Guide to Photography Part 2: Light

Hydrangea Viewing at Unshoji Temple

The Giant Tug of War of Kariwano

Kosaka Mining Office

For an additional fee you can try on period costumes and do a photo shoot around the facility. Winter view from behind the statue residents of the mining office. Side front view of the mining office. Climb up the spiral staircase and be greeted by an antique lamp. The style of the day called for […]

Mato Park Sakura Festival

Venue: Mato Park, Akita When: Mid – Late Apr 2022 From around mid to late April each year, Akita's Mato Park is home to an incredible 2000 cherry trees in bloom – it's no surprise that the venue was named as one of Japan's Top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots back in 1990. The annual […]

Misato Town Lavender Festival

Venue: Misato, Semboku District, Akita, Japan When: Jun 15th – Jul 10th 2021 Each year in early summer, Misato Town in Akita Prefecture is home to a lavender festival that blankets the ground in colorful beauty. There are around 20,000 lavender plants filling a space of approximately 2 hectares, with several varieties on display. One […]

Mount Chokai

The first peak Mt. Chokai seen fron Yokote, Akita The view from the lodge The view from the top A hearty breakfast for a long climb The paved trail of the North Face Mount Chokai is the second highest mountain in Tohoku but the highest is Yamagata and Akita. It has long been venerated as […]

Nanataki Falls

Green scenery and a splendid waterfall Nanataki Falls in Northern Akita Prefecture Nanataki Falls in Northern Akita Prefecture Green scenery and a splendid waterfall Less than 20 km southwest of the famous Lake Towada lies another beauty of nature, the Nanataki Falls. Literally meaning “seven waterfalls,” Nanataki Falls was listed as one of Japan’s top […]

Ninja Training and Obstacle Course

The ultimate challenge is conquering the massive tower. Oh, that’s a fun one. I think I’ll pass on the water course. Signs offer advice for the apprentice athlete. Let the training begin! The Tower. Are you ninja enough to conquer it? The ultimate challenge is conquering the massive tower. My body was covered in sweat […]

Odaiko Hall, Akita

Only the most experienced drummers are allowed to play the biggest drum in the world. The large taiko drums of the museum are paraded in the streets annually. A set of enormous drums call the museum home. In the same parking lot of the museum is the Takanosu rest area. There is a rest room, […]

Odate Rose Festival

Venue: Ishida Rose Garden When: Jun 1st – Jun 30th 2021, 9:00am – 5:00pm Rose fan? The annual Odate Rose Festival takes place at the Ishida Rose Garden in Akita, and the event showcases around 500 different types of these beautiful flowers for visitors to enjoy. Along with the spectacular blooms to admire, there will […]

Odate Shining Street

Early Dec Mid Jan Odate Shining Street Illumination official event flyer Venue: Odate Municipal General Hospital When: Early Dec – Mid Jan 2022 The 14th annual Odate Shining Street will start on Saturday December 5th and run until Monday January 11th. Normally, they have a switch on event on the first night. However, this year […]

Oga Aquarium Gao

Oga Aquarium GAO Sting Rays floating by us I don´t think I want to go near you fishes aplenty well, I could probably hide in there Where´s nemo? Amazing view of the peninsula from the aquarium Jelly fish Polar bear playing around Seals enjoying a swim ​Oga Aquarium GAO is located at the Oga Peninsula, […]

Oga City Namahage Ride

Namahage at Monzen The Ride begins! Namahage at Cape Nyudozaki (From left) Chris, Robertson, Ryan, and Jake Coast at the Oga Aquarium Coast of Monzen The Namahage Ride in Oga, Akita is really an event like no other. Participants come in from all over the country in order to cycle 100 kilometers around the Oga […]

Omoriyama Zoo Akita

and the star of the zoo, the giraffe. Towering over everyone around the zoo, you can see them from a distance Watching red flamengos Penguins lurking around their pool, getting some moisture from the midday sun Open air zoo and definitely spacious Omoriyama Zoo Goat farm, where you get the chance to geed the goats […]

Osarizawa Mine in Akita

Chemical pools at Osarizawa Mine Edo history lives underground The mine entrance Inside the tunnels Mannequins in the mine give a glimpse to what went on under the earth Accent lighting add to the mine’s mystique The mines of northern Akita were once the largest of Japan, and at one time, the world. Osarizawa Mine, […]

Senshu Park Sakura Festival

Venue: Senshu Park, Akita When: Mid – Late Apr 2022 Each year during spring, Akita's Senshu Park is filled with color when over 700 cherry trees begin to bloom. The park was built at the site of the Kubota Castle Ruins, and was named as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom viewing spots back […]

Senshu Park

Just keep going up and you’ll reach Osumiyagura watchtower. The entrance to the shrine located in the park. The water area was once the moat of the castle that used to stand in the park. Just keep going up and you’ll reach Osumiyagura watchtower. Akita's Senshu Park is an oasis in the center of Akita-shi. […]

Six Days in Tohoku

Six Days in Tohoku Cherry blossoms create a lovely frame for Lake Tazawa Cherry blossom trees line the Hinokinai River bank during spring in Kakunodate Oshima Island at Matsushima Bay is a great place for strolls Enjoy a cruise along Matsushima Bay and admire the islands dotting the area A serene boat ride along Geibikei […]

Taihei River Sakura Festival

Venue: Taihei River, Akita When: Mid – Late Apr 2022 From around mid to late April in Akita City, the banks of the Taihei River come alive with the color of around 1000 cherry trees in bloom over 2 kilometers. A festival is held when the blossoms are at their peak, which also typically includes […]

Shirahama Beach at Tazawako

A summer like scene in the heart of northern Japan in Tazawako or Lake Tazawa Stunning Cherry blossoms dot this lake Beautiful blue waters with the distant mountains devoid of civilization. Cherry blossoms frame a beautiful sapphire blue lake with sandy beaches Stunning mountains and a beautiful lake make a magical combination Rent a boat […]

Tazawako Ski Resort

Majestic Mount Kuromori Lake Tazawa and slope Overview of surrounding area and slope map The mogul section Overview of Lake Tazawa Frosted trees Now that the first snow has fallen and some of the ski resorts are open, it's time to think about skiing and snowboarding. Tazawako Ski Resort has one of the best panoramas […]

The Cruise Ship Port of Akita

Local produce market stalls for the cruise passengers Costa Victoria 'around Japan' cruise moored at Akita port Local performers pack after welcoming the crusie ship. Lots of regional goodies on offer – the embarkation staff will hold any non-perishables until you return home. At your service – local taxis wait for inquisitive passengers. Where are we […]

The Towada Triangle

Mystery and Majesty The nearby village of Towada is a great place to base yourself Drumming at Lake Towada Border Festival Music gives expression to many stories from antiquity, not only the good old days but also times of sorrow and remorse. Music opens a whole Pandora’s Box of emotions from the depths of our […]

Things to Do and See around Akita

Dakigaeri Gorge Lake Tazawa Dakigaeri Gorge Dakigaeri Gorge (Photo: SuitQais Diaries) When most travelers arrive into Japan their first port of call is Tokyo, followed immediately by Kyoto to the south. Sure going south from Tokyo has its merits; otherwise no one would do it. But if you truly want to see rural Japan in […]

Tsuchizaki Gloria Chapel

Everyone is welcome here at 10:30 each Sunday.  Stay for the delicious lunch afterwards as well.  A mural that takes its inspiration from the parable of the lost sheep A modern and inviting cafe area The 1030 am service is in Japanese with English translation To get to the chapel on time, take the train […]

What’s the Wonder Castle?

What mysteries await inside the Wonder Castle? Mirror illusion…or reality? What’s for dinner? What mysteries await inside the Wonder Castle? We all know Japan is a country full of wonder, but did you know there was a castle dedicated to discovering it? The Wonder Castle in Yokote’s Furusato-mura entertainment complex may be tailored for children, […]

Juniko Lakes

Ao Ike as seen from the viewing platform. Map of the area along a hiking trail. Juniko's lakes are immersed in a beautiful and mysterious forest. One of the many lakes along a main hiking trail. There are various paths that wind through the trees to the different lakes and ponds. The famous blue pond. […]

Okumatsushima Jomon Village Museum

In front of the Okumatsushima Jomon Village Museum are recreated Jomon dwellings. Feel free to look inside! Look who’s fishing at the Okumatsushima Jomon Village Museum A dogu idol was used as a medium of healing and removing negativity from the body. A map of the area highlighting shell mounds. The Jomon civilization was known […]

Comfort Hotel Akita

The entrance to Comfort Hotel Akita next to the railway station. The breakfast is very good for the price of the hotel. ''Your morning goodness'' includes Japanese rice balls, various breads, cereal, beverages, and some meats, eggs, etc.  The street view. That vertical sign on the building marks the entrance.  Upon check in you can […]

Folkloro Kakunodate Hotel

Folkloro Kakunodate from the outside Spacious room on the first floor Twin beds Grilled pork served at the Folkloro Kakunodate restaurant Grilled tofu served at the hotel’s restaurant Starters- pickles, sashimi and Iburi Gakko The Folkloro Hotel in Kakunodate has a perfect location, just a few steps from Kakunodate train station. You would never guess […]

Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku

Single Room with nightlight Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku my breakfast plate Executive Single Room Twin Room Spacious lobby Single Room with nightlight Hotel Crown Palais Shuhuku, part of the prominent HMI Hotel Group is located between both the JR Odate Station (Accessible by the Chou Line from Akita Terminal) and Higashi Odate Station. If you […]

Hotel Pearl City Akita Kawabata

Exterior of the Hotel Lobby and Dining Area The interior reminds me of a cafe Cushioned chairs for rest in the lobby No Smoking Lobby Grab some snacks for your friends back home in the hotel lobby Exterior of the Hotel Hotel Pearl City Akita Kawabata, part of the HMI Hotel Group is just 8 […]

Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi

Double with Mini Kitchen & Tatami Lounge Double with Mini Kitchen & Tatami Lounge Triple with Mini Kitchen Single Twin with Mini Kitchen Twin Double with Mini Kitchen & Tatami Lounge (Photo: Potcharet Rodhetbhai) Hotel Pearl City Akita Omachi is a business hotel from the ​HMI group, one of Japan's largest hotel groups. The hotel […]

Hotel Metropolitan Akita City

Restaurant Cuore is the place to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Hotel Metropolitan Akita. Watch the world go by from Restaurant Cuore Relax in the lounge at Hotel Metropolitan Akita City This hotel is located so close to the railway station, that you don’t need to cross the road to get here. From […]

Hotel Metropolitan Akita

Delicious breakfast There are many breakfast options to choose from Nice comfortable beds Spacious room with twin beds Rooms are luxurious, lulling you to slumber window view Metropolitan Akita is a three star hotel that towers over Akita Station, making it a recognisable landmark for those arriving in Akita. Famous for its natural beauty, regional […]

Hotel Richmond Akita Eki-mae

Richmond hotel is one of the top rated hotels with Akita and has the chic factor more commonly associated with four star hotels. Modern architecture and decor and Japanese comfort at Richmond Hotel Entrance to the Richmond hotel in Akita Relax at the elegant lobby Richmond hotel in Akita, or keep in touch on one of the […]

Hotel Wellness Yokoteji

Hotel Wellness Yokoteji is surrounded by a beautiful forest The hotel's beautiful little garden situated in the middle of the hotel grounds so that it can be admired from both the lobby and the restaurant A Japanese-style room in Hotel Wellness Yokoteji Hotel Yokoteji has shared public baths divided for male and female guests with […]

Tazawako Rose Park Hotel

Stunning waterfront views from the lounge Stunning waterfront views from the dining room Stunning waterfront views from the dining room Tazawako Rose Park Hotel in Akita Prefecture Tazawako Rose Park Hotel in Akita Prefecture The lobby of the hotel Stunning waterfront views from the lounge The Tazawako Rose Park Hotel is situated right on the […]

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