Hakatajima Michi no Eki


Hakurakuten in Imabari

Hiyoshi Yumesanchi Road Station

Hiyoshi Michi no Eki Yumesanchi The main gateway The sign Farmer’s market Souvenirs and produce Hearty food on the road Hiyoshi Michi no Eki Yumesanchi Hiyoshi Yumesanchi is a Road Station with a restaurant, food stalls, restrooms, and a marketplace selling fresh, local produce. Chances are that if you’re traveling by car in the southern […]


Kimchi Katsu-don Outside Gokaku cutlet shop in Saijo Outside Kimchi Katsu-don (Photo: Bret de Colebi) A hole in the wall, a hide-away, and the best kept secret of its patrons, the ever popular Gokaku is the best place for pork cutlets—if you can get a seat. Located between the northwest entrance of the shotengai and […]

Honebuto Mikaku Ramen

Tonkotsu ramen topped with a great mound of sliced pork Honebuto Mikaku ramen on Ropeway Dori The interior Tonkotsu ramen topped with a great mound of sliced pork Ropeway Dori is one of Matsuyama’s liveliest streets and it’s home to all sorts of restaurants, shops and bars. Pushed for time one evening, I decided to […]

Ikeda-ya Restaurant

The exterior of Ikeda-ya in Uwa, Seiyo The beautifully prepared lunch Inside the restaurant The exterior of Ikeda-ya in Uwa, Seiyo Would you like to eat a delicious, artfully prepared lunch in an old sake brewery? For a very reasonable price? I certainly would. I got my chance when I visited the old section of […]

Iki-ikikan Road Station

Seafood for BBQ at Iki-ikikan Ichigo daifuku and a suspension bridge The BBQ facilities Souvenirs of Imabari Various styles of preserved fish Fresh seafood Seafood for BBQ at Iki-ikikan Iki-ikikan is a Road Station with a restaurant, food stalls, restrooms, and a marketplace selling fresh, local produce. The name of this Road Station—Michi-no-Eki in Japanese— […]

Ikko Restaurant in Saijo

Ikko seafood restaurant, Saijo The cash register, with an amazing painting of the Saijo Festival Interior The counter 1300 yen Sashimi Plate Another lovely picture to add to the decor Ikko seafood restaurant, Saijo (Photo: Bret de Colebi) UPDATE: This restaurant has unfortunately closed since this article was published. If you're looking for reasonably priced […]

Imabari Yunoura Heights Onsen

Soap is provided The big jacuzzi Picture window of the Seto Inland Sea Soap is provided Imabari Yunoura Heights onsen is the public bathing area of the Imabari Yunoura Heights hotel, located just outside the town of Imabari on a hill above the seaside where hot springs rise. The area is called Yunoura, and there […]

Isokairaku Robata Yaki in Imabari

Fish and sake Isokairaku Robata Yaki in Imabari from the street Plenty of types of shochu to choose from Fish and sake When I stayed at the Imabari Station Hotel, I asked the desk manager if he could recommend me somewhere to eat that evening. Speaking like a lawyer, he said “I can't actually recommend […]

Isonokawa Restaurant in Hojo [Closed]

Isonokawa Restaurant on the Hojo seafront The tempura lunch at Isonokawa The typical Japanese interior of Isonokawa Isonokawa Restaurant on the Hojo seafront Archived content The location on this page has been reported permanently closed. Last updated: May 17, 2021 Route 347 is the old road between Matsuyama and Imabari. It winds in a leisurely […]

Italian Bar Toraishi

The fairground exterior of Toraishi Italian restaurant Appetizers and red wine The restaurant gets pretty full on Saturday night The fairground exterior of Toraishi Italian restaurant On Yasaka Dori in central Matsuyama is a building that looks like a circus, or maybe a toy shop. The signboard over the entrance shows a teddy bear dressed […]

Itani Benkyodo

You can help yourself to all kinds of sauces and spices, as well as tea A mist spray and shade combination make waiting for pick up ice cream cool In all its glory The basic menu Things are always being added to the menu Several pounds of candy! You can help yourself to all kinds […]

Ivy House Restaurant

Ivy House restaurant Golden Curry with chicken katsu A mariner Ivy House restaurant The coast road between Matsuyama and Imabari winds along beside the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, passing picturesque outcrops of rock topped with pine trees. Here and there you can see twin rocks in the sea linked with ropes of rice straw hung […]

Iyotetsu Takashimaya Department Store

The corner entrance Kururin – the Ferris wheel on the roof Bling! The corner entrance There are two prestigious department stores in Matsuyama, Iyotetsu Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi, within easy walking distance of each other. Here we’ll have a look at Takashimaya. The Iyotetsu Takashimaya building is actually the terminus for the Iyo Railway Co., (Iyotetsu), […]

Joryu Taiwanese Food

Taiwanese ramen and tenshin-han at Joryu Taiwanese Food in Saijo All of the food available is displayed in the windows with the prices Joryu Taiwanese Food is right beside Route 140 Taiwanese ramen and tenshin-han at Joryu Taiwanese Food in Saijo Route 140 through Saijo has many places to eat, all of which look tempting. […]

Shioji Kaisen Restaurant

Sushi, udon, and tempura Shioji Kaisen Restaurant Picture window facing the Seto Inland Sea Sushi, udon, and tempura Route 378 runs along the Seto Inland Sea, passing through Iyo, Futami and Nagahama. It’s a popular road with drivers, motorbike riders, and cyclists alike, offering expansive views out over the sea on one side, and steep […]

Karasu Restaurant

The view from the road They eponymous crow Omrice, soup and salad The view from the road The area called Mitsu in Matsuyama is full of historical buildings, and one of them is the Hakuyo Kaikan, originally an educational facility for girls. But in its current incarnation as a restaurant, you might not even notice […]


Do you feel the hunger? Here fries two orders of chicken and french fries The one man chicken shop, Kariju Founder Yuichi at work Left: Standard French fries, Right: With the habanero spice Simple. Elegant. 3 food and 2 spice options = Complete This is what the parking area looks like – wide, spacious, convenient […]

Kazeyanagi Restaurant

Kazeyanagi The delicious eel lunch The exterior From the road to Matsuyama City Station Upstairs Welcoming water feature Kazeyanagi Kazeyanagi is a little restaurant with a big presence. It stands on a corner of Chifunemachi Dori, drawing a lot of attention with its red and yellow plaster exterior, elegant stained glass windows, and the section […]

Kazu Yakitori and Izakaya

Kazu Yakitori and Izakaya Concentration Sumo handrpints on the wall Kazu Yakitori and Izakaya Matsuyama’s entertainment district is centered around the Okaido arcade. The surrounding streets are filled with a bewildering array of restaurants, all with attractive lights and tempting menus posted outside. It can be very hard to choose one as a haven for […]


(Photo: Bret de Colebi) Kerun is the kind of restaurant that is at once fine dining and a rustic neighborhood haunt. You can stop by for a 700 yen lunch, or you can order a 6,000 yen top-of-the-line steak. You can have some free tea or premium drinks. Every table has a teppan (griddle), and […]

Kikyou Restaurant

Cute Minature Zashiki Room Rustic and Cute A Great Place to Drink Cute Minature Zashiki Room (Photo: Bret de Colebi) There are two things about this place that stand out immediately before you enter Location—It is located within sight of Saijo Station, just to the north of it. It is also just a few blocks […]

Kimono in Imabari

A stylish old building in the backstreets of Imabari The weeping willow is your landmark Beautiful goods … A stylish old building in the backstreets of Imabari One of the features of Imabari is its arcades and commercial district arranged in a regular grid. Many of the buildings are old, and they speak of the […]

Kiri no Mori

The river at Kiri no Mori Kiri no mori’s famous daifuku, served with matcha. Kiri no mori’s gorgeous scenery The river at Kiri no Mori Nestled in the mountains of Shikokuchuo City in Ehime is Kiri no Mori, a sweet shop and cafe famous among locals. And while it might not be known outside of […]

Kokemushiro Café

A ceramic tanuki greets you at the entrance to Kokemushiro Café The café looks out onto a scene of deep and mysterious serenity A simple cup of green tea with a bonne bouche Another ceramic character enlivens the interior of Kokemushiro Café The forested slopes around Kokemushiro Cafe (Photo: Agustín Morales) The depth of the […]

Cafe Kokoro in Saijo

A solid stone separates the kitchen from the dining area Very traditionally styled Black shichimi? Delicious!! A solid stone separates the kitchen from the dining area (Photo: Bret de Colebi) Often in Japan it can be hard to find a healthy lunch option, what with the fried chicken, fatty cuts of beef or pork, katsu, […]

Kur Therme Hosenbo Cafeteria

Curry soup with sausages and ham A comfortable Japanese-style sitting area Plenty of choices Curry soup with sausages and ham When you’re traveling by car in the southern part of Ehime, you can go for long stretches without seeing a single place to eat. So it’s good to know where the eateries are, especially the […]


The exterior of Kurazen, built to resemble an old rice storehouse The counter section of Kurazen Two dishes from the Shimanami course menu Looking for a typical Japanese izakaya that serves local specialties near Imabari's main tourist sites? Kurazen, an izakaya in a traditional-style warehouse building (kura) is the perfect solution should you find yourself in […]

Kushihide Chicken Restaurant

Kushihide chicken restaurant in central Matsuyama Chicken sashimi and salad Chicken hamburger with demi-glace sauce Kushihide chicken restaurant in central Matsuyama In the entertainment district of Matsuyama stands an elegant building with a façade of white plaster and tile, a traditional wooden signboard, and an evocative Meiji-period lamp. There may be other excellent chicken restaurants […]

Kyodo Ryori Goshiki in Matsuyama

The curtain of somen noodles at Goshiki in Matsuyama The facade of Goshiki restaurant The somen and sushi set lunch at Kyodo Ryori Goshiki The curtain of somen noodles at Goshiki in Matsuyama There are many attractive places to eat in the centre of Matsuyama, and some of the places have been in business for […]

La Sera Restaurant

The entrance is easily overlooked How to make lasagna And a sizzling dish of lasagna The entrance is easily overlooked La Sera is an unassuming Italian restaurant on the second floor above a shop on Chifune Dori in central Matsuyama. Unassuming as it may be, once you’ve had the lasagna at La Sera, it becomes […]

Ladki Indian Restaurant

The entrance to Ladki Indian restaurant Too busy eating to take photographs The colorful interior The entrance to Ladki Indian restaurant Ladki is one of Matsuyama’s longest established Indian restaurants. It’s located on Hanazonomachi, an attractive street just round the corner from Matsuyama’s City Station, which sends out a constant stream of trams and Botchan […]

Izumi no Mori Restaurant

Izumi no Mori highway stop (Photo: Bret de Colebi) This is a very reliable highway rest stop. In fact, we should think of it as that because that is certainly its defining characteristic. Located right on the side of highway eleven, between the Saijo and Komatsu exists from the Matsuyama Expressway, it is very easy […]

Love Crepe

Love Crepe kitchen Love Crepe barista How about some hot caramel ice cream? Love Crepe map Love Crepe fresh ingredients Love Crepe interior scene Love Crepe kitchen (Photo: Bret de Colebi) Love Crepe is a special class of café. One whose uniqueness, both in style and quality of product, obliges me to make it my […]

Lunch at Akarenga Kohikan

Akarenga Kohikan The entrance Clientele who like to smoke Antiques Tonkatsu lunch set Did you mean Best Japanese Shoyu perhaps? Akarenga Kohikan Walk up Ropeway Dori a short distance and on the right you’ll find a distinctive little brick house sandwiched between blank concrete walls. This is the Akarenga Kohikan—the Red Brick Coffee House. It’s […]

Teiregi Chaya in Jonofuchi Koen

A pleasant and relaxing interior Teiregi Chaya in Jonofuchi Park Great coffee too A very well presented lunch The entrance Kobo Daishi’s magic spring next to the tea house A pleasant and relaxing interior Close to Sairin-ji Temple on the 88 temple pilgrimage route is a rather lovely park in an otherwise unremarkable urban setting. […]

Uchiko Machinami

The Ōmori candle shop. The Ōmori candle shop sells handmade Japanese candles as well as locally made wrought iron candle holders. Many of the preserved buildings have beautiful details. Learn more about the architectural features with the Uchiko Volunteer Guides for Foreigners. Small-town living means honesty shops abound. The machinami hosted a traditional wedding parade […]

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