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Shichiri no Watashi in Nagoya

Shichiri No Watashi The old site where the ferries between Kuwana and Atsuta plied their trade. The reconstructed bell tower. The stone signal light to guide the night boats in 41st stop on the Tokaido. Hiroshige’s woodblock print depicting the 41st stop. Shichiri No Watashi (Photo: PPF)   In the series of woodblock prints by […]

It’s A-OK at Aichi Bokujo

Welcome to Aichi Bokujo! It’s not a Fun Park, it’s a Fun Farm! Farm House at Aichi Bokujo Moo! A resident of Aichi Bokujo Horse riding is a popular attraction at Aichi Bokujo. Don’t have a cow, man, have fun! Welcome to Aichi Bokujo! (Photo: Aichi Prefecture) It’s hard to imagine that folks from countries […]


Banshoji Temple in Central Nagoya‘s Osu district. Banshoji is also the name of the arcade running around the temple. Karakuri Ningyo, mechanical dolls perform from the temple’s balcony. Ten Thousand Pine Trees Temple,…and as tall as one too! A small corridor below the temple takes you to Oda Nobuhide’s grave. Oda Nobuhide’s grave. Banshoji Temple […]

Battle of Nagashino & Shitaragahara

Battle of Nagashino and Shitagahara Museum Displays of weapons, armour, scrolls and screens fill the museum. Some of the many suits of samurai armor on display Hanging scroll of Torii Sunaemon, one of the heroes of Nagashino Matchlock guns used in the decisive battle. View of the main battlefield from the museum roof lookout. Battle […]

Celebrating Studio Ghibli in Aichi

Get your tickets at the front of the big white dome.  Meet the mascots of Moricoro Park. While you are there you can also roam around the numerous gardens.  If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, you need to plan a trip down to Moricoro Park in Aichi Prefecture right now. From now until […]

Chausuyama Shibazakura Festival

Venue: Mt. Chausu / Chausuyama When: May 10th – Jun 7th 2021 The annual Chausuyama Shibazakura Festival in Aichi showcases 400,000 shibazakura in shades of pink, white, and purple, and many visitors take advantage of a unique way to enjoy them – from above, by chairlift! The festival also typically has food stalls, music performances, […]

Cosmos Alley in Shinshiro, Aichi

Venue: Shinshiro Cosmos Alley, Aichi When: Oct 1st – Oct 15th 2021 Each year from around early to mid October, Aichi's Shinshiro Cosmos Alley is filled with the beauty of around 350,000 cosmos in bloom in numerous varieties. During the blooming season they also hold a fun scarecrow competition here, with numerous amusing entrants on […]

Cycling Course at Moricoro Park

Autumn season gave me lots of beautiful scenery to take photos of The cycling roads were wide and spacious Gorgeous carpets of red and golden leaves Beautiful weather made for a very enjoyable day of cycling There will be signs telling you to reduce speed around corners Picturesque scenery was everywhere Moricoro Park was the […]

Dai Nagoya Winter Illumination

Mid Nov Late Feb The Dai Nagoya Building’s Sky Garden (Photo: KKPCW/ CC By SA 4.0) Venue: Dai Nagoya Building When: Mid Nov – Late Feb 2022 The Dai Nagoya Winter Illumination takes place on the 5th floor Sky Garden of the Dai Nagoya Building. This year's event will have a love theme, with the […]

Dusk at Nagoya Port

Your first view once you step into the area of Nagoyako Just by seeing the boats tied to the pier gave me a pleasant and tranquil feeling! The public square is always full of people, being a magnet for street performers. When the sky starts fading away… People moving to and fro, sitting by the […]

Everything’s Peachy at Momotaro Jinja

Entrance to the Momotaro Jinja The story unfolds as you approach the shrine… Naked peach boys greet you… Momotaro’s friends Monkey eats a Dango Momotaro pushes the devils around! Entrance to the Momotaro Jinja (Photo: Aichi Prefecture) Long, long ago in ancient Japan, an elderly couple living in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, found a remarkably […]

Fuji, the Floating Antarctic Museum

The Fuji at dock in Nagoya Port The Fuji at dock in Nagoya Port One of the snow trucks used by the Arctic research team. The Fuji’s propellor The chopper used by the Fuji’s crew and research teams. The stern looking icebreaker, Fuji. The Fuji at dock in Nagoya Port (Photo: PPF) Sitting in the […]

Gamagori Classic Hotel’s Azalea Festival

Venue: Gamagori Classic Hotel, Aichi When: Mid Apr – Early May 2022 Each year in spring, the Gamagori Classic Hotel in Aichi is home to an azalea festival, owing to the impressive number of azalea bushes planted around the grounds. In total, there are around 3,000 azaleas comprising of five types, in a garden space […]

Heishu Memorial Hall

Statue of Hosoi Heishu. Heishu character figure, often seen around the small town. Heishu Memorial Hall Study, Think, Do, the Heishu philosophy. Heishu teaching the samurai class. The museums’ adjoining room contains items of daily life. Statue of Hosoi Heishu. (Photo: PPF) In the sleepy town of Arao in Tokai City, about 40 minutes drive […]

Hiking Mount Hongu

At the entrance is a huge torii gate The start was easy Midway up, the path gets more difficult 42nd post The shrine at the top View at the peak Autumn leaves will soon be at its peak and if you are looking for some challenging adventure, why not try hiking up Mount Hongu? Straddling […]


Octopus statue on Himakajima Tako Teishoku (octopus set menu) Octopus being dried Temple on Himakajima View from a high point of Himakajima Squid being dried Octopus statue on Himakajima The Chita Peninsula in located south of Nagoya. A short ferry ride from the mainland will get you to Himakajima (Himaka Island). It’s a great day […]

Jo-An National Treasure Tea Room

National Treasure, Jo-An Inuyama‘s other National Treasure… Gateway to serenity Desingned by the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, Oda Yuraku. Pure, clear water, important for the Japanese Tea Ceremony Jo-An, the other National Treasure of Inuyama National Treasure, Jo-An (Photo: Aichi Prefecture) The ancient castle town of Inuyama, 25 minutes from Nagoya in the north […]

Iwakura Cherry Blossom Festival

Venue: Iwakura, Aichi, Japan When: Late Mar – Early Apr 2022 EVENT_DISCLAIMER_OUTDOOR_CHERRY_BLOSSOM_UNCONFIRMED From late March to early April each year, the banks of the Gojo River in Iwakura come alive with the color of 1400 cherry trees in bloom. An annual festival is held to celebrate their ethereal beauty, and it also typically includes evening […]

Iwasaki Castle

Iwasaki Castle Iwasaki Castle Museum Lord Niwa’s armor on display in the castle museum Iwasaki Castle (Photo: PPF) Aichi Prefecture is rich in history, particularly the history of Japan’s turbulent Period of Warring States, where samurai daimyo landowners fought for land amongst themselves. It was a period of bitter civil war. Many of the major battles […]

Iwase Bunko Library in Nishio-shi

Iwase Bunko Library, Nishio. Iwase Yasuke, founder of the museum The last remaining original book depository. Iwase Bunko Library, Nishio. (Photo: Aichi Prefecture) For many, the opportunity to personally view rare, antique books only top scholars would normally be allowed access to is a dream, particularly those interested in Asian literature and history. At the […]

Kabuto Beer: Beer of the Samurai!

The old Kabuto Beer brewery in Handa City P51 Mustang air raid bullet holes in the brickworks Recreated Kabuto Beer with it’s distinctive samurai helmet motif. The old Kabuto Beer brewery in Handa City (Photo: Handa City) Near the center of Handa City, just 40 kilometers south of Nagoya stands the Handa Red Brick Building. […]

Inuyama Historical Museum Annex

A stripped tea serving mechanical doll, and one fully clothed. An old gate acts as the entry way to the museum. Hidden behind the aged gate is a modern museum space. Stripped bare, a 17th Century wooden robot bares it’s soul. Various retired Karakuri Dolls on display The single floor museum is always full of […]

Komaki Castle

Komaki Castle atop 86 meter high Mt. Komaki Nagoya City and the Nobi Plain from Komaki Castle Komaki Castle atop 86 meter high Mt. Komaki Komaki Castle atop 86 meter high Mt. Komaki (Photo: PPF) Ideally situated on top of an 86 meter high hill with a superb view right across the vast Nobi Plain, […]

Kuragaike Park

The slide View from the Volcano The indoor playhouse The slide In Japanese cities it is often difficult to find vast green spaces where families can spend time running around, playing and exploring, but Toyota City got it right when they developed Kuragaike Park. Not only is it a very large green space in a […]

Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum

Ieyasu and the Mikawa Bushi perform in front of the museum. Welcome to the Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum The samurai armor of the famed Mikawa Bushi Inside the spacious museum Arms, armor, video displays, documents and dioramas. Hands On exhibition, allows you to try on helmets and weapons Ieyasu and the Mikawa Bushi perform […]

Monkey Business in Ancient Inuyama

Monkeys warming themselves by the fire at Monkey Park Nihonzaru, Japanese monkeys at Monkey Park the popular Madigascan Lemurs Monkey Park brings people and their ancestors closer together Inuyama Monkey park’s Fun Park Cherry Blossom at Monkey Park Monkeys warming themselves by the fire at Monkey Park (Photo: Inuyama City) Inuyama: the name translates to […]

Mount Horaiji and Horaiji Temple

View from the top Huge souvenir shop The start of the 1425 steps There is a warning sign! Making my way slowly upwards Steep path down Statues along the way Finally, Horaiji Temple! More amazing views from higher up The entrance in the evening, with illuminationns Persimmons for sale Lights along the street during the […]

Nagakute Battlefield and Museum

Nagakute Historical Museum and Kosenjo Park Nagakute Battlefield seen from the Linimo Station. Nagakute Battlefield monument The small but interesting museum Ikeda’s grave in the copse above the museum. The castle like lookout on Iroganeyama. Nagakute Historical Museum and Kosenjo Park (Photo: PPF) On the outskirts of Nagoya is one of the major battlefields of […]

JR Central Towers, Nagoya Station

Nagoya Shinkansen Station traffic circle Nagoya TV Tower seen from the JR Central Towers JR Central Towers at night Nagoya Shinkansen Station traffic circle (Photo: Manish) Nagoya was never top on the list of my travel destinations in Japan. I had heard about the Toyota Automobile Museum, which sounded interesting; however, for me the area […]

Nagoya Port Aquarium

Floating with the jellyfish Jump! A huge facility in a fun district Chilling with the penguin Gazing at another world Catching a unique angle The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium was one of my biggest shocks when I visited Nagoya. It doesn't have the fame that it clearly deserves. What I found was a very […]

Nagoya Port Building Observatory

A view of the Nagoya Port district Interesting design of the Nagoya Port Building Visitors enjoying the view Taking in the landscape Gazing out to sea Looking back towards central Nagoya The observatory in the Nagoya Port Building doesn't require a lot of explanation. It's a simple room in a tall building that does nothing […]

Nagoya Port Sea Train Land Illumination

Venue: Nagoya Port Sea Train Land When: Late Nov – Late Feb 2022 Nagoya Port Sea Train Land hosts an illumination event in the winter months each year, which boasts over 50,000 festive lights scattered around the amusement park. It's a great spot for a date night, some family fun, or even a night out […]

Nagoya’s Thai Kitchen, Pakuchi

Nagoya’s Thai Kitchen, Pakuchi Authentic Thai feel, Pakuchi The true taste of Thai at Nagoya’s Thai Kitchen, Pakuchi Simple dishes, international Thai taste Pakuchi Lunch set, only 950 Yen Street side Thai style restaurant, Pakuchi Nagoya’s Thai Kitchen, Pakuchi (Photo: PPF) It looks authentic, it smells authentic, it even tastes authentic, and the reason is,…it […]

Nagoya’s TV Tower

Standing tall over Hisaya Odori Central Park… Lit up at night, Nagoya‘s TV Tower is a much loved landmark TV Tower seems to change with the time of day and seasons Standing tall over Hisaya Odori Central Park… (Photo: PPF) Nagoya's Tower was erected in 1954, some four years before Tokyo Tower, making it Japan’s […]

Nishio Castle

Nishio Castles’ main gate. The reconstructed main yagura, or turret of Nishio Castle Signpost displaying the castle and grounds, Nishio Part of the moat, with the museum in the background Nishio Castle Nishio Castle Nishio Castles’ main gate. (Photo: PPF) On the Eastern plains of Aichi Prefecture lies the city of Nishio, a former castle […]

Noma Daibou and the Bath of Death

Large sign commemorating Minamoto No Yoshitomo The former Momoyama Castle reception hall entrance at Noma Daibou Stone garden and Bonsho Prayer Hall, Noma Daibou. The Noma Daibou’s main worship hall. Wooden swords for offering to the spirit of Yoshitomo The grave of Minamoto no Yoshitomo Large sign commemorating Minamoto No Yoshitomo (Photo: PPF) In the […]

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