Manpuku Kushi Mochi

Atre Kawasaki

Uni-sei: Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Freshness Burger in Kamakura

The Classic Cheese Burger, 590yen Freshness Burger front in Kamakura Just beyond this concrete torii gate is Freshness Burger on your left Get ready to place your order at Freshness Burger Homemade cakes available Looking out towards the porch at Freshness Burger in Kamakura The Classic Cheese Burger, 590yen A couple weeks ago I came […]

From Napoli to Japan

Very talented shop owner, Mr. Kawano Beautifully hand-built oven by Italian craftsmen Margherita Pizza Capricciosa Pizza Large open area allows lots of natural light (Kamakura Branch) One of the award winning chefs Very talented shop owner, Mr. Kawano With a mission to deliver the truly authentic taste of an Italian pizzeria, Pizzeria GG procures the majority […]

A Day in Fujino, Lake Sagami

Cafe Shu’s beautifully presented hamburger lunch Concentration at the House of Art Cafe Shimizu’s frog rock Cafe Shu’s beautifully presented hamburger lunch The ‘Art Town’ of Fujino announces itself to the world with a huge heart-sealed envelope on the hill opposite the train station. This is just one of many sculptures and works of art […]

Fujisawa’s Creative Cafe Pensée

Entrance to Cafe Pensee Inside the creative Cafe Pensee Handwritten staff recommendations in cute little bubbles Quiche plate with Ratatouille and Pickles Iced Cafe Baileys and Hong Kong photography Perfect place to watch the Enoden trains Entrance to Cafe Pensee (Photo: Kristen F.) Café Pensée always has something going on—for example participating in the 2012 […]

Fujiya Hotel Dining, Hakone

Fujiya’s fabulous cinnamon apple pie is available on all hotel dessert menus, ¥800 Outside entrance to Wisteria Grill (Western cuisine) Wisteria Grill offers a wonderful crab & cheese omelet with rice for lunch, ¥2,100 This entree is called Spaghetti Fisherman’s Wharf from Wisteria Grill and is even more delicious with a touch of Tabasco sauce, […]

Fuki Paozurou: Yokohama, Chinatown

Dumplings and mango juice at Fuki Paozurou Fuki Paozurou’s staff are friendly and helpful In front of Fuki Paozurou Buy here for take out Fuki Paozurou’s huge, juicy dumpling Fuki Paozurou serves a variety of dumplings. Try them all! Dumplings and mango juice at Fuki Paozurou Yokohama has the cleanest Chinatown I’ve ever experienced. No […]

Genbei Beach Sandal Shop in Hayama

Got flip-flops? Durable, comfortable, & colorful. Hundreds of color combinations available at Genbei! You can't miss the mustard colored Genbei storefront! All beach sandals are designed in Japan, produced overseas and stamped with the Genbei logo. For a more fashionable look, women can also choose from these colorful, rubber-wedged slippers. What's your favorite color? Genbei has […]

Getting Around Shonan

Katase-Enoshima station, terminus of the Odakyu line The Daibutsu (Great Buddha), near Hase station on the Enoden line A view from the summit of Enoshima island At the entrance to the Ukiyo-e museum, near Tsujido station The approach to Hase-dera temple, near Hase station on the Enoden line Direction signs at an Enoden line station […]

Gora Brewery & Grill in Hakone

Gora Brewery & Grill Gora Brewery & Grill Grilled fish served on the bone Japanese Pork Rib Loin Spicy Grill Aburi Salmon with Yuzu Miso Counter seats and rock garden view through the window Gora Brewery & Grill (Photo: Roberto Maxwell) Hakone offers many options for quality, traditional Japanese food, but if you are craving […]

Goruya Ramen

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen with extra negi Miso Tonkotsu Ramen with menma topping Miso Tonkotsu Ramen with extra egg topping That ramen necessity – gyoza on the side Inside And outside – Goruya signage at the Noge branch, halfway between Hinodecho and Sakuragicho stations Goruya Ramen specialises in iekei, or house-style, ramen. Originally devised by Yokohama's Yoshimura-ya ramen […]

Gyoza Kitchen Fuga

Gyoza-bo (Gyoza Kitchen) Fuga Sakura's trademark fried gyoza Kakuni-don with hot and sour soup Gyoza-bo (Gyoza Kitchen) Fuga You won’t find ramen, fried rice, or most other stereotypical specimens of Chinese food on the menu at Fuga. If you visit on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday, you won’t find it open at all. But what […]

Hakone Access

Romancecar express train from Shinjuku to Hakone The driver sits above the passengers on the Romancecar, giving a clear view ahead Hakone Tozan railway Exquisite autumn themed sweets at Fujiya Hotel Dessert in honor of Charlie Chaplin, who once visited the Fujiya Hotel Fujiya Hotel gardens Romancecar express train from Shinjuku to Hakone How to […]

Explore Hakone with Discount ‘Free Pass’

You can see Mount Fuji when you alight at Owakudani View of Owakudani from the ropeway Getting ready to ride the cruise ship Ahoy! Pirate ship going to Moto-Hakoneko and Hakone-Machiko View of Lake Ashi from the ship Entrance to Hakone Checkpoint If you live in the Kanagawa and Tokyo areas and want to spend […]

Hakone’s Miyanoshita Naraya Café

What a view! Indoor tables in the gallery area. The cliff-side terrace seats offer a nice mountain view. The footbath is free. Basically they are at shared tables, so might have a chance to make some friends! The cafe is just in front of the Miyanoshita Station on the Hakone Tozan Testudo Line. Naraya Inn […]

Hakone Transport

Starting my day on the Hakone ropeway. The transfer station, where you can eat the famous black eggs. The eggs are black because they are cooked in the sulphurous waters of the hot springs. The view from the summit. In true Japanese style, Kitty gets involved in the black egg action. Watching the boat come […]

Hakone-Yumoto’s Soba shop "Jihei"

Cold soba with an assortment of tempura is 1680 yen The nabeyaki udon is another tasty noodle dish. It is udon noodles with a variety of toppings, such as boiled egg, shrimp tempura, mushrooms, seasonal green vegetables, and fish paste. The first floor has a big glass window with a nice Japanese garden. Half of […]

Hakone-Yumoto Tai Ramen "Sai"

Tasty! Entrance to “Sai” The topping is two slices of grilled bamboo shoot, sliced zucchini, seaweed, long green onion, and one slice of tai sashimi (raw fish). The shop interior is bright and clean. There is also a blue sign on the street in front of the shop that you can look for. The noodles […]

Kuro-tamago at Owakudani Valley

The Great Boiling Valley, or Owakudani in Japanese, is an active volcano with bubbling hot springs all around. The specialty in the valley is eggs boiled in the natural pools. The sulfur from the water dyes the eggshells black. Owakudani is often covered by fog or steam from the hot springs. The mist gives an […]

Hamakura Sushi Restaurant, Yokosuka

Taste the freshness! Tuna, salmon, crab and cucumber roll served on a traditional wooden platter. Hamakura is conveniently located next door to the Yokosuka Fish Market off of Maborikaigan Road adjacent to AVE market in Yokosuka. Sushi is very simple to order. Refer to the number on the picture menu and the number on the […]

Hammerhead Shopping Marina

This terminal can be accessed from one of several nearby train stations Located on the first floor is a food hall where you can find many ‘Ramen’ (noodle), restaurants No shopping center would be complete without a Starbucks When entering the second floor you can find many nice cafes and novelty shops Despite its relatively […]

Hanabi Restaurant, Enoshima

Beach town atmosphere at its finest View of the beach from the second floor The menu features many dishes with shirasu In the center of Enoshima, with an upstairs balcony Street view Grab a seat outside Beach town atmosphere at its finest For all of its history and many things to do, Enoshima is a […]

Honmarutei: Tasty Shio-Ramen

Honmarutei’s tasty shio-ramen with toppings of sliced pork, chopped spring onion and chrysanthemum leaf. Outside the Honmarutei ramen shop in Yokohama‘s Motomachi Honmarutei has counter seating. Honmarutei’s tasty shio-ramen with toppings of sliced pork, chopped spring onion and chrysanthemum leaf. (Photo: Larry Knipfing) There are huge numbers of ramen shops in Japan. After Meiji (about […]

Hoshino Coffee Yokohama

Hoshino Coffee hand drip Plastic menu display window Cool old fashioned sign Hoshino Coffee hand drip Hoshino Coffee in Shin-yokohama has classic kissaten charm. This chain of old-fashioned coffeehouses serves hand-drip coffee in a nostalgic setting replete with dark wood and servers in black and white uniforms reminiscent of butler and maid costumes. Though the […]

Hot Vinyl in Yokohama

Junji: Hot Vinyl Hot Vinyl Vintage clothing at High Kicks/Rama Junji: Hot Vinyl Specializing in 60s and 70s Rock, Jazz, Soul and R&B, Hot Vinyl has an impressive vinyl-only collection. One block over from Disk Union and Tokyu Hands, it is a small store with rows of cardboard boxes jammed with gems of original pressings. […]

ICI Ishii Sports

A great range of travel and hiking backpacks and daypacks on offer Entrance to ICI Ishii Sports in Yokohama ICI Ishii sports also sells a small range of skis and boots There is a great range of hiking shoes and accessories In addition to hiking shoes, there is also a decent range of casual shoes […]

Ikudon Yakiniku BBQ Restaurant

Hi, I’m Emily. Please come, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Perhaps you have never been to a yakiniku restaurant, so let me explain how it works. First, they will bring to your table a shichirin (七輪)―a small sized clay cooking grill― with charcoal burning in it. It’s reasonable, casual and has a relaxing atmosphere, […]

Ippudo Ramen

Akamaru Modern Char siu pork The Umami Dama – spicy, red miso paste Gyoza Counter seating Shop front Ippudo (一風堂) is one of the most recognised names in the ramen world, having replicated the success of its Hakata-born tonkotsu pork bone ramen globally, notably helping boost the dish's appeal and redefining how it is perceived […]

Yokohama’s Isezaki Mall

Why didn't they think of this before? Isezaki fusion cuisine. Where do we start? Happy shoppers browse the stores of Isezaki Mall. How to make a grand entrance: the gate welcoming you to the mall. The melting pot: rails of bargains outside a clothes store next to a ramen shop. What do you think they […]

Japan’s Famous Food Basements

The dessert display here is so beautiful. But it's just one of many The Japanese love crackers of all shapes and flavors. This entire stand is dedicated to them The pastries are pieces of art Transforming food is taken to new levels in Japan. Here is a gourmet marshmallow shop Pierre Herme is here. You […]

Japanese Noodles

Pork Ramen Udon in Kyushu Nagano Restaurant preparing Soba Soba Lunch near Monkey Hot Springs Nagano Soba in Matsumoto Ramen Yokohama Japan and France are the only countries where their food is listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. We have so many varieties of food it is difficult to try them all. Our sushi is […]


Jinenjo-an Jinenjo-an Jinenjo-an ‘Nama-toro’ (¥780) – raw, grated mountain yam with rock salt and wasabi Kakomi-soba with surrounding dipping sauces (from ¥980 for 2 people) – choose from a variety of 11 Jinenjo-an Specialising in soba and grilled skewers, Jinenjoan opened in Yokohama's Aobadai area in Feb 2018 promising to liven up the typical soba […]

Kamakura’s Amalfi Della Serra

What a view! PIZZA! Ahhh. The good life. Climbing up steep steps clinging to the cliff, this pizzeria suddenly appears in front of you. You might wonder if there can truly be a restaurant in such a place, but now you understand; there are many people waiting for a table. This place is jumping! We […]

Kamakura Pasta

This is the view from the family area in the restaurant. In the background is the Western style seating. The outside of the restaurant is fairly standard for a nice building in Japan, but what's inside is what you come from! The entrance and shoe removal area for Kamakura Pasta is noticeably larger than most […]

Kamakura Ryotan

Kamakura Ryotan Lovely Lantern Beautiful Antiques Exquisite Kamakura Ryotan As a longtime resident of Kamakura, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite antique shops. I love buying and browsing for antiques, and Kamakura Ryotan is a shop I go back to again and again. Lovely Early Showa Period Building Stepping into […]

Kamakura’s Utsuki Robatayaki

Finally, I have to mention the sake. They serve a few different types, but the one I like best is ‘masu sake’—sake served in square cedar cups. The aroma and flavor of the wood mixed with the sake is heavenly. In front of you on the counter is almost all of the food that is […]

Kamakura Sausage

Because of its location and the big windows and low prices, it is an absolutely perfect Meet-Up place. Traditional Kamkura. Just order from the take out window and enjoy it while you stand, eat, and people-watch. Just inside the door of the shop is a large refrigerated window display of all kinds of sausages, selling […]

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