Noritake Garden, Nagoya

Shirotori Garden

Shiroyama Hachimangu in Nagoya


Meditative in the open air A line of statues on the way into the grounds Dueling elephants on the incense burner Close up on an engraving He sits in mostly peaceful natural surroundings A grave in the pet cemetery Another statue taking his ease Elephants guard the Buddha from his enemies Two large engraved stupas […]

Nagoya Toyota Automobile Museum

Early Cadillac Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya Early auto exhibit From the 1880’s 1900’s Exhibit The roaring 20’s Toyota MR2 1950’s and 60’s Notice the side view mirror on the front fender Fancy cars Caddy Ford Model A built in Yokohama Ford Jeep Lexis Mercedes Beautiful Mustang Mustang T-Shirt T-Bird Tucker – Remember the movie “Tucker: […]

Nagoya’s Big Buddha

Nagoya‘s Big Buddha Looking like the Jolly Green Giant, its the Big Buddha of Toganji Toganji’s ancient main hall. Toganji Temple main gates. Spectacular ceiling murals at Toganji. concealed behind gauze curtains, part of the temples penis collection. Nagoya’s Big Buddha (Photo: PPF) In the eastern hills of Nagoya city, behind large tile topped walls, […]

Nakamura Koen in Nagoya

The great Torii Mon gate leading to Nakamura Park. Entranceway to Nakamura Koen. A statue of a young Hideyoshi and his friends in Nakamura Park, Nagoya. Toyokuni Shrine, Nakamura Park. Supposed site and memorial stone of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s birth. Pond and residents of Nakamura Park. The great Torii Mon gate leading to Nakamura Park. (Photo: […]

Getting Naked in Konomiya

Getting naked in Konomiya Freezing in February! Naked men carrying the various portable shrines around Konomiya Late Feb Getting naked in Konomiya (Photo: PPF) Venue: Konomiya When: Late Feb 2022 There are lots of naked people running wild in the streets of the sleepy township of Konomiya, Inazawa, just west of Nagoya City. Streakers, hundreds […]

Natsumi Tomita’s Scrap World

Nov 13th Mar 14th The event flyer (Photo: Kim B) Venue: Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art When: Nov 13th – Mar 14th 2021, 10:00am – 5:30pm Natsumi Tomita's “Scrap World” is a special exhibition taking place at Nagoya's Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art. The event looks at the works of three dimensional artist Natsumi Tomita, […]

Nagoya’s Nitaiji

Entrance to the Nitaiji along the picturesque streets Nitaiji, where Thai and Japanese buddhism is celebrated The wide precincts of Nitaiji Nitaiji’s Honden, main prayer hall contains a Thai Buddha Nitaiji’s pagoda Entranceway to the north eastern precincts of the Nitaiji Entrance to the Nitaiji along the picturesque streets (Photo: PPF) The Nitaiji Temple isn’t […]

Noritake Garden in Autumn

The contrast of the blue sky and the yellow-reddish trees Look! Deer are guarding the Christmas presents Enjoy the Christmas joy early in Japan Reddish color of the tree complementing the "Red Brick Building" There's nothing wrong with just sitting and enjoying your favorite book here The brick building was actually a factory long time ago […]

Nunoike Cathedral

The elegant Nunoike Cathedral, Nagoya The stained glass windows of Nunoike Cathedral Soaring 50 meters into the air, Nunoike Cathedrals spires. Main alter, Nunoike Cathedral Inside Nunoike Cathedral. The Mother Mary, Nunoike Cathedral The elegant Nunoike Cathedral, Nagoya (Photo: PPF) Nestled amongst large apartment and office buildings, typical Japanese housing and shopping areas a few […]

Okazaki Castle

Okazaki Castle keep. Okazaki Castle keep. Castle shaped telephone box, Okazaki Castle Tokugawa Ieyasu gazes over his castle grounds at Okazaki Inner moat surrounding Okazaki Castle. Okazaki Castle. Okazaki Castle keep. (Photo: PPF) Aichi Prefecture is the birthplace of heroes. The three most influential figures from the period of civil war were all born in […]

Okazaki Fireworks Festival

Venue: Otogawa & Yahagi River When: Early Aug 2021 Fireworks Festivals or Hanabi-kai are some of the most spectacular festivals in Japan. Put on mostly during summer time, the multicolor fireworks light up the sky in many decorative ways. Okazaki is one of those places, and hosts such a festival every year on the first […]

Omotenashi Bushotai Samurai

The Nagoya Castle samurai performance team Huge crowds gather to watch the Omotenashi Busho Tai Tokugawa Ieyasu attends a function. He speaks quirte good English too! The Nagoya Castle samurai performance team (Photo: PPF) Aichi Prefecture has long been recognized as the home of the Samurai, particularly during the Warring States Period, where a majority […]

Osamu Tezuka Exhibition

Oct 3rd Nov 23rd The official event flyer (Photo: Kim B) Venue: Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History When: Oct 3rd – Nov 23rd 2020, 9:00am – 5:00pm Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist who was often referred to as “the father of manga” due to his prolific works and his redefinition of […]

Osu Kannon Temple

Osu Kannon Temple’s main hall Make a wish and tie it to the lantern Stone statues through the incense The temple grounds Adoration Osu Kannon is a beautiful and famous temple located in downtown Nagoya. Known officially as Kitano-san Shinpuku-ji Hōshō-in, the temple is an attraction for tourists and religious worshippers alike. History Osu Kannon […]

Nagoya’s Old Courtrooms

Taisho Period elegance and architecture Built in 1922, the now Nagoya Municipal Archives was once the district courtrooms Taisho Period elegance and architecture. Fine marble staircase and elegant interior of the Nagoya Municipal Archives building Elegance 1922 style The roof dome through the original 1922 window panes. Taisho Period elegance and architecture (Photo: PPF) Surrounding […]

Rokusho Jinja

Main gate at Rokusho Side-view of the main shrine building Handprint of Tokugawa Ieyasu Detail work on the roof of the main building Priest and priestess come to collect the bride and groom for a traditional wedding Horse statue Main gate at Rokusho Exit Meitetsu Higashi-Okazaki Station in the front where the busses wait for […]

Sakura Season at Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle and the flowers—when culture and nature melt into eachother Great spots for sakura snaps in the surrounding garden are plentiful Low sitting cherry blossom branch Fantastic cherry blossom tree right in front of the towering castle The Sakura Festival lanterns are lit up at night. They are supposed to be very beautiful; however, […]

Sanage Adventure Field

4WD action and excitement Navigating the mud and humps, Sanage Adventure Field 5.6 Hectares of 4WD action and excitement 4WD action and excitement (Photo: Sanage Adventure Field) Indianna Jones never had an adventure like this! On the outskirts of Toyota City, (that’s right, home of the car manufacturer) is Sanage Adventure Field five and a […]

Seto and Mino Pottery Exhibition

Mar 13th Jun 13th An example of a Mino ware piece (Photo: Public Domain) Venue: Yokoyama Museum, Aichi When: Mar 13th – Jun 13th 2021, 10:00am – 5:00pm A special exhibition taking place at Aichi's Yokoyama Museum looks at a wide range of Seto ware and Mino ware, two types of pottery that have over […]

Shirakawa Park

Splash Jugglers enjoying the weather Aiming upward The science museum is in the park A dance team practicing Modern art, or a rough night? Welcome! Art exhibits and sculptures throughout the park Back side of the art museum Pretty architecture Peaceful place for a walk Tastefully decorated A look at the Nagoya City Art Museum […]

Sky Lobby at Nagoya Marriott Tower

Meieki Sky Lobby JR Nagoya Tower View from the Meieki Sky Lobby above JR Nagoya View of the traffic roundabout from the Meieki Sky Lobby JR Nagoya Tower JR Nagoya Tower rising to the skies Meieki Sky Lobby JR Nagoya Tower is a whisper quiet space filled with glass and steel like a modern movie […]

Step back in time at Meiji Mura

Meiji Mura, a Meiji period theme park in ancient Inuyama Inside a Meiji period dwelling Ride the Meiji period tram! Inside the 1890 built St Francis Xavier Cathedral The Frank Lloyd Wright designed Imperial Hotel The old 1898 Sapporo Telephone Exchange building Meiji Mura, a Meiji period theme park in ancient Inuyama (Photo: Mr. Wabu) […]

The Castles of Nagoya

A truly beautiful castle There is no architecture quite like Japanese Standing magnificently on stone The triangular shapes and color are hypnotic They have a long way to go!  One of the swords from inside the castle I left my HOTEL MYSTAYS Nagoya-Sakae, walking through the futuristic sliding doors into the busy morning streets, everything […]

The Craft Makers of Okazaki

Traditional products like Hatcho miso take pride of place in its hometown of Okazaki Hayakawa-san’s Hako misomaking demonstration Japan’s craft techniques manifests itself in so many ways, from paper lanterns to beckoning cats Interested in Japanese traditional arts and crafts? Many cities in Japan have their own history and art culture, and Okazaki in Aichi […]

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri

Makiwara boats with lanterns ablaze. One of Japan’s top festivals, Tsushima Tennou Matsuri Fireworks over Tennogawa Park Tsushima Tenno Matsuri The beautiful Tsushima Tenno Matsuri Revelers at the Tsushima Tenno Matsuri Late Jul Makiwara boats with lanterns ablaze. (Photo: Aichi Prefecture) Venue: Tsushima City When: Late Jul 2021 Notice: The dates for this event are […]

The Movement of Modern Photography in Nagoya

Venue: Nagoya City Museum of Art When: Feb 6th – Mar 28th 2021, 9:30am – 5:00pm A special exhibition taking place at the Nagoya City Museum of Art will look at Nagoya's history of modern photography from 1911 until 1972. There will be a specific focus on how photography was shaped by the Aitomo Photo […]

The New Honmaru Goten Palace

Honmaru Goten entrance area. The palace’s elements of wood and touches of gold can be seen from here The high number of visitors here (due to Nagoya caste’s main keep being closed until 2022) creates a long queue for Honmaru Goten – however the inside of the palace is not too crowded The doors and […]

The Source of Japanese Ceramics: The Pottery Kiln

Jan 9th Mar 21st An example of Sue pottery, which requires higher temperatures for firing. (Photo: Public Domain) Venue: Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum When: Jan 9th – Mar 21st 2021, 9:30am – 5:00pm A special exhibition taking place at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum will explore the charm of ancient pottery, with a central focus […]

Tagata Honen Matsuri

The big centrepiece of the day People gather to ring the unconventional bell at the main shrine, and rub the statues for luck. A collection of smaller (yet still impressive) phalluses outside one of the shrine buildings. A rather graphic banner leaves no doubt as to the theme of this matsuri. This is an event […]

The Toyota Automobile Museum

The Fiat 500 looks quite different today The museum is surrounded by cherry trees Pictures of the Jaguar E-type don't do it justice The famous Toyota 2000 GT, which was featured in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” The Mazda Cosmo (1969) Other parts of the museum feature period-specific exhibits, ranging from cameras […]

The Underrated Meiji-Mura

Frank Lloyd Wright's Tokyo Imperial Hotel. View from inside the lobby Frank Lloyd Wright's Tokyo Imperial Hotel. Wright designed dinnerware Front View of Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel Stained glass window from St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral Whole city blocks of Meiji era buidings Working Kyoto street car from the Meiji era Frank Lloyd Wright's Tokyo […]

Tokaido Tale

The Futagawa Juku Honjin on the Old Tokaido The Futagawa Juku Honjin on the Old Tokaido Special curtains with the resident lord’s crests were displayed. The Honjin was for nobility and persons of rank Inside the Honjin Part of the Tokaido display in the Honjin Museum The Futagawa Juku Honjin on the Old Tokaido (Photo: […]

Tokaido Tales: Fujikawa Juku

The 37th stop along the Tokaido as depicted by Hiroshige. Re-created site of Hiroshige’s woodblock print, Fujikawa Juku The Sub-Honjin and Fukikawa Juku museum The museum is small, contains no English, but remains interesting The diorama showing Fujikawa Juku and the “Kagi-no-Te” S-bend. Castle like stone foundations behind the old inn. The 37th stop along […]

Tokugawa-en, Nagoya

The pond – the centrepiece of Tokugawa-en Tokugawa-en pond Koi (carp) in the pond at Tokugawa-en One of the waterfalls in Tokugawa-en The stunning greenery in Tokugawa-en Tokugawa-en The pond – the centrepiece of Tokugawa-en If, like me, you’re addicted to traditional Japanese Gardens, then be sure to check out Tokugawa-en in Nagoya. I just […]

Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum

An alluring setting to complement an array of extremely colorful koi fish The first section of the garden you are greeted by is very pretty A fusion of elegant nature and an elegant bridge built by man One of the many flowers in the garden A couple that chose the wonderful garden as a setting […]

Tokugawa Gardens

Seasonal colors at Tokugawaen. Relax at Tokugawa Gardens, Nagoya Traditional stone lanterns guard the walkways at Tokugawa-En The “magical” Ryumon no Taki waterfall. Colorful carp in the ocean-like central lake The beauty of Japanese garden design at Tokugawa-En Seasonal colors at Tokugawaen. (Photo: PPF) Just three kilometers away from Nagoya’ famous Castle is the former […]