Fukui Traditional Hotel "Yagi"

Hotel Matsuya SenSen in Awara Onsen

Fukui’s Hotel Somayama

Sabae City Hotel

On display in the hotel’s parking area Breakfast Sabae City Hotel is the biggest in Sabae The hotel, from Nishiyama Park My cozy little writing desk My room 1F izakaya, Yoshimitsu, serves good food! Inside Yoshimitsu The lobby Located near Nishisabae Station (Fukutetsu Line) and JR Sabae Station, and famous Nishiyama Park, Sabae City Hotel […]

Seifuso Onsen Hotel

The main room Traditional Japanese-styled dinner Two huge comfortable beds Morning market The entrance of the hotel Buffet dinner Awara onsen is the most famous hot spring town in Fukui prefecture, situated 18 kilometers north of Fukui city. The town has a rich history dating back to 1883. A farmer first found the hot spring […]

Shibuki Onsen Yurari

Entrance to the onsen resort The second level of the onsen resort The accommodation inside the onsen resort The dinner course – fresh sashimi The dinner course – sukiyaki consisting of succulent beef, cabbage and enoki mushrooms Inside the lift that goes diagonally up and down between the onsen accommodation and the onsen itself Outdoor […]

Stay at Auberge Fujii Fermier

Guest room 1 Guest room 2 with alcove-tokonoma Guest room 1 with futon Outside appearance on a winter day garden view from Guest room 1 View around the village of Fujii Fermier Path in the woods aorund the village Beach closest to the village Bamboo woods around the village Hotokenomai performed in a neighboring village […]

Wisteria at Fujishima Shrine

A tuft of wisteria in the sun Wisteria blooming in wilderness Wild beauty bathing in the bright sunlight Small blossoms fluttering in the wind The entrance of Fujishima Shrine in the late afternoon Wild flowers on the shrine grounds White flower blooming toward the sunshine Wisteria in soft purple Wild wisteria dancing in the sunshine […]

A Virtual Journey of Japanese Craftsmanship

Sat Mar 6th When: Saturday – Mar 6th 2021, 1:00pm – 2:30pm Join Japan Travel virtually as we learn from master craftsmen who specialize in traditional knife making and paper (washi) art. Our next online experience takes us to Echizen in Fukui Prefecture where we will visit two local factories and shops that have opened […]

Annual Ajimano Tea Harvest

An elderly woman plucking tea leaves from the plantation. The beautiful Ajimano garden, where 15 poems from the Manyōshū (万葉集) are inscribed into stone. Roof of the Ajimano teahouse. Visitors to the event emptying their collected tea leaves into a huge basket. Visitors washing their hands after harvesting tea leaves. Collecting charcoal to heat up […]

Bewitched by Awara Geisha

Experienced Awara Geishas’ enchanting dance She looks like a goddess in the spotlight Awara Geisha, Ms. Shiori, dancing gracefully with open fan Each movement is extraordinarily beautiful How long does it take to achieve this graceful motion? Take a look at her graceful fingers! Opening and raising the fan high…..so beautiful! She looks like a […]

Buddha Hall of Eiheiji Temple

Front view of 'Butsuden (Buddha Hall)' Splendid wooden signage of Buddha Hall in beautiful colors Wooden sign explaining the history of Buddha Hall. According to it, this Sung-dynasty style hall was rebuilt in 1902 to commemorate the 650-year service for Dogen Zenji, the founder of Eiheiji Temple Colorful stone base of Buddha Hall Buddha Hall […]

Cemetery of Fukui Matsudaira Clan

The entrance stone gate of the cemetery You have to walk up, up, up into the woods to reach the cemetery of the Fukui Matsudaira Clan Seriously?! This sign is attached to a small gate which leads up to the cemetery in the woods. It says, 'Close the gate after you enter it to avoid […]

Cherry Blossoms at Fukui Castle

Main bridge to Fukui Castle and cherry blossoms at night Illuminated Cherry blossoms in Fukui Castle ruins at night. The water in the moat reflects the cherry trees Green light from the lantern is added to the colors of cherry trees The reflection of the main bridge and the cherry trees on the water surface […]

Classic Gate of Eiheiji Temple

Front view of 'Chujakumon Gate' seen from Buddha Hall Closer look at 'Chujakumon Gate', which is located between Buddha Hall and the Main Gate 'Chujakumon Gate' seen from Buddha Hall with a beautiful courtyard in-between Looking up at 'Chujakumon Gate' from the corridor of the Main Gate. The small stone bridge is called 'Robaikyo (old […]

Daian-zenji Temple, Fukui

Daruma painting! The sign explaining the history of the temple. This temple is designated as an important cultural properties The main temple building. The most of the buildings here remain the same as they were constructed in 1658 Daruma paintings are everywhere in this temple, as this is the Zen temple and Daruma is Dharma, […]

Dharma Hall of Eiheiji Temple

Gorgeous golden Buddhist decorations hanging from the ceiling of Hattō, the Dharma Hall (Lecture Hall) Sign indicating direction to Hattō (Lecture Hall) Hattō (Lecture Hall) is located at the highest place on the temple grounds, at the top of the hill, and visitors have to climb up up up the long stairs! Hattō (Lecture Hall) […]

Dramatic Kanegasaki Castle Ruins

View of the Port of Tsuruga from the top of Mt. Kanegasaki, where Kanegasaki Castle Ruins is located Wooden post indicating that this pathway to the castle ruins is called 'Flower Exchange Pathway'; the name comes from a famous festival at Kanegasaki Shrine, which stands on the ruins Yet no flowers are to be seen, […]

Echizen Asakura Mantoya Lightup

Lit-up lanterns flowing down the Ichijodani River Event staff preparing for the coming night on a Samurai street in Ichijodani Asakura Ruins Young men and women in Yukata…there was a match-making event and wearing Yukata was a rule they had to follow in order to participate It was getting dark and people were busy preparing […]

Echizen Traditional Tansu Craft

A tansu on display in the cafe Along Echizen city's tansu road One can identify a tansu shop in Echizen's tansu road through these displays hanging from the ceiling Mr Yoshio's tansu shop Some of Mr Yoshio's impressive antique tansu collection. He has about 20 pieces like this in his attic! An antique stair/storage tansu beloinging to Mr […]

Eiheiji Temple’s Glorious Main Gate

Close-up view of 'Seiho Kōmoku-ten', the statue of the King of West High ceiling of the vast main gate of Eiheiji Temple Main Gate (Sanmon) of Eiheiji, viewed from above Signage hanging high from the ceiling of Main Gate. It was written and hung in 1772. Buddhist prayers are written on it Two statues of […]

Eishoji Temple, Tsuruga: Fukui

Eishoji Temple in Tsuruga, Fukui, is the family temple of a famous samurai, Otani Yoshitsugu Crow perched on a stone pillar standing in front of Eishoji Temple Looking up at the gate Pine tree and belfry Sign explaining the stone monument of Otani Yoshitsugu on the temple grounds This is the stone monument to Otani […]

Famous Belfry of Eiheiji Temple

Belfry of Eiheiji Temple surrounded by tall cedar trees Famous belfry stands in a silent forest Close-up look at the famous bell of Eiheiji Temple. This weighs five tons! Apart from the tolling on New Year's Eve, it's struck four times a day by a monk regularly (morning, noon, afternoon and night) The wooden belfry […]

Founder’s Hall of Eiheiji Temple

'Jōyōden', the mausoleum where the ashes of Eiheiji Temple's founder, Dogen Zenji, rest Wooden sign explaining the Founder's Hall, 'Jōyōden', the mausoleum of Dogen Zenji, who founded Eiheiji Temple in 1244 Wooden signage of 'Jōyōden' Inside view of 'Jōyōden', the mausoleum of Dogen Zenji. The wooden signage hung in the center was written and dedicated […]

Fujino Genkuro Memorial Hall

An exterior shot of the Fujino Genkuro Memorial Hall (Photo: Shozo Fujii) A period nameplate hangs on the outside gate (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Outside the hall in the garden is a statue of Lu Xun and Genkuro (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Inside the memorial hall, interesting exhibits of the history and exchanges of Lu Xun and […]

Fujishima Shrine, Fukui

The stark contrast between Red torii gate of Fujishima Shrine and the blue sky Long stone steps leading to the entrance of Fujishima Shrine on the hillside of Mount Asuwa Deep green signage of Fujishima Shrine hanging on the red torii gate Statue of guardian dog barking at the blue sky Stone marker of Fujishima […]

Fukui: Mt. Asuwa Tea Ceremony

Under the watchful eye of the master, the apprentice is making tea with a very serious face Waiting eagerly for the tea & cake to be served Beautifully attired in elegant kimono, one of the hostesses of the ceremony serves tea gracefully Since each tea is served gracefully (slowly), guests have to wait for a […]

Fukui: Asuwa Shrine in Mt. Asuwa

Asuwa Shrine, viewed from afar 370-year-old weeping cherry Inside Asuwa Shrine grounds 370-year-old weeping cherry, beautiful even in autumn without cherry blossoms Weeping cherry at night Asuwa Shrine, from up-close Inside the shrine grounds. Sunshine is filtering through foliage…beautiful Yellow gingko tree halfway up Mt. Asuwa Mt. Asuwa in November; the foliage is beautiful Halfway […]

Fukui Castle and Yuki Hideyasu

Close-up of Yuki Hideyasu's statue in Fukui Castle Ruins Statue of Yuki Hideyasu in samurai armor Stone monument explaining how he became the first lord of Fukui Region. After the Battle of Sekigahara, he was given the fiefdom of Echizen / Fukui Area (with annual revenue of 680,000 Goku, about 500 million dollars) Statue of […]

Fukui Castle in Spring

Pretty pink cherry blossoms decorating the castle moat View of the castle bridge under the blue sky in spring A line of cherry trees iin full bloom at the entrance of Fukui Castle Ruins Castle bridge and cherry blossoms seen with snow-capped mountains in the distance Cascading over the stone wall, cherry blossoms radiant under […]

Fukui Children’s Museum

The Friendly Bus stops right in front of the museum The museum logo Lots to see and do here A lot of wide space and pretty wood floors Puzzle art A family friendly museum, but there is not much English support A fun corner One of the puzzle art pieces on display Outside the Fukui […]

Fukui Dinosaur Museum

This one was scary Down, down, down into the belly of the beast One of the many wonderful exhibits The high dome ceiling allows for some very tall exhibits The exhibits can be seen from many angles Some of the exhibits include some English Row after row of dinosaur stuff Impressive! Looking down on the […]

Fukui: Ichijodani Asakura Ruins

Entrance gate to the ruins of the Asakura family residence Ruins of the Asakura family residence viewed from one of the gardens above. Idyllic fields and mountains are in the background The restored Samurai residences viewed from the Asakura family residence Entrance gate to the ruins of the Asakura family residence When I had moved […]

Fukui International Activity Plaza

The Fukui International Activity Plaza An all purpose hall at the B1 level includes a very big hall with over 200 seats for not only lectures but concerts Information Library on the 1st floor Guidance information at the entrance of the Information library written in several languages Eating or drinking is prohibited inside. You can […]

Fukui’s Abaka Kasuga Shrine

Looking down from the wooded hill behind the shrine One of the guardians of the shrine Nothing fancy; just a beautiful, old, local shrine A unique curving support beam A view from above View from the side View from the back The shrine was isolated and quiet Very old wooden construction Close up view from […]

Fukui’s Beautiful Eihei-ji Temple

The surrounding temple grounds contain many beautiful statues You can walk freely around inside this beautiful temple Depending on the lighting, the deep green of the moss can be extremely beautiful The same stones, from a different angle You get the feeling here that this temple is quite old Majestic and mysterious at the same […]

Fukui’s Yokokan Garden

The house and pond in elegant b&w The day I visited, a Ikebana group was just finishing up The house has many open rooms looking out onto a pond Cool in the summer… But, perhaps, cold in the winter! Even the ceilings are simple and beautiful Lovely shadows in the late afternoon The home is […]

Fukui’s Taichoji Temple in Snow

Snow-capped statue of the monk Taicho standing silently on the temple grounds The stone stairs to Taichoji Temple were all buried in snow Belfry at the entrance of Taichoji Temple Main hall of Taichoji Temple in a sleety rain Close-up look at the snow-capped statue of the monk Taicho. Come rain or come snow, his […]

Fukui Toastmasters Club

Meet cheerful members with pretty smiles Regular meeting……at a lecture room in University of Fukui Toastmaster of the Evening(M.C.) is laughing out loud! Table Topic Master(impromptu speech session) with broad smile Making Table Topic Speech with all smiles Expressive body language with cute smile If you happen to be marooned in Fukui, or fed up […]

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