Beginnings of Spring at Naritasan

Camping at Uchiurayama

Chiba Lotte Marines Museum

Chiba Park in Autumn

Ginkgo trees grace the scene. Watauchi Pond. Rent a boat! Ginkgo trees. A crisp fall day. Watauchi Pond. Falling leaves in the autumn and flowers in the spring. Ginkgo leaves on the ground. A map of the area. Chiba Park is a not-so-hidden gem in Chiba City, about a 15-minute walk from Chiba Station in […]

Chiba Port Tower Experience

Chiba Port Tower: not to be underappreciated No frills – just a beautiful spot to watch from Chiba Port Set in Chiba Port Park, with a nice waterfront 125 meters of sleek, mirrored glass A nice view of Chiba Chiba Port Tower: not to be underappreciated Ask most Tokyoites about the Chiba Port Tower, and […]

Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort

“Disney Christmas Stories” Parade Entrance “Disney Christmas Stories” Parade Christmas decorations Celebration Street “It’s Christmas Time!” Show Nov 8th Dec 25th “Disney Christmas Stories” Parade Venue: Tokyo Disney Resort When: Nov 8th – Dec 25th 2018, 8:00am – 10:00pm Chirstmas has arrived at Tokyo Disney Resort, featuring new shows, beautiful decorations, as well as seasonal […]

Disney’s Halloween

Disney’s Halloween Mickey Mouse in Halloween mode The Spooky “Boo!” Parade Disney’s Halloween Special Set featuring a Jack Skeleton sandwich © Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Disney’s Halloween Venue: Tokyo Disney Resort When: Sep 11th – Oct 31st 2018, 8:00am – 10:00pm Halloween lands at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea this autumn, with the […]

Dream Dairy Farm in Narita

A speaking “Granddad Tractor” Tram under the clear sky Soft and woolly body Sleepy face Thoughtful mood in a difficult spot Too crowded to feed Quiet tram-road crossing in the early evening The ranch, “Narita Dream Dairy Farm”, is located in Narita City in Chiba prefecture. It includes a vast area of about 300 thousand […]

Early Sakura in Chiba

Sakura blossoms can be several shades of pink as well as white. Sakura season usually comes in Chiba in April. A few trees blossomed early in March. Another type of sakura. The cherry blossoms have a sweet fragrance. These are in Sosa City, Chiba. Sakura blossoms only last a week or two. A few sakura […]

Enjoy Great Nature at Futtsu Park

Exhausting to get up, but worth the view! View from an observation deck You will find many benches to enjoy your lunch Futtsu Park is located on Futtsu Cape Some trees are bent from wind The park also has some lakes Even though there is a path, it feels like being deep in the woods […]

February Plum Blossoms

A close-up photo. Plum tree in Chiba. Plum blossoms in Chiba in the morning. Plum blossoms in Chiba in the morning. The blossoms are usually before cherry blossoms. I found blossoms in 4 spots on my morning walk. Plum tree blossoms in early February in Chiba. The blossoms cover the branches. “Ume” means plum in […]

Funabashi Andersen Park

Tulips and a Dutch windmill (Photo: Olga Kaneda) The statue of the great fairytale writer (Photo: Olga Kaneda) Cute umbrella-shaped outdoor planter (Photo: Olga Kaneda) Rainbow Pond in the Kids Kingdom Zone (Photo: Olga Kaneda) You can see the park’s flower art from the bridge (Photo: Olga Kaneda) Time for a snack, Denmark-style (Photo: Olga […]

GEAR Performance Hits Chiba Minato

GEAR is an energetic, aesthetically pleasing, non-verbal performance with a moving story that hits every emotion. Born out of Kyoto, the performance can now also be enjoyed in the Kanto region at the Chiba Port Square Complex in the Chiba Minato area in what is dubbed GEAR “East Version”. The story, which is set in […]

Glicopia Chiba

Glico’s iconic running man The shining and impeccably clean factory Get your mint chocolate ice cream fix from the ever popular 17 Ice vending machine The Glico showroom stocks specialty and regional sweets Experience making ice cream Inflatable sweets toys spell out Riewa era name Glico’s iconic running man (Photo: Elizabeth Scally) Tokyo’s summers are […]

Harbor Circuit Outdoor Karting Kisazaru

Harbor Circuit RX-8 Go-karts Harbor Circuit Entrance The track Overview of the tracks Overview of the RX-8 Go-karts The kids track Get ready for some kart racing! Harbor Circuit has launched an all-new high-speed outdoor go-kart circuit track in the Tokyo area. The new 430-meter track consists of sharp turns for technical drivers and straight […]

Hiking Mount Nokogiri

The start of the forest trail Up ahead the forest becomes very dense, making sense of direction a little difficult to maintain Parts of the path can be quite muddy And other parts very steep But the forest itself is beautiful From the top, you can see across the bay towards Kanagawa And down the […]

In Transit at Narita Airport?

Naritasan’s main approach with its many shops and restaurants The main gate to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Narita Shinshoji‘s main building and pagoda Unaju (or unadon) a tradition eel and rice dish The rice ball lunch set at Roadside Station Tako Ajisai-kan Rent a power-assisted bicycle at Roadside Station Tako Ajisai-kan Naritasan’s main approach with its […]

Inage Seaside Park Pool in Chiba

Inage Seaside Park Pool Map. My favorite pool. Top View taken from the second floor restaurant. Best to be under the shed like this one. Cool-off with ice crushed flavored mix (kakekori) for 300yen. I like ichigo flavor (strawberry), try it. Have a brunch with this food store inside (Price is 30 to 50yen higher […]

Izumi Nature Park in Fall, Chiba

Red maple leaves are a sure sign of Autumn The duck pond is surrounded by glorious trees A birdseye view of the duck pond from Izumi Nature Bridge Many trails such as this are scattered throughout the park Beautiful reflections of Autumn Red, gold, and green leaves are so vibrant here Izumi Nature Park is one of […]

Japanese Pear Picking in Chiba

Japanese Pear Orchard Takaai Pear Farm in Chiba Japanese pears covered in paper bags Chiba Prefecture is one of Japan's leading producers of nashi, or Japanese pears. From the end of August to early October, visitors to many parts of Chiba can enjoy nashi-gari, or Japanese pear picking. But hurry; the season is quickly coming […]

Kamogawa Sea World Adventure

The huge aquarium full of marine life is highly relaxing Entrance to the Kamogawa Sea World park Surfing on a killer whale, only at Sea World Three dolphins jumping together to touch high altitude balls Jellyfish floating around and having fun Gigantic crab, the one on the left is about hand-sized Beluga whale saying hello […]

Kamogawa Sea World

An ocean view from Kamogawa Sea World The acrobatic talent of the dolphins is impressive The dolphins appear to dance on the water The incredible speed of the dolphins allows for some serious “hang time” The killer whale has been trained to spit water into the air One of the whale trainers works with her […]

Kamogawa Seaworld

Kamogawa Seaworld sits along the Tohjoh Beach, facing the Pacific Ocean in Kamogawa city. If you’re after hands-on experience, Kamogawa Seaworld is definitely the place to be. They have over 11,000 sea and freshwater animals of over 800 species. Performances by the killer whale, dolphins, sea lions and belugas are a must-see. It is one […]

Kounotori no Sato Stork Preserve

The observation area allows a close view, but who is watching who? Kounotori no Sato, Noda City’s oriental stork preserve Walk this way to meet the storks Many life size models to help bird watchers spot the storks The patriarch Ko-kun There are paper and textile ornaments made by fans of the storks In rice […]

Light Snow Graces Chiba Coastline

Snow dusted the trees on a cold morning in Sosa City, Chiba. Plum blossoms dusted with snow. A nearby temple area. Snow “caps.” A strange sight — oranges with snow on them. Chilly plum blossoms. A light dusting of snow around 7 a.m. Even the rice fields got some snow. The eastern most coast of […]

Makuhari Beach in Winter

Silhouettes against a gray world Uncrunched shells free of August’s stampeding feet Alone together in the world Father and daughter exploring the world together A nautical scene Facing forward A busy December day at the beach Land’s arm reaching into Tokyo Bay Underfoot Concrete steps to the water The clouds roll in This is kite […]

Chiba’s Makuhari Convention Hall

Designed by an award-winning architect Tokyo Auto Salon at Makuhari Messe Tours for photographers are also available Electronic dance musicians Orbital perform at the Electraglide music festival in Makuhari Messe The sophisticated outside landscaping Welcome! Designed by an award-winning architect Makuhari Messe is a massive convention center that hosts numerous trade shows, concerts, business conferences, […]

Makuhari Seaside Park

A beautiful park with a chic urban backdrop The flower clock Come inside! Nice place to stop for a rest A peaceful walk Making your way to the playground A beautiful park with a chic urban backdrop Running through the center of the chic Makuhari district of Chiba Prefecture is the Makuhari Seaside Park, a […]

Mother Bokujo Autumn Festival

So much space Some of the amazing space at Mother Bokujo Ticket entrance Venue: Mother Farm When: Early Sep – Late Nov 2021 Imagining wide, open spaces in Japan can be a chore, but anyone who has stepped outside of Tokyo proper will know that open space abounds. And space is good, especially when travelling […]

Mother Bokujo Farm Experience

Hands-on animal experience Pig races Get away from the concrete jungle Sheep-shearing This horse is outstanding in his field Springtime sakura bloom a little later here, so if you miss them in Tokyo… Hands-on animal experience (Photo: Mother Farm) Mother Farm, aka Mother Bokujo (or マザー牧場 if you are so inclined), is a fantastic family […]

Mother Bokujo Farm in Chiba

Entrance Sheep celebrities Nice to meet you Entrance (Photo: Richard Ashley) Mother Bokujo (Mother Farm) is one of the places that brings back my pleasurable yet nostalgic childhood memories of living in the Chiba countryside. The farm is quite a popular destination from the Tokyo metropolitan area. You will find easy access by train or […]

Mount Nokogiri, Boso Peninsula

A tall relief image of Kannon carved into the wall 1500 hand-carved buddha sculptures on the way Small shrine on the top of Mount Nokogiri The edge of the cliff on Mount Nokogiri Japan’s largest daibutsu (a big statue of Buddha), sculpted into the side of the mountain Another view of the daibutsu Coastline near […]

Mt Nokogiriyama by Ferry & Ropeway

Mt Nokogiriyama or “Sawtooth Mountain” acquired its distinctive profile from its history as a stone quarry during the Edo Period. Pictured here is Hyakusyaku Kannon and famous cliff, Jigokunozoki(地獄覗き), which literary means “hell watch stand.” The Nokogiriyama Ropeway is open daily from 9:00am – 5:00pm (weather permitting). Adults 500 yen one-way, 930 yen roundtrip; Children […]

Narita Transit Experiences

A large scale model of a Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747 flight simulator at the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences The exterior of the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences Airplane Hill is a surprisingly romantic destination Portrait of Amsterdam citizen by Rembrandt, paired picture of wife, at the Cleveland Museum of Art Historic town Sawara A large scale […]

Nokogiri-yama, Chiba

The Jigoku-nozoki (“a peep at Hell”) view from the hiking course 50m cliff The Jigoku-nozoki (“a peep at Hell”) Nokogiri-yama (or “saw-mountain”), as its name implies, is like the teeth on the blade of a saw. This mountain forms the boundary between the Kazusa and Awa areas of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba, and it […]

Chofukumaru Sports Fishing, Ohara

One of the boats Chofukumaru Sports Fishing, Ohara Nice catch Fishing Chofukumaru Sports Fishing, Ohara Another nice catch One of the boats Japan, being an Island nation, is famous for it’s incredible seafood and consequently, it’s fishing fleet. There are thousands of fishing villages and towns on the coast of Japan, and many of these […]

Ōtaki Forest

3 different looks of wild chestnuts.  Don't be afraid to explore the many hiking trails. What chestnuts look like in nature. Camp over night in one of the comfortable cabins. Beware of snakes! A cement dam structure. To me, the Japanese autumn season surely means it's time for chestnuts or “kuri.” I spotted plenty of […]

Beautiful, Overlooked Sakura Spots

At Kobayashi Sakura Matsuri At Kobayashi Sakura Matsuri At Kobayashi Sakura Matsuri At Kobayashi Park At Kobayashi Park On the way to Narita Temple On the way to Narita Temple At Kobayashi Park At Kobayashi Park The stunning sakura viewing spots in Kobayashi, Chiba Prefecture are hidden treasures tucked away from the swamp of crowds […]

Pixar Playtime at Tokyo Disney Sea

Venue: Tokyo DisneySea When: Jan 11th – Mar 25th 2019, 8:00am – 10:00pm Your favorite characters are back for another celebration of Pixar stories this winter at Tokyo Disney Sea. This limited-time, Pixar-themed event “Pixar Playtime” is running now until March 25th. “Pixar Playtime Pals” show returns to the center stage at the Mediterranean Harbor, […]

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