Uwajima Youth Hostel

Yu no Tani Ryokan

Auberge Fujii Fermier

Beniya in Awara Onsen

Tatami rooms with low seating (Photo: Shozo Fujii) The entrance (Photo: Shozo Fujii) Slippers line the threshold to the entry hall (Photo: Shozo Fujii) An inside hot spring is ready for customers year round (Photo: Shozo Fujii) From the visitor seating area you can look out over the gardens (Photo: Shozo Fujii) There are three […]

Awara Onsen Hotel Yagi

Hotel Yagi’s lovely Japanese garden The room was beautifully decorated It’s large, but cozy At the entrance I enjoyed my meals in my room These steamed local vegetables were delicious Hotel Yagi’s lovely Japanese garden The Awara Hotel Yagi was established more than 120 years ago, and in fact, was the first onsen in the […]

Beniya Ryokan and Onsen in Awara

A quiet garden provides a backdrop for the beautiful Japanese style room Occasionally seasonal flowers bloom in the well-kept garden From each room you can enjoy views of the magnificent garden A quiet garden provides a backdrop for the beautiful Japanese style room (Photo: Shozo Fujii) The eagerly waited for cherry blossoms reach into the April […]

Fukui Traditional Hotel "Yagi"

Inside Hotel Yagi….spacious Relaxing lobby Appetizer & Sashimi of Crab Shabu Shabu course I chose Hakugakusen, one of Fukui‘s local Sakes The Crab Shabu Shabu I’ve been waiting for! It wasn’t Echizen Crab but it was delicious! These two guys captured my attention at the souvenir shop…..they were for scotch tape! Inside Hotel Yagi….spacious (Photo: […]

Hotel Matsuya SenSen in Awara Onsen

The stairs overlooking the lobby area Main building of Hotel Matsuya SenSen in Awara Hotspring Spacious Japanese room of Hotel Matsuya SenSen. Western rooms with twin beds are also available in this hotel Entrance of my room. It looks VERY Japanese Each room is equipped with a bathroom, and a dressing room with two wash […]

Fukui’s Hotel Somayama

Back grounds of the hotel A beautiful lotus from one of the hotel’s nearby ponds The lotus ponds stretch out over the valley From the hotel grounds, looking out over a lotus pond There are indoor and outdoor baths here The food was fresh and delicious Entrance to the hotel restaurant Entrance to the onsen […]

Sabae City Hotel

On display in the hotel’s parking area Breakfast Sabae City Hotel is the biggest in Sabae The hotel, from Nishiyama Park My cozy little writing desk My room 1F izakaya, Yoshimitsu, serves good food! Inside Yoshimitsu The lobby Located near Nishisabae Station (Fukutetsu Line) and JR Sabae Station, and famous Nishiyama Park, Sabae City Hotel […]

Seifuso Onsen Hotel

The main room Traditional Japanese-styled dinner Two huge comfortable beds Morning market The entrance of the hotel Buffet dinner Awara onsen is the most famous hot spring town in Fukui prefecture, situated 18 kilometers north of Fukui city. The town has a rich history dating back to 1883. A farmer first found the hot spring […]

Shibuki Onsen Yurari

Entrance to the onsen resort The second level of the onsen resort The accommodation inside the onsen resort The dinner course – fresh sashimi The dinner course – sukiyaki consisting of succulent beef, cabbage and enoki mushrooms Inside the lift that goes diagonally up and down between the onsen accommodation and the onsen itself Outdoor […]

Stay at Auberge Fujii Fermier

Guest room 1 Guest room 2 with alcove-tokonoma Guest room 1 with futon Outside appearance on a winter day garden view from Guest room 1 View around the village of Fujii Fermier Path in the woods aorund the village Beach closest to the village Bamboo woods around the village Hotokenomai performed in a neighboring village […]

Wisteria at Fujishima Shrine

A tuft of wisteria in the sun Wisteria blooming in wilderness Wild beauty bathing in the bright sunlight Small blossoms fluttering in the wind The entrance of Fujishima Shrine in the late afternoon Wild flowers on the shrine grounds White flower blooming toward the sunshine Wisteria in soft purple Wild wisteria dancing in the sunshine […]

Asano Hotel

Asano Hotel has an appealing design Signs for Asano Hotel (left) and its restaurant, Patria (right) Single room hotel bed with a yukata Work place to keep your laptop The bathhouse and sauna (men only) is on the 8th floor Free drinks in the fridge available There are plenty of things to do in the […]

Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu

Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu from up close The hotel from the historical Nagasaki Path Look for this logo The hotel in the afternoon The chapel in the morning Chapel with the setting sun Hotel Crown Palais Kitakyushu from up close Near the historical Nagasaki Kaido, the old pathway from Kokura to Nagasaki, surrounded by pine […]

Hotel Crown Palais Kokura

View of the hotel Single room Single room bathroom Desk with Internet and outlet for the laptop Drinks in the fridge available for purchase Deluxe twin bedroom View of the hotel There are many great attractions in Kokura. There are historical sites along the Murasaki River such as Kokura Castle and Kokura Castle Japanese Garden […]

Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki

The hotel can be seen from the station Single room: quite spacious to move around Night view of the hotel Service includes free massage at the relaxation room Breakfast is Japanese style, including free refills for rice and miso soup The restaurant has great natural lighting The hotel can be seen from the station Located […]

Hotel Grantia Dazaifu

Hotel Grantia Dazaifu entrance A view of the hotel lobby Simple, clean and functional single room Indoor hot spring Outdoor hot spring View from the parking lot Hotel Grantia Dazaifu entrance (Photo: Frank Carbullido) It takes a full day on foot to really take in all the scenery and beauty that goes with the 3000 […]

Hotel Grantia Wakamiya

Luxury twin beds. Delicious katsudon – the hotel restaurant serves exclusively Japanese cuisine. Refreshing cold tofu after a trip to the onsen is a must! All of the important information is available in English. In your room you will find green tea and traditional teacups. Room interior: wide screen TV, LAN cable, desk and two […]

HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami

HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka–Tenjin-Minami Entrance Service is efficient and friendly. The receptionists are well prepared to guide you from check-in through check-out. The rooms are brightly lit, air and spacious. A very nice touch. A coffee machine available for use freely anytime from 6AM to 12AM. I grab one every morning, and one when I return […]

Montan Hakata Hostel in Fukuoka

The lounge area looks very much like a café Breakfast is served mostly with bread Another look at the lounge area Fully-equipped shared bathrooms Menu of the “Matcha Café” nearby. The hall outside the dorm room. Montan Hakata Hostel is located close to International Fukuoka Airport taking you around 5-10 minutes to get there by […]

The b hakata, Fukuoka

the b hakata the b hakata Reception area Down the hallway on the 8th floor the b hakata's decor provides guests some much-needed comfort Deluxe Double room the b hakata Hotels usually cater to two groups of people: the traveller, who after a long day of sightseeing, shopping and eating need somewhere inviting to rest their […]

Aizu Wakamatsu New Palace Hotel

New Palace Hotel My room: too compact for a landscape photo A wedding display Nearby is the impressive castle Tsurugo-jo The lobby lounge The TV is set in the wall New Palace Hotel Choosing a place to stay in Aizu-Wakamatsu was a bit of a head-scratcher. It's a pretty sprawling town, with the station and […]

Fukushima’s Hekizantei Ryokan-Hotel

Lovely view from our room Kagamigaike – Hekizantei is on the right Hotel lobby Wa-modern decorations in the hallway Japanese-style room The same room with futons laid out at night Part of the Itoen Hotels Group, the ryokan-hotel Hekizantei is a wonderful choice for visitors to Dake Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture. The hotel boasts lovely […]

Higashiyama Hot Spring Town

Higashiyama lit up at night. The river outside of our hotel and the autumn leaves changing colors. The view of Higashiyama from the hotel corridor in winter. If you wander just outside of Aizuwakamatsu City, known for its long samurai history, you will find yourself in the mountains of Higashiyama. This small hot spring town […]

Second House in Urabandai

Second House The common dining area Paintings by the owner’s daughter Second House Planning a trip around Fukushima prefecture one summer, I decided to get away from the city for a couple of days and get right out into the countryside. I settled on the Bandai Plateau (Bandai Kogen in Japanese), and set about finding […]

APA Hotel Fukushima Station

Enter here My comfortable bed Swanky decor in the lobby What makes a good place to stay when I travel to a new city? Comfortable is a must, as is affordable; central is good, and something particularly Japanese is nice to have. At APA hotel, all these boxes were ticked! The lobby is small, but […]

Hotel De Premiere on the Ski Slopes

The set Japanese dinner provided for us (there were a few other things not pictured). The double staircase in the lobby leading up to the guest rooms. The open lobby gives the whole hotel a classy atmosphere. Getting my rental gear before stepping outside onto the slopes. View of the hotel from the outside. The […]

Koriyama View Hotel Annex

A garden outside the sixth floor restaurant My comfortable bed In the restaurant The western style breakfast My desk and TV Relax as you wait outside the restaurant Planning a trip to Koriyama one time, I booked two nights at the View Hotel, cheap and central. Not long after, I received an email from the […]

Ogino, Fukushima Farm Stay

Winter snows cover the surrounding mountains Snow covered village house Enjoying the warmth around the irori, where Mrs. Sato prepared my tea The cotton seeds after the seed cutting process  Spinning the cotton into a yarn My first experience with the cotton gin, pretty fun! Three hours into the journey from Tokyo to Fukushima I […]

Shintsuta in Iwaki Yumoto Onsen

Ujo-no-yado Shintsuta The common areas have a very Japanese atmosphere. Standard Western style twin room Bath in the western style room All of the common areas, including the hallways, are decorated with Japanese art, armor, pottery, and more. The changing room for the ladies’s onsen was really clean. Ujo-no-yado Shintsuta Iwaki Yumoto Onsen is one […]

Gerobal Hostel

Living area Colourful lockers Curtain for privacy on the dorm beds Dorm beds Toilet in the dorm room Sink in the dorm room Living area Gero Onsen is considered one of the three most famous onsen in Japan and is the perfect place to relax and unwind for a day or two. Gero is located […]

Nodaniya Gasshou-Zukuri

Nodaniya Gasshou-Zukuri Cute handicrafts on entering Nodaniya Paintings of all seasons at Shiarakawago The reception counter The passage with rooms on either side Mayumi San,our kind host Nodaniya Gasshou-Zukuri When thinking of Japan, people first think of modernization, aggressive technology and concrete cities or unfortunately earthquakes, but i guess very few know that Japan cares […]

Shirakawa-go no yu

Entrance Inside the Foyer Hall leading to the guest rooms The large guest room View from the back deck The main dining room Entrance (Photo: Justin W. Dart) Right in the downtown of Shirakawa-go is “Shirakawa-go no Yu”. This 10-year-old ryokan is located just inside the vehicle restriction zone alongside the river. An imposing structure, […]

My Couch for Your Stories

Couchsurfing friends in Nara Cafe Wakakusa in Nara, where we made many Couchsurfing memories Watching fireworks with our host in Hikone Watching the sun rise over Lake Biwa The coolest Rockabilly barkeeper of Hikone Our host’s cat adopted us right away, luggage included Couchsurfing friends in Nara What is Couchsurfing? How it works Safety precautions […]

Fujiwara Ski Resort & Sunbird Hotel

View towards the slopes Kaiseki dinner Private onsen Fujiwara Ski Resort and the adjoining Hotel Sunbird are located in Minakami, in Gunma Prefecture. Getting there is an easy weekend trip from Tokyo. We picked this location because of its convenience – the hotel is located on the ski grounds, and offers shuttle bus pick-up and […]

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan in Minakami

The main entrance to the ryokan Blending in with the surrounding nature Stunning view all around The main building Warning signs for beasts and bugs on the road in Welcome to Hoshi Onsen The main entrance to the ryokan Among the scores of ancient ryokan in Gunma, Hoshi Onsen is the real deal. It was […]

Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa

Entrance to the hotel The glamorous corridor connecting the Main and Connection building Request your favourite fish and the chef will make a fresh sashimi plate for you A room specially for children where the bed is lower to the floor They have a few luxurious double rooms Maisonette split room with playroom below Entrance […]