Kanazawa Phonograph Museum

Kenrokuen: A Park for Winter’s End

Kenroku-en: Beauty in Small Things

Meet Wakatama-kun

I am waiting for kids and the young-at-heart who like mascots Wakatama-kun has fun in Yuttari Park Do you want to join me on this bench? You can find me everywhere in Wakura Onsen, even by the public hot spring There are so many of me in Yuttari Park, and we are all very photogenic […]

Myoryu-ji (Ninja-dera) in Kanazawa

The exterior of Myoryu-ji Myoryu-ji is just a short walk from Kanazawa‘s Nishi-Chaya district A stone carving in the garden of Myoryu-ji Sitting in the quiet precincts near Kanazawa's Nishi-Chaya neighborhood, Myoryu-ji temple doesn't look like much. However, its unassuming facade hides a building that is riddled with secret doors, hidden passageways, and trick walls, […]

Nagamachi Samurai District

Narrow streets of the Nagamachi Samurai District in Kanazawa Despite the proximity to the main shopping district, this is an extremely quiet area In the wintertime, the mud walls here are covered in straw to protect them from the elements Just a few hundred meters from the department stores and busy thoroughfares of downtown Kanazawa, […]

Nagamachi Yuzenkan

A display of kimono dyed in the Kanazawa yuzen style Painted silk panels in the yuzen workshop You can watch artists at work at the Nagamachi Yuzenkan During the Edo period (1603-1868), Kanazawa earned a justified reputation for the quality of its craftsmen. Their talent not only applied to gold and metal work, but to the […]

Niwaka Lantern Festival

Great fireworks close up Floats lined up, waiting to be paraded around the neighborhood Great samurai paintings on each float; each paining is unique Local kids and teenagers play the taiko drums on the floats The parade has started; now it gets wild The parade continues until the early morning Late Aug Great fireworks close […]

Noto’s Kiriko Festivals

Kiriko are illuminated from the inside and they are decorated with large Kanji characters or with paintings. The sizes of Kiriko vary but they range from 4 meters to an impressive 15 meters in height. Kiriko on display at the Wajima Kiriko Art Museum Kiriko in action at the Juzou Shrine Festival, part of the Wajima […]

Okutsuhime Shrine Festival in Wajima

Keeping the portable shrine above the water is tough Still in daylight, the men carry the shrine to the beach The shrine parked on the beach waiting for the night Dressed in women’s clothes and make up on their faces, the guys wait for the blessing from a Shinto priest Is it fun, or is […]

Oyama Shrine of Kanazawa

The main body of the shrine, a very beautiful sight. The main west facing entrance of Oyama Shrine. The distinct Dutch architectural influence can be seen in the stain-glass windows atop the main entrance. Beautiful koi fill the pond on the shrine grounds. The pond is surrounded by low hanging trees and colorful flowers. The […]

Samurai Kanazawa

The statue of Yamato Takeru, the 12th emperor of inside Kenroku-en. Kanazawa Castle acts as a prime example of the iconic architecture adopted by samurai leaders. Kanazawa Castle today, restored to its 1809 form in 2001. Kanazawa Castle. Kanazawa Castle park boasts peaceful park land, great vistas, and beautiful gardens. Kenroku-en, the beautiful park in […]

Science Hills Komatsu

Outside Science Hills Komatsu Entrance sign to Science Hills Komatsu Murata robot in the Wonderland exhibit space A car on display at the museum Explore various different concepts and scientific principles Visitors can use tablets to interact with the museum exhibits While some cities never quite recover from centuries of industrial production, the city of […]

Seihakusai Dekayama Matsuri

One of the floats in the process of being built The 3 floats parked near Nanao's fishermans warf Float attendants stand/crouch aboard the float Early May One of the floats in the process of being built Venue: Ohtokonushi-Jinja Shrine When: Early May 2022 If you want to see the best of what Japan has to […]

Shirayama-hime Shrine

Stairway leading up to the main shrine, covered in white Ancient cedar tree Under snow, the forest canopy carries an entirely different feel The main shrine ‘Ema’ wishing plaques outside the main shrine area Pathway leading to the shrine itself Pathway leading to the shrine itself Ancient cedar tree with ‘shimenawa’ rope Cedar forest Another […]

The D.T. Suzuki Museum in Kanazawa

The contemplation room Entrance to the museum Hallway leading to first exhibition room D.T. Suzuki’s portrait Second exhibition room exit Reflection There is a population composed of individuals, you know who you are, who do not tend to venture into museums while away on holiday, and would instead prefer a more adventurous or relaxation-promising escape. […]

The Depth of Ishikawa’s Craft Culture

Nov 8th Dec 20th The official event banner Venue: Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art When: Nov 8th – Dec 20th 2020, 9:30am – 6:00pm A special event taking place at the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art looks at the depths of the prefecture's craft culture. A total of 93 works will be exhibited from 86 […]

Higashi Chaya Geisha Area, Kanazawa

A solitary willow tree welcomes you to the 19th century The main street of Higashi Ochaya Main Street of Higashi Ochaya with more details of latice homes Minshuku Yougetsu located on the main street of Higashi Ochaya One of the rooms inside Minshuku Yougetsu (not the front room as I described) Entrance to Higashi Ochaya […]

Tsurugi Horai Festival

Two floats being displayed The mikoshi shrine being carried throughout town. The shishimai dance being performed Venue: Tsurugi, Hakusan, Ishikawa When: Early Oct 2021 The Tsurugi Horai Festival is held on the first weekend of October every year, as a mid-autumn festival. It has been running for over 800 years. The festival is based around […]

Two Days in Kanazawa

Higashi Chaya District Higashi Chaya District Kenroku-en Kenroku-en D.T. Suzuki Museum Kanazawa Castle Nagamachi Samurai District Nagamachi Samurai District Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan is a small authentic city with plenty to offer for cultural and history buffs. The following locations make a great one-to-three day itinerary: Higashi Chaya District (東茶屋) First stop was […]

Wajima Lacquerware – Perfection

Shioyasu Finished bowl  Wajima Zen-Ni Home Wajima Zen-Ni Home Wajima Zen-Ni  inside well Wajima Zen-Ni Store Wajima Kirimoto Shop Noto Lacquerware is considered the best in Japan and the most expensive. When you look into how each piece is made, the quality, and longevity, then the price becomes less of an issue. After touring three […]

Yukidaruma Snowman Festival: Kuwajima

Venue: Kuwajima When: Early Feb 2022 See snowmen of all shapes and sizes at Shiramine and Kuwajima, deep in the mountain valleys of Ishikawa's Hakusan region. For just a limited time every February, this festival with over 20 year's history takes place on a Friday primarily to avoid the crowds in this small town getting […]

Ten of Japan’s Weirdest Events

Things get hot at the Abare Matsuri Get messy at the Doronko Festival It’s warm enough in that crowd to fight off the winter chill Run, boys–for good fortune! This festival is not for the arachnophobic This popular and hilarious festival draws huge crowds Things get hot at the Abare Matsuri (Photo: Ashley Hirasuna / […]

World-class Road Trip Between Tokyo & Osaka

Japanese countryside between Tokyo & Osaka Dinosaurs everywhere on Fukui roads… Electric cars welcome everywhere Car navigation in English Convenient parkings Driving in Noto Peninsula Add a Japanese road trip to your bucket list: freely explore the real Japan, distance yourself from big cities and find secret treasures along the way! The coastal Hokuriku region […]

Getting to Kanazawa’s Ancient Neighbor: Tsurugi

The Hokuriku Rail Road Entering from Kanazawa Station Shin-Nishikanazawa Station from JR Nishikanazawa Station Shin-Nishikanazawa Station The ticket machine as you enter the train Nomachi Station Riding From Kanazawa Station Riding from Nomachi Station Returning from Tsurugi Station About the Ticketing System The Hokuriku Rail Road The town of Tsurugi has existed for millennia, located […]

APA Hotel Kanazawa Chuo

The view from my window! My comfortable bed Not much room for my laptop here Breakfast here in the mornings, read or snack at other times A blue curtain for the mens’ spa Interesting co-ordination in the lobby Planning a trip to Kanazawa, I was faced with choosing somewhere to stay, out of the wide […]

HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa

Front desk of HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa Rooms are comfortable and nice decorated  A nice lounge is also available for everyone. A view of the king-sized room The bed was very comfortable. A nightstand with light controls and outlet Front desk of HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa (Photo: Hotel MyStays Kanazawa) Kanazawa is an incredible city vibrant […]

Kosoyu Bathhouse in Yamashiro Onsen

With cold winters and frigid winds that blow off the North Sea, Ishikawa Prefecture is the perfect place to indulge in a visit to a natural onsen (hot spring). Kaga City, just outside of Ishikawa’s capital of Kanazawa, is home to Yamashiro Onsen, a welcoming hot spring neighborhood with a history that dates back over […]

Noto Peninsula Discovery

At the Okutsuhime Shrine festival young local men carry the portable shrine into the ocean. Rock formations in the Nanao Bay Area Notojma Ohashi Bridge Senmaida rice paddies right by the ocean Hot spring pool overlooking the ocean at Hotel Notoraku in Wakura Onsen Resort Another hot spring pool right by the ocean at Hotel […]

The White Ring Tour & Hotel Roan

The men's outdoor onsen at the Roan offers a beautiful view of the forest Hakusan's Hime Shrine The lobby of the Roan Ryokan A room at the Roan offers soft, fluffy futons as well as a sitting room with a beautiful view The White Ring Tour Bus The main dining room of the Roan The […]

Wakura Onsen Resort

How about enjoying yourself at this foot onsen while gazing out over the ocean? All hotels in Wakura have their in-house onsen but going to the public onsen is also an option Boiling eggs at the public onsen in Wakura Hot Spring Resort How about enjoying yourself at this foot onsen while gazing out over the […]

Waon no Yu Onsen

Waon no Yu’s exterior invites in you to try its baths The free melon soda drink left in my locker The shoe locker area at the entrance Waon no Yu Onsen (和音の湯) is a traditional Japanese hot spring bathhouse in Higashi-Kanazawa that has turned the menial daily activity of bathing int a special occasion! It […]

Antenna Shops in Tokyo

How can you travel Japan without ever leaving Tokyo? The answer is simple: visit one of the city’s many antenna shops for a literal taste of the various prefectures of Japan, all without spending a dime on long-distance transportation. Antenna shops were first established in Tokyo in the early 1990s as a means for regional […]