving Kyoto's 400 year old Nishiki Market […]

Kyoto’s Izakaya for Baseball Fans

You have the option of standing and eating, but there are also chairs available. The Japanese bar is located on Bukkoji Dori. This is the interior of the bar. You can get a draft beer, edamame, raw cabbage, meat on a stick and fried meat on a stick for only a thousand yen in the […]

Kyoto’s Jiki Miyazawa

Purchase a course for 5000 yen or more and you'll receive matcha tea. The tea preparation is quintessentially Kyoto (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Across the counter you'll see the food being prepared (Photo: Shozo Fujii) The small restaurant of just counter seats is beautiful in its simplicity (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Order sake and then select your […]

Kyoto Sake Tasting at Aburacho

Exterior of Aburacho The inside of the store is identical to a sake shop, and sake is of course sold In the back of the store is a counter for sake testing. Not only sake, but genuine Kyoto style appetizers such as pickled vegetables and boiled tofu are served Exterior of Aburacho (Photo: Shozo Fujii) […]

Kyoto Shishin Samurai Cafe and Bar

Come face to face with Noh and imbibe the sake of the samurai at Shishin Machiya in the backstreets of Karasuma Oike Shiga Beef at Shishin Samurai Cafe and Bar Chic yet calming interior of the Shishin Cafe Shishin Samurai Cafe and Bar I can imagine chatting here with Ryoma if I was here a […]

Japanese Green Tea Tasting

Green tea in all its forms, from sweet matcha ice cream, to the complex transformation in a tea ceremony From Uji to Shigaraki the countryside around Kyoto is filled with tea shops that are off the beaten track Wazuka Tea Farm in the hills behind Uji in Kyoto Prefecture “Would you like to try some […]

Kyoto Traditional Furniture Museum

Craftsman at work Staining Tansu tools souvenir items materials used in finishing tansu furniture stencils Craftsman at work My wedding present to my wife was an antique tansu kimono chest. Being the center piece in the living room, it was a beautiful cherry brown stained five drawer affair with Meiji period motifs on the hinges […]

Kyoto Trattoria Minoura

Entrance of Trattoria Minoura Pasta with mushroom, shrimp in cream sauce Cool arrangement of the lights Take a look! Their chopsticks are very delicate (right) Pasta with mustard herb, ham, large slices of Parmesan cheese, in tomato sauce Red wine, blood orange juice, and water Simple interiors Trattoria Minoura is a small restaurant near Kodai-ji […]

Kyoto Uzuki Cookery Class

Emi's matcha tea is equally as exquisite The concepts of emptiness and the earthy feel of the pottery gives us a sense of connectness with mother nature Emi's cooking class and Pottery Uzuki is tucked away in the hills outside Kyoto Uzuki Pottery and Cooking Class in North Kyoto Uzuki Pottery and Cooking Class in […]

Zest Underground Mall

Imported and local coffee store Cafe Shop for daily homewares Futaba Bookstore is a Kyoto institution, specialising in Kyoto and Japanese guide books, magazines, novels as well as games and educational toys for children of all ages. Massage centre One of the entrances The words Kyoto and shopping are synonymous with the handicraft stores in […]

Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

Traditional Indigo sea wave patterns in a modern light Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts is located at the lower ground floor. Visitors have to enter the Miyako Messe building first to access it The red sculpture whose design is inspired by the shrine torii gates nearby Traditional Indigo sea wave patterns in a modern light Many […]

Stranded in London Books, Kyoto

A blackboard signage of London Books in front of the building welcomes you warmly to visit the bookstore The green door welcomes all the bookworms who seek for hidden treasures Even though the size of the building is pretty small, but it's packed with so many titles in every shelf Here you can spend your […]

Maeda Coffee, Kyoto Arts Center

My tasty curry, nearly too big to fit in the frame The entrance to the Arts Center from the street The entrance inside the building Little cakes for dessert or an afternoon snack Inside the cafe There's a rack of sweets and other goodies for sale My tasty curry, nearly too big to fit in the […]

Maiko Antiques

An Aladdin’s cave of treasures The sheer volume alone is impressive enough I told you some of it was creepy My friend and I browsed for hours Vintage toys seemed the most common fare Goldfish both real and fake Maiko Antiques in Kyoto was an entirely accidental find by me and my friend as we […]

Maizuru Toretore Seafood Markets

Freshest bounty from the ocean Fresh crab from Hokkaido delivered to your convenience in Kyoto The Maizuru Port 'Tore Tore” Seafood and Fish Markets are just a short drive or bus ride from Nishi Maizuru Railway Station with good connections with the Maizuru and Kyoto Station making this a good day trip destination. The Maizuru […]

Mameda Restaurant Kyoto

The entrance to Mameda restaurant near Heian Shrine Traditional favorites at Mameda Restaurant White tofu is a signature dish at this restaurant. The entrance to Mameda restaurant near Heian Shrine (Photo: Potcharet Rodhetbhai) Mameda is an authentic Japanese restaurant known for its Kaiseki cuisine, a traditional multi-course Japanese meal. Being a set menu of various dishes […]

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