Pizzeria Mario Espresso

Marugame Seimen: Kamaage Udon Noodle Chain

Micchan Okonomiyaki

Mihara Station

Octopus statues invite travelers to try Mihara's octopus Signs pointing in exact directions help extinguish confusion A giant daruma adds character to the station Mihara Station is located in Mihara city in Hiroshima Prefecture. It lies between Hiroshima city and Okayama on the JR Sanyo Shinkansen Line. It takes half an hour from Hiroshima Station to get […]

Mille, Hiroshima

Smoked Eel – 2nd course interior exterior – view from the street, corner Smoked Eel – 2nd course (Photo: GetHiroshima.com) In the sleepy, quiet suburb of Hakushima- not far from Hiroshima castle, an old Japanese house has been renovated into a high quality French restaurant. The chef-owner had been running Mille in the Asa-minami-ku area, […]

Miss Hoa

shop front wooden window window, tables and lanterns shop front (Photo: gethiroshima) Bright, light, stylish, quiet, relaxing, spacious, elegant are all words that come to mind when sitting in this Asian venture of the popular Hiroshima Mario Italian dining, cakes and cafe’s chain. Located on the 6th floor of the central Sogo Pacela (cred) department […]

Nagataya Okonomiyaki

Nagataya Grilled oysters teppan-yaki okonomiyaki Nagataya Nagataya Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki shop is in a great location, right on the end of Hondori, directly next to Peace Park. This is a good choice for okonomiyaki fans if you have a larger group, or want to eat out as a family or even for vegetarian diners. However, because […]

Nekomoto Bicycle Shop

Nekomoto Bicycle Shop inside view The master at his service area Nekomoto Bicycle Shop (Photo: Nekomoto Bicycles) Hiroshima city reminds me in some ways of the city of Amsterdam- as it is criss-crossed with rivers. And alongside these rivers, there are many easy to follow bicycle paths offering not only an easy way to get […]

Onigiri Nitaya

Bento at Nitaya Cafe View Welcoming Sign in English on Outside wall Bento at Nitaya (Photo: gethiroshima) If you are looking for a great Bento packed lunch to take with you on your day, Nitaya onigiri, bento and Japanese sweets shop is a great option. Nitaya boasts delicious rice from nearby Shimane, all foods are […]

NoNoBudou Buffet Dining, Hiroshima

front entrance side dishes first plate- great variety front entrance (Photo: GetHiroshima.com) A high-quality buffet restaurant offering a wide variety of savory and sweet foods. There is an open terrace seating area with views of the castle and inside seating at tables. Party plans available for groups and all-you-can drink (pour your own) alcohol plans […]

Nonta Sushi, Pacela

Nonta Sushi, Pacela (Photo: GetHiroshima) Kaiten or kuru-kuru conveyor belt sushi restaurants are great fun and very reasonably priced. They aren’t, however, always known for the quality of the fish that passes by on the carousel. Nonta Sushi, in the basement floor of the Pacela shopping center under the Rihga Royal Hotel, however, has a […]

Hiroshima’s Okonomimura

Look out for this sign as you come out of Parco The front of Okonomimura adorned with red and white lanters A regular okonomiyaki stall Most places will have an English menu on hand Watch as your food is cooked right before you The final product – Well, one of the many variations of it […]


Gochiya Okonomiyaki (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Ichiriki (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Ichiriki’s plated okonomiyaki (Photo: gethiroshima.com) young fan of okonomiyaki (Photo: gethiroshima.com) mitchan (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Mitchan Chefs at work (Photo: gethiroshima.com) okonomiyaki museum (Photo: gethiroshima.com) okonomiyaki with jalapeno peppers (Photo: gethiroshima.com) rokutsuboya (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Toraji (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Any visitor to Hiroshima will likely try the signature dish, Hiroshima style […]

Onomichi’s Cafes

Yamaneko Mountain Cat café. Cafe Coyote Onomichi is the gateway to the Seto Sea, the Mediterranean of Japan. Onomichi is also some to some of the best bike paths in Japan The front of Cafe 1770 The back room of Cafe Coyote I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I visited eight cafes over the […]

Otis! Bar and Live House

View from outside Music-loving owner Vegetarian Tex-Mex View from outside Otis! originally opened in 1987 and it's been the same ever since: a small space full of nostalgic charm The original owners are now slightly older – one still passionate about healthy American food, the other still a live music fan. Between the live performances […]

Oyster Conclave Kaki-tei

Chilled oyster on the shell with ruccola Oyster sauteed with salad and oyster rice Oyster “doria” Chilled oyster on the shell with ruccola (Photo: GetHiroshima) There are two dishes food lovers visiting Hiroshima simply cannot miss. Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is, of course, one. The other is oysters. One of several bistro cafes along the Kyobashi […]


Pimiento Mushrooms in garlic oil Vegetables with anchovy dip Pimiento The name Pimiento means garden pepper, a good description of the fresh type of dishes and pasta you can expect here. This little restaurant-bar is a cozy little tapas and drinks venue a couple of blocks north of the main streetcar road in the center […]

Pinkerton’s Souk Chai Shop

Lovely Strawberry Shortbread pastry cheesecake kathmandu chai shop style interior Lovely Strawberry Shortbread pastry (Photo: gethiroshima) Chai and Cheesecake, Indian curry plates and samosas are the reasons people come back regularly to Pinkerton's Souk. It is a small, interesting little shop tucked into the 2F of a building in the Hatchobori area of central Hiroshima. […]

Pizza Riva

The Classic Margherita Pizza Riva on a Saturday Night Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto Platter Wood-burning oven Fresh Green Salad Naples Pizza Olympic Gold The Classic Margherita (Photo: EmmieTsumura) Pizza anyone? Sometimes in the land of sushi, you just need a little pizza. Luckily, Hiroshima is one of the best places in Japan to do that. […]

Polar Bear

Gelato Flavors stuffed bear and sign in front of shop Store front Gelato Flavors (Photo: gethiroshima) Fabulous homemade gelato served tall in cones, cups or smashed into a crispy monaka sandwich- this little shop has a loyal following from Hiroshima residents in the know. Located in the center of Hiroshima just off the covered shopping […]

Raku Beer

Over the past decade and a half, microbreweries have been popping up all over Japan. Japanese craft beer is starting to make a name for itself at home and abroad. Small batch brewers across the country produce fantastic brews that showcase local ingredients, and also pay homage to traditional brewing methods. Hiroshima is a city […]

Ramen in Downtown Hiroshima

The entrance to Ichiran along Hiroshima‘s Hondori Walk up the stairs, buy your meal ticket and head over to your seat Enclosed eating carrels encircle the kitchen Within each carell you’ll find your own personal water tap and a buzzer to call staff The idea behind the individual carrels is so that customers can focus […]

Renka Chinese Restaurant

Ebi-chili set ¥1,000 Chinese decoration Table seating Ebi-chili set ¥1,000 (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Renka [蓮華] is a fantastic little homestyle Chinese food family restaurant in the Yokogawa station area to the North of Hiroshima city. This place has been a popular addition to this small neighborhood for the last 15 years. Popping in for lunch showed […]

Roan Buffet Dining, Hiroshima

Roan buffet area more food more food one of my plates of food Shabu-shabu fixings (take to your table to cook) seating area Located in Hiroshima's shopping district near the A-bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park, Roan is a cut above the average all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant with a focus on farm-fresh, seasonal produce. Roan's buffet […]

Sagur Indian Restaurant

Thali set meal Outside view on the corner fish curry and nan bread Thali set meal (Photo: gethiroshima.com) Sagur Indian restaurant seems to have a great following, and I can now see why. This restaurant has been open since 2002 and it sounds like a steady stream of loyal customers has been filling its tables […]


Sante counter dining Sante (Photo: GetHiroshima) Great looking, lively wine bar and meat specialty, adults only dining in the Otemachi area near Peace park. Sante is a large venue, in a great location in Otemachi. It has a great concept of an open terrace style wine bar and it is right on the corner of […]


Sarii-chan (Photo: GetHiroshima) Sarii-chan is a small township found in the fabled Okonomi Republic, where its friendly soccer-loving headman serves up a delicious version of Hiroshima's signature dish, okonomiyaki. Locals tend to stay away from the multistory tourist magnet, Okonomi-mura (Okonomi Village). The smaller (2 floors with 5 or 6 shops) Okonomi Kyowakoku (Okonomi Republic) […]

"Shareo" underground mall

Shops in Shareo are open every day from 11am to 9pm. (Photo: Virginia González) Restaurants and coffee shops are usually open until 10.30pm (Photo: Virginia González) Near the West exit, there is a fountain with seats for people to take a rest in. (Photo: Virginia González) Shareo stretches for more than 500 meters underneath the […]

Hondori Shopping

Hiroshima Parco Tutuanna underwear and delicates Game center “Taito” Toy Shop entrance Adidas Shop in “Hondori Hills” Womb Clothing Shop Hiroshima Parco Sometimes shopping can be such a chore in Japan, right? Not so in Hiroshima as some of the best clothes shops are contained under one roof covered street known as Hondori. You will […]

Tacos & Tequila at Taqueria Jardin

tostada with homemade salsa and refried beans mexican wrestler tequila shop front This great little (and I really mean little- there is standing room for 6 or 8 can sit and stand if you don't mind getting a bit cozy) Mexican taco hut really took me by surprise. The taco-hut is in the middle of […]

The Moving Streetcar Museum of Hiroshima

Several decades of models in one shot On the left, 1999’s German-made Model 5000 (“Green Mover”) and on the right, 1987’s M3800 (“Green Liner”) 2013’s Green Mover Lex 1978 Model 1900 series from Kyoto 1978 Model 1900 series from Kyoto “Flower Train” edition of the 2013 Model 1000 series and usually seen around Golden Week […]

Tosho Fine Dining

inside main dining room koi pond hot pot tofu course inside main dining room (Photo: gethiroshima.com) If you are looking for somewhere to impress visitors or treat yourself to beautifully presented, traditional style Japanese food- you will not be disappointed with Tosho, located at the base of Hijiyama in Hiroshima city. The restaurant looks like […]

Putting Train Lovers on the Right Track 2/3

Hello Kitty Shinkansen Hello Kitty Shinkansen: side Hello Kitty Shinkansen: train-platform souvenir stand Hello Kitty Shinkansen: photo opportunities inside Hello Kitty Shinkansen: gift shop Hello Kitty Shinkansen: photo opportunities inside Mentioning Hiroshima stirs the imagination; the site of one of history's most unspeakable atrocities. Yet, the details of its most fateful incident elude almost everyone […]

Ume no Hana

Ume No Hana course Ume no Hana Shabu-Zen course Ume no Hana Hana Kago Bento Course Ume No Hana course (Photo: UmeNoHana.co.jp) Ume no Hana (梅の花) is a traditional Japanese style restaurant in the Fukuya department store (LL-A-kan) across from the main Hiroshima station exit. This is a wonderful place to impress a special guest […]

Maison de croissant

First meal of the day at Maison de croissant. Maison de croissant is inside Croissant Ichiba Croissant Ichiba has much to offer. First meal of the day at Maison de croissant. It was around 10:45 when I got to Maison de Croissant and by that time I had already logged over 11,000 steps on my […]

Vegan Hiroshima: Art Cafe Elk

Hiroshima Yakiudon, packed with vegetables Banana spring rolls – the perfect sweet treat! The tempura batter here is vegan friendly! Seeking some vegan grub to enjoy after exploring Hiroshima? Art Cafe Elk is a must visit if you're in the area. Although their menu isn't fully vegan, they do have many vegan friendly options on […]

Wa Cafe Hayashiya

Front of the shop with sign in view People Tree fairtrade products and local atisan goods on sale Japanese style dessert- matcha ice cream, mochi, azuki beans Front of the shop with sign in view (Photo: GetHiroshima.com) Hayashi-ya is located on a back street in the charming residential area of Hiroshima's most famous, Miyajima island, […]

Wakana Izakaya

Sashimi platter vegetable tempura yomogi vegetable seasoned fish (starter) Sashimi platter (Photo: gethiroshima) Wakana (わか菜) is a little hard to find, but is a great place to visit for a quick, cheap and tasty lunch (700-900 yen for meals at lunch) or an excellent Japanese dinner full of fish and seafood dishes. There is no […]

Wordsworth, Hiroshima

Chef grilling steaks on a hibatchi stove View of city’s drinking district from dining area Green salad and smoked Saba fish Cheese “Moriawase” platter Potato and white fish fritte Dinner and a show? Yes- another customer entertained us Chef grilling steaks on a hibatchi stove (Photo: GetHiroshima.com) Friendly staff, a fantastic mix of Japanese and […]

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