Awesome Birthday at Robot Restaurant

Bar Tram and Bar Trench

Bauhaus Roppongi Live House

Brewdog Roppongi

Motto Beer Logo Roppongi Art Inside Specials Japan has always produced wonderful tasting domestic beer, and beer itself is an essential part of work culture. “Toriazu, nama!” (which translates to “Draft beer for now!”) is usually the first order of the night for workers all around Japan. Till now, garage brewed ales and lagers haven't […]

Cé la vi

Sunshine and greenery in the day, groovy at night Dine at the top of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Two floors of the luxury restaurant, bar and club lounge Sunshine and greenery in the day, groovy at night Marina Bay Sands is possibly Singapore's most iconic hotel. It is distinguished by a three-acre park set impressively on […]

Executive Fight Night VII – Lucky 7

Venue: Grand Hyatt Ballroom When: Friday – May 19th 2017, 7:30pm – 11:00pm On May 19th, at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom, Executive Fight Night will return to host epic showdowns between titans of industry – all for an excellent cause. This year is more exciting than ever, as two previous EFN Fighters of the Night, […]

HOUSETRIBE 3rd Anniversary

HOUSETRIBE 3rd Anniversary Main Floor Housetribe 3rd aniversary Venue: Womb When: Jun 15th – Jun 17th 2018, 10:30pm – 4:00am HOUSETRIBE, a house music event that started in 2015, is celebrating its three-year anniversary on 15 and 16 June with a party that's set to bring the roof down at renowned club Womb. The long-awaited […]

Light a Million Candles at Zojoji

Zozoji Temple and Tokyo Tower at night Zozoji Temple and Tokyo Tower at night Tokyo Tower Sparks of fire light up the steps to Zozoji Temple Tokyo Before Tokyo Tower turned the light off After Tokyo Tower turned the light off Zozoji Temple and Tokyo Tower at night The subway stations in Tokyo have shelves […]

Living Room Cafe

Located on the 5th floor of the Shibuya Prime Bldg (Photo: Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumna) A big space for evening gigs (Photo: Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumna) Living Room Area has a cosy, homey feel (Photo: Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumna) Lunch time is usually quiet and relaxed (Photo: Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumna) There is a lot of delicious lunch choices […]

Mickey House in Takadanobaba

Lively, engaging atmosphere Japanese regulars speaking English together Mickey House’s friendly barman Lively, engaging atmosphere Being in a foreign country presents many difficulties: weather can be difficult to adjust to, food can frustrate as much as liberate, cultural conventions can baffle, and the language barrier can make the ease of social contact one takes for […]

New Dawn Breaking at AgeHa

Venue: Ageha When: Saturday – Apr 13th 2019, 11:00pm – 4:30am Entitled “NEW DAWN BREAKING,” this party will unfold across every room of ageHa. Superstar DJ of the techno scene, Luciano is set to come to Japan for this party, where he will be featured as the Special Guest. This will be his first appearance […]


The New Era Chicola DJ OGAWA Apr 30th May 1st The New Era (Photo: WOMB) Venue: Womb When: Apr 30th – May 1st 2019, 10:00pm – 4:30am There are various ways to enter a new era and one of them is by celebrating it through the night with an extravagant countdown including confetti showers! On […]

Roppongi Music Weeks

Roppongi Music Weeks Roppongi Music Weeks Schedule Roppongi Music Weeks Roppongi Music Weeks Roppongi Music Weeks Roppongi Music Weeks Venue: Sel Octagon Tokyo When: Mar 22nd – May 1st 2019, 10:00pm – 4:30am To celebrate the beginning of a new spring season, Roppongi Music Weeks will begin Friday, March 22nd at SEL Octagon Tokyo. This […]

Rugby World Cup Celebration at Octagon

Venue: SEL Octagon Tokyo When: Sep 25th – Nov 2nd 2019, 12:00am – 12:00am SEL OCTAGON TOKYO will be holding a FREE admission service for International visitors to Japan for RWC. Three types of plans will be available for VIP customers to celebrate Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan. Services will be equipped with 24-hour English […]

Udagawa Naru, Shibuya

Big groups can sit here at the window It looks like this from outside There are a few outside tables on the corner Inside it looks like this My starter: sardine fry on grated radish with soy sauce My grilled avocado and mushrooms Big groups can sit here at the window Looking for dinner one […]

Shibuya’s Goodbeer Faucets

It's not hard to find Goodbeer Faucets A cozy interior 40 kinds of beer on tap It's not hard to find Goodbeer Faucets Craft beer is on the rise and Japanese craft beer is no different. Of course, for the beer-loving traveler, one may not always know where to start with regards to the local […]

Songkran Music Festival (S2O) Japan 2018

In August 2018 world's number one water music festival “S2O” introduced themselves in Japan. The 2 day festival was held out in the open at Odaiba behind the Ford building. Top DJ’s known from famous festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Japan and EDC Japan came together to play at this amazing party. In August the […]

The Public Six Tokyo Bar

Ready to try out a cutting edge and stylish Gourmet & Sports Bar located in Roppongi? The Public Six Tokyo, adjacent Roppongi Hills, and opened in August 2016 may be the most modern bar in Tokyo. Depending on the time you arrive you may experience a completely different interior. The bar literally transforms from classy […]

Womb Golden Week 2019

WOMB Golden Week 2019 A The ONE – ACE1 A The ONE – KRAIZ HOUSETRIBE – ATFC HOUSETRIBE – YAMARIKI NESTAL – JUNK Apr 26th May 6th WOMB Golden Week 2019 (Photo: WOMB) Venue: WOMB When: Apr 26th – May 6th 2019, 10:00pm – 4:30am Celebrate your Golden Week at Womb! This Golden Week Holiday […]

Rangitoto Tokyo

This is what you are looking for A welcoming entrance This is what you are looking for Whether you are a casual drinker or experienced connoisseur, this bar is going to offer you something new! Rangitoto Tokyo, a craft sake and New Zealand wine bar, is not your average bar where you just drink for […]

Tokyo Coffee Part 1

The Fuglen Tokyo branch cafe The terrace of The Roastery Fuglens cocktail 'department'  Back home I’m known as quite the coffee buff. My friends jokingly call me ‘beanhugger’ and claim that I won’t drink any coffee made from beans that haven’t been individually spoken to. During my preparatory research into Tokyo Coffee locations I found […]

A Night at the Okazaki Fireworks Festival

Japan’s summer would have to be one of the noisiest times of year! Along with the incessant squealing of the cicadas which come out in force following the rainy season, the dull hum of a million or so air conditioners, the slurping of cold noodles, children on school holidays, and continual cries of “It's hot! […]

Toyohashi’s Tezutsu Hanabi

Tezutsu Hanabi Tezutsu Hanabi, Toyohashi Gion festival. Participants show off their hand made, hand held fireworks Lines of fire. Toyohashi Tezutsu Fireworks Things end with a bang. A BIG Bang! Huge Tezutsu cannon mounted on portable frames are carried into the arena. Despite being surrounded by thousands of people, there was an eerie silence in […]

Y. Market Brewing, Nagoya

The Maruhachi IPA!! A fruity hoppy beer!! This sign is at the stairway leading to the restaurant! Look for this sign…this is a sign of great things to come The entrance to the brewery and the restaurant/bar The mural of the brewing process Follow the mural's instructions. Good times are ahead. Are you a beer […]

Tanabu Festival

The "dashi" shrines of neighborhood gods.  The "mikoshi" shrine toss and carry Men and women pull the "dashi" through the streets  Each "dashi" has intricate designs involving local history "Oshimako" dance "Dashi" line the streets as onlookers just hang out and have a good time In the northern wilds of Aomori, a land of long […]

The ASPAM Building

ASPAM and Aomori‘s Bay Bridge ASPAM during a festival Ground view of ASPAM ASPAM and Aomori’s Bay Bridge (Photo: Wikipedia Commons) You can’t miss the ASPAM Building in Aomori. Firstly, ASPAM offers the best of Aomori culture, food, and tourist information. Secondly, the whole building looks like a giant pyramid! The first time I arrived […]

5 Reasons to Visit Yokohama

The book shop and the café of the Bankart NY are good places to take a break Like the Taproom, you can find many breweries and beer gardens in Yokohama streets Downbeat and Chigusa clubs are famous places to enjoy jazz music in a relaxing atmosphere When we talk about Yokohama, we generally think about […]

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Japan

EDC – Zozo Marine Stadium EDC 2018 Lineup EDC 2018 Poster EDC – Makuhari Beach EDC EDC – Makuhari Beach Venue: Zozo Marine Stadium and Makuhari Beach When: May 12th – May 13th 2018, 12:00pm – 9:00pm Get ready for the second edition of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Japan. Last year’s event brought around […]

Electric Daisy Carnival Japan 2019

EDC 2019 EDC 2019 Boombox Art Car Alison Wonderland at circuit GROUNDS Sunset fireworks at circuit GROUNDS Headliner flags The Third edition of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Japan was certainly another big hit this year with several special stages that have to be experienced first-hand to thoroughly understand and enjoy. Thousands of people worldwide […]

Experience Karaoke in Japan!

How fun is this? Sing, eat, drink and be merry folks! The ultimate "Rock Star" experience starring you! Anything goes. Off-key, pitch too high, or just plain horrible? Who cares. Who's ready to sing (and dance) to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO? Before heading to your room, grab a basket of maracas and a […]

Summer Sonic 2021 Tokyo: Supersonic

SummerSonic 2018, Ocean Stage – Chance the Rapper Summer Sonic Main Stage 2015: Zedd Performing from Afar Mid – Late Sep SummerSonic 2018, Ocean Stage – Chance the Rapper (Photo: Edson Chilundo / CC BY 2.0) Venue: Makuhari Seaside Park When: Mid – Late Sep 2021 Summer Sonic, one of Japan's premier music events, is […]

Tokyo DisneySea for Thrillseekers

DisneySea offers such a unique landscape. It's home to Mount Prometheus, the landmark for the thrill ride 'Journey to the Center of the Earth', and 'Fortress Exploration' where you can discover & uncover the King or Queen in you. The Disney AquaSphere located at the entrance of Tokyo DisneySea is a hint of the nautical […]

Kuramotoya Ehime no Jizake

Ehime no Jizake ‘antenna shop’ Sake reduced to its bare essentials So much beauty! Ehime no Jizake ‘antenna shop’ On a wet Friday afternoon, I stepped out of the rain and into the very simple comfort of Kuramotoya, the Ehime local sake bar in central Matsuyama. This bar is what the Japanese call ‘an antenna […]

Soh Soh on Ropeway Dori

The signboard that generates lines The justly famed lunch set Preprandial drinks The signboard that generates lines On Matsuyama’s fashionable Ropeway Street, there’s one restaurant that always seems to have a row of people camped outside on the wooden benches provided for that purpose. It’s hard to ignore the fact that these campers are all […]

Marinecco European Café & Bar

The terrace facing Ropeway Gai Cool, smooth Kilkenny Irish cream ale About twenty varieties of plum wine The terrace facing Ropeway Gai Marinecco is a stylish European-style café and bar on Matsuyama’s chicest street, the Ropeway Gai. An inviting path of wooden decking leads past the small terrace seating area facing the street. Inside, there’s […]

Matsuyama Nightlife

Dancing at the Blue Belton Discotheque The counter awaits at an izakaya Dogo Onsen Honkan at night Dancing at the Blue Belton Discotheque Matsuyama is a castle town, and like all such towns in Japan, the area around the base of the castle hill was built as part of the defenses. The idea was to […]

Matsuyama’s Gintengai

A side entrance to Gintengai Pretty retro Modern style Pink and purple fun Eclectic Gintengai from Okaido A side entrance to Gintengai The Gintengai is a covered arcade that starts at the square in front of Matsuyama City railway station (Shieki) and runs parallel to Chifunemachi Dori. Then it takes a sharp left to emerge […]

Ropeway Dori

Colorful at night too Stylish cafe Traditional shops Colorful at night too Officially called Okaido, Matsuyama’s chicest street is more generally known as Ropeway Dori for the cable car, or ‘ropeway’, that runs up to Matsuyama Castle from the station near the top of the street. Ropeway Dori used to be known for Matsuyama’s greatest […]

The Blue Belton Discotheque

Dancing at the Blue Belton Discotheque The bar at the Blue Belton, decorated for Halloween What’s behind the red door? Dancing at the Blue Belton Discotheque There comes a time when dinner has been eaten, and after-dinner drinks have been drunk, but the appetite for something more has yet to be sated. This is probably […]