Suginoya Sake Brewery

Tenjin Chikagai in Fukuoka City

Tenjin Core

Tenjin Style

The cafe area of Tenjin Style The group "photo" of the waitresses The entrance of Tenjin Style, located on the 2nd floor Cake with extra kawaii-ness A photo of my waitress The Tenjin Style logo Visiting a maid café is an experience among many unique to Japan; but this one is particularly shrouded in mystery […]

Yakitori Restaurant Yacchin, Hakata

Selection of grilled skewers on a bed of fresh and crispy cabbage: tsukune (minced chicken) and enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon Asparagus wrapped in bacon Our sashimi starter Selection of grilled skewers on a bed of fresh and crispy cabbage: tsukune (minced chicken) and enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon It was pure coincidence that we came […]

Ramen in Downtown Hiroshima

The entrance to Ichiran along Hiroshima‘s Hondori Walk up the stairs, buy your meal ticket and head over to your seat Enclosed eating carrels encircle the kitchen Within each carell you’ll find your own personal water tap and a buzzer to call staff The idea behind the individual carrels is so that customers can focus […]

Hosoya Sandwich

The storefront of Hosoya Sandwhich, one of the oldest burger shops in all of Japan. There is counter seating only in this restaurant. The staff are very friendly and you may soon find yourself in a conversation in Japanese with the staff or in English and/or Japanese with the owner. Burgers, beer, fries, and Japan. […]

5 Flower Parks to Visit in Kyushu

Kuju Flower Park is filled with colorful blooms Kuju Flower Park in Oita Prefecture Fields of canola at the Nokonoshima Island Park Nemophila, or baby blue eyes, at the Uminonakamichi Flower Park Rows of tulip varieties at Flower Park Kagoshima Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka Kuju Flower Park, Oita Kawachi Wisteria Garden, Fukuoka Nokonoshima Island […]

ACROS Building in Tenjin, Fukuoka

The ACROS building from the side. Jasmine at the top of the building. That smell always makes me think of the beginning of summer. I was lucky enough to view the garden before it rained. A view of the river below. Tenjin Central Park is directly in front of the building. One of the flowers […]

Chill at Keya Beach

The beach houses provide large parasols and seating on the beach Parking for beach house customers as well as access to the beach here at the end of the access road A view of Asahi-ya Keya draws good crowds but there's still plenty of room at the beach Boulders to the west of the bay […]

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden

You can get a really great view of the Red Pandas – definitely one of my favourites I had an intimate interaction with the deer; they are very inquisitive Feeling pretty jealous of the Hippopotamus with its swimming pool in the summer sun! A sleepy penguin tucked up in the shade A grumpy owl glaring […]

Fukuoka’s Keya Beach

Keya Beach The beach houses provide plenty of gear, food, drink, and accommodation for those interested The clear, smooth waters of Keya Boulder beauty on the west side Isono-ya is one of the beach houses, or umi-no-ie Fun at Keya Beach Shirahama-ya has the orange roof Rent stand up paddleboards (SUP) and other watersport gear […]

Fukuoka Tower: The City’s Icon

Fukuoka Tower, the city's landmark The tower seen from near the Fukuoka City Museum The tower's fantastic lines The entrance has souvenir shops Fukuoka Tower from the promenade Fukuoka Tower oversees Momochi Beach I'm a massive fan of skyscrapers and modern buildings so when I moved to Fukuoka, I had to make a trip to […]

Fukuoka Tower: "Godzilla’s Tower"

Interior of Fukuoka Tower. Fukuoka Tower Array of antennas at the top of Fukuoka Tower. Interior of Fukuoka Tower. Featured in 1994's Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla, Fukuoka Tower is the highest seaside tower in Japan. The Tower stands 234 meters tall and the observation room is at 123 meters above the ground, offering spectacular 360-degree […]

A Day in Fukuoka City

A lone cat sits and enjoys the sunshine at Tochoji temple in Hakata Tochoji temple is surrounded by interesting buildings with immaculately kept gardens Tochoji temple in Hakata is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan Tochoji temple's five story pagoda Behind Tochoji temple you can find a maze of quiet back streets A […]

Hiking Mt. Kaya

Panoramic view from Mt. Kaya overlooking the rural Itoshima Peninsula Mt. Kaya's conical shape gives it the moniker "Little Mt. Fuji" A look back toward the abandoned orchard and quiet neighborhood on the walk to the trailhead The start of the trail ascending Mt. Kaya Looking down one of the many staircases A carved boulder […]

Hiraodai Karst Plateau

Winter view of Hiraodai Karst Plateau and its grassy mountainsides dotted with limestone formations Hiraodai Countryside Park provides family fun with restaurants, hands-on learning, and souvenirs Large grassy fields at Hiraodai Countryside Park Souvenirs include local sake and ceramics Hiking up Mt. Ohira, the steepest trail Wildflowers here in all seasons One of the scenic […]

Keurig: The Loft

The loft space creates a really chilled atmosphere. Dinner for two please! The pepperoncini pasta with broccoli was amazing. Refreshing iced tea: Be careful–you must keep your beverage covered to prevent sneaky cats from drinking it. Cute cats everywhere! The ceiling rafters make a great climbing frame for the cats. The loft space creates a […]

Kirin Beer Park Cosmos Festival

Venue: Kirin Beer Factory, Fukuoka When: Oct 1st – Oct 31st 2021, 9:30am – 5:00pm Japan is blessed with a bounty of floral beauty to enjoy throughout the year, and flowers often pop up in some rather unique locations! One example of this is Fukuoka's Kirin Beer Factory, which sits next to a large field […]

Kyoho Winery in Kurume City

You can taste many types of wine at once! A small map of the winery The forest of wine is what this grove is called The trees provide pleasant shade and let in the nice and cool breeze The vineyard of Kyoho grapes and some other fruits An entrance leading you into the world of the winery […]

Miyajidake Shrine Iris Festival

Venue: Miyajidake Shrine, Fukuoka When: May 24th – Jun 11th 2021, ~ 9:00pm Each year in the rainy season, Fukuoka's Miyajidake Shrine comes alive with around 100,000 iris flowers in 100 different species decorating the grounds. An annual festival celebrates the beauty of these flowers, and it typically runs from around the last week of […]

Morooka Park

Especially at sunset you’ll have a nice mountain view One round is 650 meters In autumn you’ll see the trees turning red and yellow The track is mostly flat but offers some slopes for better exercise Fukuoka Airport is not far from the park and you can see planes departing and arriving The track is […]

Mt. Iwara Plum Blossoms

Ume precede the more famous sakura, or cherry blossoms, by a month Hear the clacking of a bamboo grove in the spring breeze near the trailhead The trail winds through small, terraced rice fields on mountainsides In another month, the fields will be flooded and planted with seedlings An ume, or plum (apricot) blossom, reaches […]

Nishi Park Sakura Festival

Venue: Nishi Park, Fukuoka When: Late Mar – Mid Apr 2022 The timing of the cherry blossom season is dependent on the forecast data released by the Japan Meteorological Agency each winter, which is subject to change. Our listings are only updated periodically, so please check the official site closer to any event you wish […]

Noko Island Park

Flower Path Flower Path 2 Flower Path 3 Flower Field The Great Lawn & Live Band Dhalia Garden Flower Path I'd never really had an interest in flowers until I arrived at Noko Island Park. Originally a fishing island, the park is now known for its stunning collection of flowers blooming all-year round. Take my […]

Ohana Estate

The Ohana Estate's Western-style annex A corridor leading to the main Japanese-style building The beautiful Shotoen, the garden in the center of the property The Ohana Estate, former residence of the Tachibana family, occupies prime real estate in the center of the canal city of Yanagawa. The Tachibana family had been important supporters of Hideyoshi […]

Outdoor Day Japan: Fukuoka

Venue: Maizuru Park, Fukuoka When: Mid Apr 2022 The Fukuoka edition of the Outdoor Day Japan event will be held at Maizuru Park's Korokan Square, and is a celebration of the latest and greatest in outdoor gear and activities. There will be a wide range of exhibitor booths from companies like Coleman, Hydro Flask, and […]

Paper Crane Illumination at Kashii Kaen

Nov 7th Apr 6th The event banner Venue: Kashii Kaen Sylvania Garden When: Nov 7th – Apr 6th 2021, 5:00pm – 8:30pm As the colder months arrive in Japan, a variety of illumination events start popping up on the calendar. A beautiful one at Fukuoka's Kashii Kaen Sylvania Garden is a spectacular display of color, […]

Mt. Sarakura

Night view from the top of Mt. Sarakura The cable car takes you easily up or down the mountain Slope car that circles around the top of the mountain. Observatory room Daytime view from the top Another view from Mt. Sarakura If you’re looking for a mountain to climb or a romantic spot in Kitakyushu, […]

Shikanoshima along Hakata Bay

The setting sun seen from the island The entrance of Kinin Kouen, the memorial park where the famous golden seal was found A memorial stone made in 1922 with carvings saying ‘the place where the golden seal was found’ A memorial stone with the design of the stamp Another memorial stone in the shape of […]

Shingu Beach

Summer peak brings a party atmosphere A Shingu Beach sunset BYOB: Ice chests stocked with summer beverages are welcome Beach volleyball The broad stretch of sand gives you space to run or enjoy an isolated spot You may catch sight of some entertainment up high When you ask Fukuokans about their top beach, Shingu Beach […]

Shingu-ya Beach House

Shingu Beach has lifeguards, something of a rarity here Inside the spacious Shingu-ya Beach House Host a party or find new friends at the beach house Rent a barbecue set And enjoy the taste of summer Bring your best for a cookout Shingu Beach has lifeguards, something of a rarity here If you want something […]

Strawberry Farm in Fukuoka

Strawberries for sale in the shop (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) Strawberry farm (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) Fresh strawberries (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) You can eat as much as you want (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) All you can eat (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) Heart-shaped strawberry (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) Amaou: a famous type of strawberry in Japan (Photo: Marcella Dita.A) This strawberry […]

Tenjin Christmas Market

Venue: Fukuoka City Hall West Side Fureai Plaza When: Mid – Late Nov 2021 The Tenjin Christmas Market in Fukuoka brings a taste of Christmastime in Europe to the city. The event will have a range of food and drinks on offer (including the always popular mulled wine!) and vendors selling Christmas decorations and other […]

Top 10 Experiences in Fukuoka

Very own unique Hakata doll in the making Yatai way by the river in Fukuoka A helpful and friendly staff does help when making food from scratch! A taste of freedom, cycling in Shikanoshima Island Storefront of cycletourism in Fukuoka Traditional Crafts Museum in Yame Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu, hauls in the excitement […]

Tottan Saltworks

The rustic main building View from the beach approaching the saltworks The harbor you pass through as you near the saltworks has a large, friendly cat population Your imagination may see a big dog here—to watch over all the cats Daikon radishes hanging out to dry The main building allows roof access with a scenic […]

Viewpoint, Shimakeya

Many shades of blue in the Genkai-Nada Sea to ponder Looking east toward Nogita Beach Low lapping sounds among the stones of the shore The view west toward Keya no Ohto Space enough for a long walk The clouds of summer A bike ride or drive through the village near Keya Beach can be a […]

Virgin Baseball Game in Fukuoka

Enthusiastic fans contributed to much of the baseball-watching experience! Fukuoka Dome. Baseball fans queuing to get in. SoftBank Hawks! Hint of sunset over Fukuoka Dome. Cheers of enthusiasm. A toast to the mighty SoftBank Hawks! Night view. Cheerleaders and mascot coming out during intermission. Go go SoftBank Hawks! Cheering balloons let loose into the air. […]

Yame Central Tea Garden

The green fields of Yame Central Tea Garden Rows upon rows of tea bushes A closer look at Yame’s tea bushes Bushes as far as the eye can see Just a sea of green Tricks of color and shadow on the tea fields A view from the hill overlooking the garden Tea bushes a few […]

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