Kamakura’s Yui-ga-hama Shore

Kamakura’s Zaimoku-za Shore

Plum Blossoms in Jomyo-ji Temple

Rokkoku-kenzan Hiking Trail

Hilltop view Well-equipped mountain path Dokudami flower (lizard’s tail) Hilltop of Rokkoku-kenzan Chigo-zuka on the way: The grave of a child who was carried off by an eagle This is the entrance to the hiking course View of Yokohama from the hilltop Mushrooms growing from an old tree trunk Go up these stone steps opposite […]

Strolling the Beaches in Kamakura

The beach sometimes has a wild feel to it, especially after a storm. There is surfing here, but the waves aren’t really that big. If the timing is right, you’ll catch a gorgeous sunset. Dusk–my favorite time of the day. The fishing boats and gear lend to its charm. Red netting hanging out to dry. […]

The 2020 Olympic Games: Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Yachts in Sagami Bay Enoshima Yacht Harbor The Enoshima Yacht Harbor Enoshima Yacht Harbor Shopping street of Enoshima Enoshima Shrine Yachts in Sagami Bay The Enoshima Yacht Harbor is located on Enoshima Island, close to Fujisawa City. Enoshima Yacht Harbor was built for the 1964 Olympic Games and was the very first harbor to host […]

The Coast of Sagami Bay

Yugihama beach in Kamakura There are many great surfing opportunities Concrete breakwaters Sagami Bay on a fine spring day Stony coast line Concrete fortifications and natural stones on the coast Clean warm water Natural stones Stones along the coast line Shells that I collected Picturesque view! Different kind of rocks Small marine life A very […]

Tiny But Beautiful: Enoshima Island

You can see spectacular views of Mt Fuji.  A perfect trip whatever the season. Here's me with Mt.Fuji in the background!  The sunset was especially beautiful. The entrance of Enoshima Temple. This photo was taken from the bridge that connects the mainland to Enoshima. You can see spectacular views of Mt Fuji. (Photo: Lee Yeayun) Have […]

Walking Kamakura

Entrance to Tsuroka Hachimangu Shrine Vendors on the way to the main hall Returning 2016 ema Pond at Tsuroka Hachimangu Shrine Yoritomo Tomb Entrance Egara Tenji Shrine A new cell pone application was introduced last year to encourage healthy walking. Iza Mile Kamakura allows you to collect mileage points by walking any of the 300 […]

Yokohama to Kamakura

Red Bridge over still lake Black Kite near the Kanazawa Zoo Cherry Blossoms with a distant view of Mount Fuji This is a great day trip, especially if you live near Yokohama and can only reach the trail head by public transport. This easy 10km walk goes up and over the mountain trails from Yokohama […]

Road Trippin’ Japan (Part Two)

Kamakura The battle site of Sekigahara The beautiful Iwama dojo Wasabi Kamakura Daibutsu Fushimi Inari Taisha Breathtakingly beautiful, Japan is filled with mountains, covered with forests and anywhere is rarely more than an hour or two from the ocean. With its mix of peace and noise, old and new, Japan's incredible variety and depth of […]

How I Became Hooked

Ikebukuro at night The Imperial Theatre Senso-ji temple, Asakusa Tokyo Metropolital Government Building Meiji Jingu Yoyogi Park My first trip to Japan was in 2011 and to be honest, I didn't really plan it all that well. My itinerary was all over the place and my guided tour could have been better guided… Yet despite […]

Visiting the Ushiku Daibutsu (Great Buddha)

The Daibutsu as seen from the entrance to the grounds Gold Buddha on the first floor: Infinite Light and Infinite Life The third floor: the World of the Lotus Sanctuary, which houses 3300 gold Buddha statues The Daibutsu as seen from the entrance to the grounds It’s so easy to get caught up in our […]

10 Free Things to do in Kamakura

Zaimokuza beach Komyo-ji temple View from Komyo-ji temple Zeni-arai Benten, the‘Money-Washing Shrine’ Gionyama hiking course Myohon-ji temple Kamakura, just an hour away from Tokyo, is one of the most visited cities in Japan. With beaches, shrines and temples, hiking courses in wooded hills, and the ancient political capital of Japan (1185-1333), Kamakura has a laidback […]

A Winter Day at Hasedera Temple

The koi pond is much more enjoyable without the crowds Buddha’s footsteps Incense outside Amida-do Hall Amida-do Hall, in which is a statue of Yakuyoke (commissioned in 1194) Enjoy a nice view and a snack… … of delicious dango! Though it can be a little chilly, winter is an excellent season to visit Hasedera Temple […]

Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine

Worship at Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine The stairs toward Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine The shrine Akiba Shrine in the precinct The Akiba Shrine Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine The long stairs A monument in the precinct Torii of Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine The Hase area of Kamakura is usually crowded with visitors throughout the year. Here, visitors can enjoy shopping, […]

Amongst the Blues

Bamboo and hydrangeas A bouquet of blues from a god A pale blue princess Please have a seat and behold the sight The Window of Enlightenment A graveyard for holy men and great warriors Bamboo and hydrangeas The first rain in April stirred the growth of the solitary hydrangea (Ajisai 紫陽花) shrub in my little […]

Hase Kannon Temple in Kamakura

Beautiful Hase Temple in Kamakura. At Hase Temple, you can take the opportunity to trace a picture of a Buddhist statue, or write Buddhist chants in Chinese kanji characters, while sitting on a cushion on a tatami mat. If you have a prayer or hope, please write it on the right top of the paper. […]

Autumn at Kamakura’s Engaku-ji

The brilliant entrance to Engaku-j A maple tree frames one of the sub-temple The colors in the temple precincts were at their peak on my visi A branch of colorful maples hides the roof of the main hal It pays to climb up some of the staircases leading to the sub-temples to get a bird's […]

Azaleas at Myohonji Temple

Located to the right of the temple’s front gate, I was able to catch my first glimpse of some azaleas Situated at the top of a steep slope, Myohonji Temple is a vast complex boasting several large buildings As I approached one of the first buildings on the left, some colorful azaleas awaited The subtle […]

Choju-ji Temple in Kamakura

View of Kannon-Do within the temple grounds The main gate The temple grounds are full of nature The nice scenery of the temple grounds The grave of Ashikaga Takauji Garden within the temple grounds Choju-ji Temple, located in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was the official residence of Ashikaga Takauji, the first shogun of the Muromachi […]

Core of Kamakura, Hachimangu Shrine

Looking up at the Main Hall Red torii gate standing at the entrance Pass the torii gate and you’ll see the main hall beyond the Mai-den (dancing platform) 2km-long Wakamiya-oji (an approach to the shrine) leads you straight to the shrine from Yuigahama beach Looking at the Main Hall over the Taiko-bashi (arched stone bridge) […]

Dive Deep Into Kamakura

Kannon, deity of compassion, goddess of mercy A selection of goshuin seal-stamp books and a goshuin seal-stamp from the 33-Kannon pilgrimage Moss-covered stairs leading to Sugimoto Dera Komyo-ji‘s impressive gate The main hall at An’yo-in The approach to Joju-in during hydrangea season As an ancient capital, Kamakura is dotted with temples and shrines. So many […]

Egaraten Shrine in Kamakura

Steps leading to Egaraten Shrine (Photo: 瀧 由里加) People worshipping (Photo: 瀧 由里加) The main shrine (Photo: 瀧 由里加) The symbol of Michizane (Photo: 瀧 由里加) The view from the shrine (Photo: 瀧 由里加) Ema votive plaques (Photo: 瀧 由里加) Plum patterns of the shrine (Photo: 瀧 由里加) Views of the shrine grounds (Photo: 瀧 […]

En-no-ji Temple in Kita-Kamakura

You can’t hide anything from Enma-daio Blue sky and the roof of the temple gate Bamboo trees swinging in the wind Old stone statues are scattered around the temple grounds Jizzo statue on the grounds. Jizzo lead us over the bridge crossing the San-zu-no-kawa River into Hades “Datsu-e-ba” investigates whether you stole or not in […]

Engaku-ji Temple in Kamakura

San-mon Gate in summer decoration Red leafs show up in beginning of December Zen meditation Dojo named Kojirin Wild wisteria Monks actually live here These summer flowers are called Nirvana flowers Hibiscus in the garden Snow in the garden Shozoku-in Hojo garden in spring Engakuji is known for its Zen. A special summer Zen lecture […]

Geocaching in Japan

A map of Japan, showing all the Geocaches hidden across the country Geocaching can take you to some impressive places, such as the peak of this mountain in Akita This was a particularly original cache container in Kamakura! Some caches are disguised to blend in better with their surroundings. Signing the logbook of a micro […]

Getting Lost in Kamakura

Shrine in Kamakura Quaint moss-covered entrance Small Bamboo Forest Want to experience the magic of Kyoto but hate dealing with the crowds? Take the road less travelled and hop on a train to Kamakura instead. Located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura is an easy day or weekend trip from Tokyo that can be reached in just […]

Gokuraku Temple and Beach Walk

A view of Yugahama beach from near the top of Jojuin Temple A train pulling out of Gokurakuji Station. This train rides along the very nostalgic and scenic Enoden Railway Line These colorful hydrangeas were some of several still in bloom found near the entrance of Gokurakuji Station The main gate to Gokuraku Temple with its thatched […]

Hidden Kamakura 1

Near the starting point of this hike is Tokei-ji Temple which has this little Buddha. Interestingly, this little statue represents a much small version of the giant Buddha which can be found at Kotoku-in Temple located at the end of this hike Several minutes after passing Tokei-ji Temple, follow the signs pointing you to Jochi-ji […]

Hidden Kamakura 3

On clear days there are some fine views of Yuigahama Bay After about a 15 minute walk from Kamakura Station, you will reach the small but pleasant Yagumo Shrine where the trailhead for this hike is located As you walk towards the back of this shrine look carefully for the ascending staircase to the right […]

Hokoku-ji Temple in Spring

A cute round stone sitting in the middle of stone steps Entrance gate of Hokoku-ji Temple Green tea served in the garden Beautiful shadows dance among the trees in the green bamboo grove The low wooden bars on the left are not handrails, but off-limit markers Garden in front of the main hall A cute […]

Hokoku Temple, Kamakura

The beautiful scenery of the bamboo grove Another view of the scenery of the bamboo grove Hokoku Temple Jizo statues View within the temple grounds The scenery of the bamboo grove Another view from within the grounds Hokoku temple, located in Kamakura, is famous as the bamboo temple and attracts not only local tourists but […]

Hokokuji Bamboo Garden in Kamakura

The beautiful bamboo garden at Hokokuji Temple (Admission fee 200 yen) For an additional 500 yen, admire the bamboo garden while sipping on fresh made matcha green tea with confection Inside the teahouse overlooking the bamboo garden Appreciate the beauty of the Moso-bamboo all year round Looking up at the towering bamboo gives you a […]

Hokokuji: Kamakura’s Bamboo Temple

So tall! Many tourists were visiting the temple even on a weekday Well-manicured garden beside the entrance path Statue of Goddess of Mercy in the garden Main temple building Rare belfry with a thatched roof The sun was shining through the bamboo trees Silent jizo statue standing in the bamboo grove Walk on stone steps […]

Hokoku-ji Temple, Kamakura

Admiring the landscaping in the Hokokuji entrance path Front temple courtyard Street entrance to Hokokuji Tea house set in bamboo grove The filtering canopy of the bamboo grove Ancient stairs leading up to the temple courtyard Admiring the landscaping in the Hokokuji entrance path (Photo: Cliff Bernstein) You know you are in the right place […]

Hongaku-ji Temple

The Ebisu do Inside the Ebisu do The main temple building The scenery of the precinct The tower gate The happy jizo statue The scenery of the precinct Hongaku-ji Temple in Kamakura is very famous for Kamakura Seven Deities of Good Luck. Originally, Ebisu-do was established for the unlucky quarter of the Kamakura shogunate. After […]

Hydrangeas at Enkakuji Temple

The main entrance to this temple is located at the top of a large stone staircase Soon after passing by the main gate, (the Sanmon) you begin to see some of the first hydrangeas Situated close by to the ‘Sanmon’ is a small Shrine which is filled with many different flowers Some of these colors […]

Inside the Kamakura Daibutsu

Kamakura Daibutsu Fascinating architecture Interesting perspective Are you planning to visit Kamakura as a side trip from Tokyo? If so, it must mean that you will visit the Daibutsu, or the Great Buddha. The exterior of the enormous Buddha statue is of course, the most impressive part of the site, but what not many people […]

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