Food, Gelato Yummy

Almond Praline and Kabocha ice cream are a couple of favorites!

Food, Gelato Yummy

The premises is small but there are some tables and chairs inside

Food, Gelato Yummy

The outside of Gelato Yummy

It may seem unusual that in a part of Niigata often dubbed as yukiguni, or snow country, there's a gelato shop which has been a staple on the local foodie scene since 2010. The store is frequented by visitors far and wide, and on one of our trips here we spoke with patrons who had driven about an hour from another Niigata town just for a scoop or two of deliciousness. The store operates under the name Gelato Yummy, and once you've enjoyed some of what they offer, you'll no doubt feel that the name is justified.

One of the best things about a trip to Gelato Yummy is that the flavors on offer are always changing. Of course, if you prefer simple, good old fashioned chocolate chip or rum and raisin they've got those available, but if you want to branch out this is the spot to do it. There are unique local offerings such as a koshihikari rice and Uonuma soba cha gelatos, and other seasonal flavors like Yairo watermelon, plum sherbert and sakura. Whatever you choose, your taste buds will thank you!

Inside the store there are a number of tables and chairs, but on weekends those fill up quite quickly. Outside, you'll find benches to sit on, which makes for a pleasant spot to enjoy your selections when the weather permits it. Alternatively, you could always stroll over to the neighboring Yairo no Mori park and enjoy your icy treats there! They only accept cash so be sure to have some yen on you.

Gelato Yummy is located in Urasa, Niigata Prefecture. The closest train station is Urasa, which can be accessed via the Joetsu Shinkansen or the local JR Joetsu Line. Head out the East Exit of the station, and the store is approximately a 20 minute walk. Taxis are also available from the station.

Alternatively, if you're headed there by private vehicle, take the Yamato Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway, and the store is under five minutes drive from there.



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