Yamaya Ryokan’s Noodle Shop

Aji no Sapporo Onishi: Curry Ramen

Anzu Izakaya in Hirosaki

Cafe Tube Lane, Hirosaki

My nasi goreng and violet apple The funky sign that first caught my eye My soup and salad on their wooden platter The view from my table Low couches and tables for chilling at 50s style Fashion and stuff adorning the walls My nasi goreng and violet apple Looking for somewhere to have dinner one […]

Hasshoku Ramen Festival

Hachinohe Ramen The front of the venue The Hasshoku Center has a range of other eats to purchase! Mid Jan Hachinohe Ramen (Photo: mappi1322 from Shopping centre Hasshoku Sentaa in Hachinohe, Aomori / CC BY 2.0) Venue: Hasshoku Center When: Mid Jan 2022 Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page […]

Lemon Cafe, Hirosaki

My tasty, filling lunch By the entrance you'll find information about their jazz shows My small but exquisite and delicious dessert Lots of CDs and sheet music sit behind the piano The spacious, airy interior Friendly, cheery staff man the counter While you're exploring the sights in the southern part of Hirosaki, such as the […]

Nokkedon Fish Market

The dining area Inside the fish market Custom donburi The tickets One of the stands Several kinds of fish eggs and seafood Aomori is a seaside city and the most important port in northern Honshu. Here you can find some of the best fish in Japan. Augashinsen is the most popular fish market in town […]

Pokhara Indian Restaurant Hachinohe

This big sign makes it pretty easy to spot And here's the entrance My coconut nan bread There's lots of wood, and colorful prints and hangings One of the fun decorative prints My lychee orange cocktail This big sign makes it pretty easy to spot If you're looking for somewhere to eat and drink in […]

Zen Izakaya in Mutsu

My tasty sashimi The larger of the two shops, which was closed Some of the bottles on the counter The compact interior My first fruity cocktail The counter with most of its bottles Early starts and busy days make for hungry people. After crossing the Shimokita Hanto by bus then arriving in Mutsu at 7:30am, […]

Beard Papa’s

Do you have a craving for some cream puffs? Why not have a taste of Japan's best at Beard Papa's. Beard Papa's is an international chain of cream puff stores specializing in handmade choux dough and home to the world’s best cream puff. The origins of Beard Papa's date back to 1999 when Mr. Yuji […]


Croissants, a staple of every French bakery. Tables quickly fill up during lunch. Bread center Croissants, a staple of every French bakery. The French do not use the word boulangerie loosely. Only bakeries that bake bread on premises can call themselves a boulangerie. Luckily for those in Tokyo, there is Boul'Ange, which is the closest […]

Catch Dinner at Zauo

Fried sea bream has arrived! Gotta catch it before you can eat! The card system and cooking methods. Work for you dinner, fellas. A great catch of sea bream! The sushi included with the fishing set course. You’re in Japan and you want some fresh fish—really fresh fish. One option would be to go visit […]

Coco Ichibanya’s Vegetarian Options

The standard vegetarian curry has potato, carrot, green beans and onions Inside the menu book They specifically state this menu doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients The standard vegetarian curry has potato, carrot, green beans and onions (Photo: Kim B) As someone with friends and family who are vegetarian and vegan, a common topic of conversation […]

Gelato Yummy

Almond Praline and Kabocha ice cream are a couple of favorites! The premises is small but there are some tables and chairs inside The outside of Gelato Yummy It may seem unusual that in a part of Niigata often dubbed as yukiguni, or snow country, there's a gelato shop which has been a staple on […]


Well known Tsukiji crab. Variety of sake. Salmon bowl. Fish eggs and rice. Fish fried. Fish Head. Well known Tsukiji crab. Kashigashira is located in the Tsukiji fish market district of Tokyo. The Tsukiji fish market was first opened on February 11th, 1935 and was the is the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in […]

Modernark Pharm Café

Close up of the green tea cake The cozy interior The café was full when I got there and as a result the waitresses were extremely busy Details of the table next to mine Green tea cake with cream cheese, ice cream and whipped cream, apple cake and organic filtered coffee Close up of the […]

Sake Competition 2019

Evaluation of sakes by judges The judges cannot see the brands of sakes Otsumami (Appetizer) Grand Prix Many sorts of high-quality sakes Award ceremony Award ceremony for the Junmai Ginjo sake Evaluation of sakes by judges SAKE COMPETITION 2019 Do you know the world’s most delicious Japanese Sake in the world? Lately Japanese sakes are […]

Sake in Yamaguchi

Sake in Yamaguchi Kinjaku Chomonkyo Dassai Gangi Sake in Yamaguchi Did you know that Dassai, a sake brand famous all over the world, is actually from Yamaguchi prefecture? In fact, Yamaguchi is home to not only the famed Dassai, but an impressive variety of sake. Let us introduce a variety of Yamaguchi’s regional sake and […]

Te Uchi Soba Omura

Simple and absolutely delicious Sunny day at the entry signage to Omura As you enter When you think of Japanese soba, you rarely think of the suburbs. To get the good stuff, dedicated fans will often head off to regional areas known for the quality of their water and buckwheat. So imagine my surprise on […]

Thrashzone Microbrewery in Yokohama

Thrashzone Beer, Fries, Metallica! Fancy Fries Beer Menu Thrashzone wallpapaer Koichi Katsuki- Thrashzone Owner Thrashzone Microbrews and Heavy Metal go together like peanut butter and pickles. You might not think you will like it, but once your mouth is puckering with a super hoppy American West Coast style IPA, and your head starts bobbing to […]

Top 5 Theme Restaurants in Tokyo

Milky Way's amazing looking parfaits A japantravel.com contributor enjoying her meal at Ninja Akasaka The lock up cafe One thing travelers adore in Japan is the amount of themed cafes and restaurants there are. From horror to sumo and ninjas, from video games to space and stars, here are some of the best themed restaurants […]

Vegan Paradise at T’s Tantan

The yurinchi lunch set, at an affordable 1080. Only an extra 100 for a drink.   Located in the station complex, B1, Tantan is very convenient Everything here is vegan, everything is delicious The ankake-yakisoba (fried noodles), which comes with a bottle of vinegar to add to taste There's even an English menu In the […]

Vegetarian Japan

Veggie Sushi Veggie Ramen Vegetarian Iri Dofu You may wonder why a country with such strong ties to Buddhism considers vegetarianism such an unusual idea. Historical references to life in early Japan describe how man hunted meat for survival, and the ancient rulers enjoyed hunting for sport. In AD 538 Buddhism was introduced to the […]

Ashitaba Everything

Ashitaba canned tea Ashitaba and kusaya saute Tempura with ashitaba salt Ashitaba canned tea I’m always ready for a culinary adventure in my travels in Japan, of which there are so many. When staying with Japanese hosts who extol the virtues of their local cuisine, I come to appreciate the way they prepare and serve […]

Beer Brands of Japan

Asahi Clear Asahi Clear is a lighter beer variety An autumn themed Sapporo Beer can A Sapporo Beer Sapporo Five Star Premium Beer Many beers pair well with food Although one can find a great variety of beer in Japan, the origins of the beverage stem from elsewhere. Japanese beers are often produced using technology […]

Cheap and Convenient Places to Eat

Yoshinoya has a very simple interior A basic Yoshinoya lunch set Yoshinoya stands out with its bright orange A ticket machine where you choose your meal and to pay A curry rice lunch set Gusto in Yokohama If you visit Japan for the first time you may find it hard to choose somewhere for lunch, […]

Food & Drink in Japan Glossary & Phrasebook

Food & Drink in Japan Glossary and Phrasebook (Photo: Tracey Northcott) Foodies traveling to Japan for the first time will want to download this nifty little ebook to their smartphones before traveling. Food & Drink in Japan is an essential glossary and phrasebook that includes over 600 food words and 100 phrases that any visitor […]

High End Emergency Meals

Ready to eat and looking almost like the photo on the box. Caution! Burning hot steam! The box contains everything you need for a piping hot curry rice meal. Ready to eat and looking almost like the photo on the box. Having experienced more than its fair share of natural disasters, Japan continues to learn […]

Hitachi Wagyu Beef

A couple of nights in a cabin out in the hills of Ibaraki Prefecture turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. From the cabin itself and its family friendly campground to the local sights like the amazing Fukuroda Falls, there was a lot to like about our few days here. Included here was my […]

How To Eat Vegetables In Japan

Madosh avocado cafe in Shibuya *pork warning* from 7/11 From Le Coccole in Osaka Veg Out in Kyoto Matcha sweets that you make yourself in Hiroshima Soba in Arashiyama There are moments during a trip to Japan as a vegetarian that you want to sit down and order something off the menu with certainty that […]

Impressions of Japanese Food

Oddly, I coldn’t work out if these mushrooms were nice or not… For me, this tempura was quite an unusual sight Stems minced and added to inarsizushi and soba Tempura panicle? Oh, this was absolutely delicious! Zunda beans are very popular Traditional Japanese kitchens are very different from what I'm used to in my own […]

Inago Locusts in Japan

Inago locust A soon to be eaten container of inago no tsukudani A mass of dark insects that taste quite sweet Heading back to our accommodation after sightseeing at the incredible Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture and dining at a local noodle restaurant, I spied a small street stall selling what appeared to be, well, […]

Japanese Seasonal Cuisine

Maron latte Limited edition sweet potato cakes (left) and chestnut cakes (right) An autumn edition of Kyoto’s famous treat, Yatsuhashi (rice flour cake), in sweet potato and chestnut flavors Chestnut cheesecake, only available in autumn The characters in the red leaf say “aki gentei”(limited autumn edition) Maron cakes Maron latte Last year I met a […]

Mobile Snack Vendors-Thing of Past?

Almost 5 PM and so many more sweet potatoes to sell Checking out the wares, under the lid of an oven in the back of a mini truck The fire is open like this as he drives around Almost 5 PM and so many more sweet potatoes to sell A haunting call from afar, stops […]

More Summer Foods in Japan

Grilled corn, a staple of the summer festival street stall scene An incredibly fresh and energetic plate of rei shabu Delicately refreshing hiyayakko tofu Yes, watermelon is common with Morioka reimen The ponzu dressing is superb during summer Grilled corn in summer is a pleasure Grilled corn, a staple of the summer festival street stall […]

My Favorite Places in Japan: Izakaya

Izakaya in Kanda Izakaya in Kanda Izakaya in Kanda The interior of izakaya is very simple A big drink! Zunda and fish – traditional shared snacks Izakaya are traditional Japanese pubs, and they are a great place to enjoy spending time with friends. For me, going there alone would be strange and complicated. In the […]

MyMizu Free Water Refill App

Free water refill. Off the beaten path. First water refill at the airport. MyMizu team. Refill spots all over Japan (grouped for clarity). Refill spots on Amami Oshima small island: blue = public (forest), yellow = private (inn). Great for budget, health and sustainability-minded tourists, Japan's first water refill app shows you nearby water fountains, […]

Seasonal and Unusual Foods

Pickles (upper middle) Bamboo shoots Spring sweet wrapped in a sakura leaf Winter and spring are the strawberry seasons Zunda (left) is a traditional snack served with beer Whale meat (upper left) and fried tofu are delicious! Each season in Japan traditionally marked with seasonal decorations, but the seasonal changes are also seen with food. […]

Seriously Addicting Okinawan Snacks

Remember the packaging. Other brands are not as good. Every now and then, business takes my husband to lovely Okinawa. My kids and I always ask him to bring two things back: Orion Beer Nuts and Yukishio (snow salt) Chinsuko. These are two of the most seriously addicting Okinawan snacks we could not get enough […]